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The narcissist lives a life of incongruity with no real sense of self

Okay, I am going to try to explain as much as I possibly can, in my own words, what a narcissist is.

It is a huge topic for a lot of people with mixed messages of exactly what it is. 534 more words


Wind Against Progress – Chapter 2: Kyneston

Early September sunlight streamed through the oriel window of Kyneston’s Small Solar, throwing a thick golden cloth over the breakfast table. It turned the silverware arrayed in front of Silyen Jardine into a constellation of stars. 3,293 more words


3-172 [Police and left extremists]: They were not necessarily enemies for each other

After realizing an existence of the left extremist, I noticed it was only the leftists and police officers that assaulted me with ill-minded. There were many private investigators mobilized for the operation, but their aggression was not that extreme except the time to cause traffic accidents. 473 more words


Overcoming Evil 

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:21 ESV

Since beginning again in a church environment, the gates of hell feel as if they have opened in adversity against us. 1,597 more words

Spiritual Abuse

Get Lost

Who are technologists? The one’s pushing us into a final confrontation with the unimaginable or the one’s pushing us away from an archaic revival. Technology narrows the space between reality and the unimaginable. 82 more words


An Open Letter

Trigger Warning: extensive discussion and description of manipulation, emotional abuse, sexual harassment, & anxiety. Brief mention of self harm & sexual abuse.  

Dear Male Classmate, 817 more words


3-171 [Shadow of the left extremist]: I finally realized the operation was partially motivated by the leftist ideal

After coming to Hokkaido, I clearly saw many leftists whom I seldom saw in the previous one year or had not realized their existence for a long time. 419 more words