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Mcdo helped me be brave.

Brave is different for everybody. She could be this today and that tomorrow. For others, Brave is dying her hair red or maybe saying “sorry” to a foe. 548 more words


‘Gusto Kita with All My Hypothalamus’: delirious with desire

The city, or the abstraction of this place, is an irresistible fixation for poets, fictionists and all kinds of storytellers, who spend much time imagining and fleshing out this concept or community, whichever form the city takes for their characters and purposes. 1,001 more words


Budget Savers: Ukay - Ukay Spots in Metro Manila

Being trendy and fashionable doesn’t need to be expensive. Any person can be stylish without breaking the bank. Good thing, a lot of thrift stores sprung all over Manila nowadays. 252 more words


Mærsk Line took over where the galleon trade had left off

Three days ago (July 12), shipping giant Mærsk Line commemorated its 90th year in the business. On that date 90 years ago, its first vessel made a historic voyage that was to become the first of many. 310 more words

Filipino History


          Very few have the chance to fly to the moon, but a good start could be to fly to the Genfest. I am thankful to have experienced from July 5th till July 10th 2018 that event of the Focolari Movement together with 6000 other young people from all around the world. 1,407 more words

National Museum of Natural History: A Photo Diary

The National Museum of Natural History is located at Teodoro F. Valencia Circle, Ermita, Manila (accessible via Kalaw Ave.) and is open Tuesdays-Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

7 Years with Beauty Brick

I am amazed to find that I have been going to Beauty Brick for 7 long years already! I tend to be loyal to businesses that deliver excellent service consistently and I am glad that I have found a hair salon that can take care of my hair and not make me break the bank in the process. 180 more words