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Traffic and Newton's 3 laws of motion

* This is my article in BusinessWorld last November 11, 2015.

Expansion of existing urban centers and urbanization of rural areas is the norm and natural path of many cities and areas in the planet. 913 more words

While Stewing in a Jam

Going into the fifth months since we came back home from six years at post, and I’m going to be honest, and say that I am currently going through some “adjustments”. 1,292 more words

It's A Philippine Thing

Self-Help for Commuters: How to Combat Traffic-Induced Stress

As an art reporter, I spend a lot of time commuting, and it’s becoming a pain in the ass. Yesterday, I was stuck in a 5-hour traffic jam, and I was just traveling inside Manila. 721 more words


More roads will not solve EDSA traffic

Sometimes I wonder if our eternal pursuit of traffic congestion alleviation by building more roads still makes sense as a practical policy goal. For years and years, the dominant model of analysis in urban transportation strategy is prioritizing the “mobility” of vehicles by building roads and highways. 367 more words


Can You Solve the Metro Manila Traffic?

Pagdating sa kalye, pantay-pantay na tayo… dahil wala nang galawan! We don’t even know what causes this super bad traffic along EDSA and just about anywhere in the metro. 350 more words


Home Sweet Home?

First off, Mabuhay! And hello from my home The Philippines!
For my non-Filipino readers, Mabuhay literaly translates to “to live” or “long live” in Tagalog, but we Pinoys often say it as a welcome greeting to visitors or when we start a formal greeting to a crowd. 1,948 more words

Diplomatic Baggage Thoughts

Leaving Manila Soon

I’d resigned and today was my last day of work. I decided to complete my 9-hr office duty and resume clearance-signing next week since my now ex-boss had requested me to do so. 280 more words