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Introduction VI - Continuous Random Variables

Welcome to the power of Continuous Random Variables

Discrete Random Variables were our entry into the real world of probability. They enabled us to model a random variable and to do our first real calculations. 375 more words


Silence Kills

For the last two days I have been writing, crying and deleting…..

……..writing, crying, and then deleting.

The words get too angry and I start to ramble out of sadness, anger, frustration….. 1,449 more words


Manipulating Empowerment

This is a big deal for feminist and feminism. Empowered women with equal rights are the end goal for any egalitarian society, and for the more saner of the feminist army. 775 more words


Manipulating Your Mind

Throughout our track practices, our coach has always mentioned that it is ideal to “shut your brain off.” By this, he means to not overthink. 528 more words

This Disturbing Friend Needs a Hug

Today I’m gonna talk a bit about Michael (not his true name). Michael is a slightly short guy, but well built. He has blue eyes, neat blond hair and he wears glasses. 853 more words


Low Level Beings

Beings with a low level of consciousness are like blank canvases, waiting to be drawn upon by those of a more refined level of awareness. 6 more words