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The pain stripped him of his skin

She poured salt unto her hands

Rubbing it in with a massage

Whispering niceties into his ears

While his flesh strung and wheezed


Asking for what we want, without manipulating

When you look at all the financial scams taking place now you know people are desperate for money. Some of these people don’t even mind being scammed if it will bring them some money! 522 more words

The Bride

Mr. Aquarius

Why are you so scared? I just want to love you. I promise. Your emotions are safe with me. Idk the women you’ve been with in the past but they’re not me. 441 more words

My Weird Love Life

RT News Accused of Manipulating Algorithm Results from Google – The Public Records

From the statement of a United State senator, it appears that he is pinpointing Russia as responsible in manipulating the algorithm results coming from search engine giant Google.

Big data’s power is terrifying.

Online information is already being used to manipulate us. We must act now to own the new political technologies before they own us.

Has a digital coup begun? 279 more words


What I've learnt about gaslighting.

What is gaslighting? Lemme tell you… its a messed up thing. Gaslighting is when someone manipulates you into thinking you’re always wrong. Gaslighters get into your head and make you question yourself and your entire sense of being. 272 more words