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Day 220 "Taming Your Tongue" Book Review: The Manipulating Tongue

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Continuing with my book review of “Taming Your Tongue” by Deborah Smith Pegues, this is Day 3 of 30 days devotional.

Topic: The Manipulating Tongue… 96 more words

How To Immediately Spot The Manipulating Sociopathic Guy

A chiselled jaw-line and piercing blue eyes. Handsome and incredibly large-hearted.

Although if you’re unsure what’s bigger, the size of his ego or the pool of his lies, you may possibly have just met a completely coercive sociopath.  931 more words


Social Engineering: Anyone can be hacked

Curiousity can be the basis for social engineering

Anybody here ever try to hack into someone else’s computer, email or Facebook page? I have. When I was 13, myself and a friend heard how most people’s passwords, at the time, were their address so we decided to test out the theory. 651 more words


Friar Jack's E-spirations

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October 19, 2011

The Virtue of Respect
by Friar Jim Van Vurst, O.F.M.

The Meaning of Respect

Sometimes words are used so often they lose their meaning. 180 more words


Hospitality violation

My neighbor, whom I’ve written about before Here.  Came over today to buy some eggs.  Three dozen eggs.  She paid cash for them.

Now, I’m never really happy to see her, she wore out her welcome a while ago by constantly begging for food when she was here.   991 more words


Dark sky

Dark sky

When the sun goes down, you may need to fulfill your needs of your daily portion of sleep. For some people it’s easy, they have something that is called a rhythm.

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