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Nurture Yourself - I Wish You

When there is PAIN, I wish you PEACE.

Where there is SELF-DOUBTING, I wish you a renewed

CONFIDENCE in your ability to work through it. 92 more words


Tragedy in Orlando

They were people like you and me. They left the safety of their homes for an evening of dancing, laughter and fun. It never crossed their minds that this would be the night their lives would end. 202 more words


Have You Ever Wondered About ‘Friendships’.…?

The following are some questions I’m sure many of you have thought about from time to time.

  1. What should we do with friends in our lives when we make them?
  2. 939 more words

Nurture Yourself - with Reflection

When we reflect on our lives we can’t help but include in our thoughts the one person who has had the most influence on us: 478 more words


Sunday Song - Footprints in the Sand

Jeffrey & Poppy walk the Beach

I’ll walk with you
Footprints in the Sand
And helped me understand
Where I’m going
2016 ©Leona Lewis

~~~~~~ 90 more words


Nurture Yourself - with the Glow of your Heart

Standing Tall 2016©Isadora DeLaVega

I wish for you
that unexpected moment of bareness
where the glow of your heart
touches everything it meets
so you can’t help but remember… 71 more words


Nurturing Thursday - Happiness Within

I can’t make people value me.
All I can do is show them who I am
What I feel,
And what I believe in.
It’s up to them to realize my… 87 more words