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When Your Child doesn’t want to go to School

Every parent has had to face the fight of leaving your child at daycare or school. The scary thing is that this is perfectly normal and may not mean that your child is not enjoying school. 1,876 more words

Manipulated Interest

“The Fed (Federal Reserve) and the government have created a false boom.  It’s not sustainable.  The last boom—from 2003 to 2007—was a false boom, too.  So was the one before that.  57 more words


How To Detect Eavesdropping By Your ISP ???

I know how to get around this online, use a VPN, use disposable virtual machines, Tor, etc. But I kind of want to know IF they are spying on my data and what they are doing with it? 31 more words


22 Banks Accused Of Manipulating Treasury Auctions

The State-Boston Retirement System – the pension fund for Boston public employees – has charged 22 banks with illegally trying to profit at the expense of investors on the sale of Treasury bonds, bills, and notes, in the US District Court in New York. 32 more words

Controlling the Beginning Stages of Hyperinflation by Manipulating the Gold and Silver Prices

Gold – James Rickards James Grant
_Controlling the Beginning Stages of Hyperinflation by Manipulating the Gold and Silver Prices
We don’t live in ‘the real world,’ we live in a world where everything financial is manipulated. 8 more words

More Legal Action Against Banks Found Guilty Of Manipulating The Forex Market

Some major banks are threatened with further legal action, after six had already been fined a total of £2.6 billion ($3.9 billion) last November by regulators in the UK. 52 more words

Morning Positive!!

Good mid-morning everyone!

I hope that everyone had a safe and fun independence day celebration.

This morning I am going to continue on with my “how to” posts. 264 more words

Morning Thanks And Positive Thoughts