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Nurture Yourself - by Accepting Obstacles

We’re all tested as we go through our own personal journey of life.
Obstacles will be placed in our path.
A sign of true strength is in… 104 more words


Nurture Yourself - by Sitting Alone Listening to the Silence

Sitting alone listening to the silence

.… I ponder ….

Today is a day like any other day

Everyday, we rise and hope to fill our lives with new and exciting discoveries. 507 more words


Nurture Yourself - Celebrate Your Love Light

If you’re reading this you’ve survived all of your life up until now.

You’ve survived heartbreak, traumas, devastation; all the phases in your life.

And here you are ….. 143 more words


Nurture Yourself- with Your Light

I Am Light                             2015©artwork by Isadora

We all have a light.

Let’s let it out to shine.

As the lyrics say – ‘We are not the mistakes our families have made. 345 more words


A Gift of Love

Beloved   2015©photography by Isadora

The way to love anything deeply is to realize that it may be lost to you one day.  
2015©Isadora De La Vega… 176 more words


Nurture Yourself - with Serenity

Serenity                          2015©photography by Isadora

Because of our daily stress filled lives, we need to create a quietly calm

and peacefully still place where we can feel tranquility. 108 more words


Nurture Yourself - with Peaceful Dreams

       Colorful Balloons  2015©art by Isadora

May all your dreams have colorful balloons

to take you on a flight of peaceful tranquility.

For tonight is dark but in the morning… 21 more words