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Pencil Parable

Sister Mary Annunciata handed out the list of things we had to bring to school by the end of the week. It was September 15, 1953. 1,024 more words


Nurture Yourself - Hold a Hand

Mr. William Grey

The nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the hospital bedside.

 “Your son is here,” she said to the old man.

She had to repeat the words several times before the patient’s eyes opened. 
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Nurture Yourself - Live a Life filled with Love

This beautiful story has a simple, yet important message .
Sometimes, it’s the simplest of stories that make us ponder the most.

The Black Dot   454 more words


Sunday Song - I Hurt Too

Poetry is a life-cherishing force.
For poems are not words, after all,
but fires for the cold,
ropes let down to the lost,
something as necessary… 26 more words


Nurture Yourself - Clarity of Mind

Clarity (claridad, limpidez – Spanish) is to be free from cloudiness, obscurity and mind blurred thoughts. It’s a state of mind quality that is clear; transparent and lucid. 283 more words


Nurture Yourself - Be a Free Spirit

Dancing is very freeing. Many people believe that
you must follow certain guidelines to be a dancer.

Isadora Duncan believed in an unrestrained style of dance. 200 more words


Nurture Yourself - I Wish You

When there is PAIN, I wish you PEACE.

Where there is SELF-DOUBTING, I wish you a renewed

CONFIDENCE in your ability to work through it. 92 more words