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Uber Movement is now available to the public!

Uber Movement is now out of closed beta. Bogotá, Boston, Manila, Sydney and Washington D. C. are the cities that have available data for now. All you have to do is log-in to your Uber account and you’ll able to explore travel times and download in open formats. 46 more words



If you drive/commute in Metro Manila (or anywhere around the world) and sit through traffic EVERY.SINGLE.DAY I’d love to share with you this traffic anthem to the tune of the Lion King musical’s “Circle of Life!” Sing, sing along!

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On Rappler: QC, Manila, Makati record most road crashes – MMDA

QC, Manila, Makati record most road crashes – MMDA

by Aika Rey and Katerina Francisco
Published 10:00 AM, February 04, 2017
Updated 7:59 PM, February 04, 2017… 876 more words

Road Safety in the Philippines: Country Report

Road Safety in the Philippines: Country Report

A Powerpoint Presentation by DOTC Assistant Secretary Dante M. Lantin during the Expert Group Meeting Seoul, Republic of Korea May 8-10, 2013… 23 more words

1 February 2017: Back to School

It’s 10:52 AM and I’m on the fifth floor of the Queens College Library, sitting at a desk that’s beside a floor-to-ceiling window looking down into the second floor sitting area. 724 more words


1 person in every 17 hours

Photo Source: PECOJON – The Peace & Conflict Journalism Network

According to the World Health Organization, road safety laws (setting speed limits, prohibiting drink-driving, and requiring the use of motorcycle helmets and seat-belts) are not being enforced well in the Philippines.

Road Safety: Philippine Experience

Road safety is a problem we are all responsible for, not only during Christmas season but everyday. Multiple Risk factors on road safety: The Philippine Experience.

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