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Imagine you’re acting in a theatre play. You’re having a conversation with another actor and you’re standing facing each other, both of you giving your profile to the audience. 143 more words


Tax Reform by a Tax Manipulator.

Tax Reform by a Tax Manipulator.                                                                              Conniving, Deceiving Opportunist, Smile, we all Pay for it!

Enjoying your bridges, Roads (Highway Maintenance), Sidewalks, Water, Electrical, Waste, Sewage and Transportation Infrastructures? 939 more words

Peace in the storm

I’m listening to the thunder and watching lightning streak across the grey sky. Soft rain falling softens the edges just so much. The thunder just cracked so loudly that the doves in the fig trees flew away. 456 more words

The act of bullying, what's behind it, and how to fight It

I know of a woman in her mid- or late-40’s in a classroom who has clearly manipulated, brainwashed and has power over more than half the students in her class, all of these devoted followers being girls in their early 20’s – girls that can’t think for themselves, need some pillar to lean on, and cannot function individually because they don’t have a strong identity for themselves. 1,191 more words


Manipulating Fabrics.

Manipulating theses fabrics was a fun experiment to see what I could do with them. I cut bits up, frayed edges, stuck bits on, rolled bits up, and plaited. 16 more words


Rewriting Assignment: Law number 27

Robert Greene’s Law number 27:

” Play on people’s need to believe to create a cult-like following”

“People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something. 148 more words

Mama Bear Has Had Enough

I am going to play catch up, starting in the middle of the story.


To drill home a point before I start naming names and posting documents: 1,855 more words