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The Apple Fail


Suzanne Coleman

I’ve got to say, when you pay someone 75 some million dollars because they’re “Just so awesome” to get them to come to your company and work, you’d probably think they wouln’t completely f@%* up your business, wouldn’t you?   428 more words

POP News

What Is "narcissistic Abuse"?

I see this here once in a while and I really don t know…what is it about? Is it just mean people or is it about people manipulating you into somehow submitting to their own self-important agenda or diminishing you to make themselves look better? 57 more words

QT Thumbnail Designs

I have been given the job by Milli to come up with some kind of all-round design for the thumbnail images that will be used for all of the Quirky Turtle online content. 352 more words


How ISIS Propaganda Is Manipulating The Media (Video)

 ISIS propaganda videos are slick, professionally shot and often terrifyingly grotesque. By showing footage of these videos is the media being manipulated to serve their propaganda purposes?


Manipulating the Mouse Embryo A Laboratory Manual Fourth edition Solutions

Luckily, with the technology available today, there are many options of fertility treatments for patients to consider. This process may still be considered experimental, however it is considered a viable option for many patients. 229 more words


It Will Be An Extraordinary Year

My blog is still very young but it is already bringing me much joy. I am definitely going to write more often next year, it took me some time to develop the blog but I did it gradually step by step. 48 more words