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Branded Journalism: Master of Manipulation

Branded Journalism is the new way big corporations are using journalism tactics to attract a bigger audience. Although people see it as a new form of social entertainment there is a downside to this new trend and its called manipulation. 1,629 more words

Quiet and in Denial

In my marriage I wasn’t allowed to speak about our issues and my husband’s family’s issues. In a way I understood but my parents have always told me to never keep anything inside, if it bothered me then I should talk about it. 542 more words

Emotional Abuse

The Untold Stories of a Quiet Wife

This blog is to explain my story and troubles through out my marriage. To those who read this I do apologize for my lack of grammar, English was not my first language and as I am writing this I am not in a happy state. 5,605 more words

Emotional Abuse


I swear you do it to annoy
To treat me like I am your toy
As you zigzag in front of me
With backward glance that says “he he” 115 more words


The Apple Fail


Suzanne Coleman

I’ve got to say, when you pay someone 75 some million dollars because they’re “Just so awesome” to get them to come to your company and work, you’d probably think they wouln’t completely f@%* up your business, wouldn’t you?   428 more words

POP News

What Is "narcissistic Abuse"?

I see this here once in a while and I really don t know…what is it about? Is it just mean people or is it about people manipulating you into somehow submitting to their own self-important agenda or diminishing you to make themselves look better? 57 more words

How ISIS Propaganda Is Manipulating The Media (Video)

 ISIS propaganda videos are slick, professionally shot and often terrifyingly grotesque. By showing footage of these videos is the media being manipulated to serve their propaganda purposes?