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Don't Tell Me What I Should Do

I used to do battle with the “shoulds,” and still do occasionally.  Some of us can easily get wrapped up in what we think we… 451 more words


Improve your mind

               One of the first problems I’ve had to deal with as a troubled new adult was fighting my own brain. For somebody educated in a certain way, understanding there are other correct ways to deal with a certain situation required several bumps. 2,789 more words

Rational Thought

A halfed cocked coup against Obama, mindwar, pedophilia and satanism

The U.S. Army/Flickr

The United States is increasingly becoming a tossup between being a land of inertia and unimaginable apathy versus a powder keg of hatred, violence, and civil war. 733 more words


Down the Rabbit Hole

You fell down the rabbit hole.

 by Admin (psychopathsandlove.com)

You didn’t know it — you only thought you had found true love. You left the mundane world behind and didn’t look back, nor did you want to. 135 more words

Psycho Tricks

Want Some GMO Easter Candy, Little Girl?

by Daisy Luther

I’ve always thought those giant Easter bunnies that walk around the mall were sort of creepy. I remember once when my oldest daughter was a toddler her absolute terror when one such mascot bent over her stroller and asked, “Want some candy, little girl?” 722 more words