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If “no” is not an option then it’s not a request no matter how nicely asked.  Sometimes a request is not really a request–it’s an order.  333 more words


Go big or go home

I’m not much of a blogger, which is why I decided to start one. I called my blog getting my kids back because, that’s what I’m doing. 1,233 more words


Boogie has conned me

I think I’ve been conned! Lately it is a challenge to get my kid to eat. To get him I have to actually cook his meat put it on a plate take it over to the prep area of my kitchen where I cut it up and feed it piece by piece by hand. 191 more words


Social Media: Insouciance or Anxiety ?

So… if everything you write and read on social media is wide open to influence and manipulation; and, if no matter how smart you think you are – a constant looming presence is the fact that subtle algorithmic perception filters are, in reality, constantly chipping away at (and variously shaping) your cherished subjectivity and your aspirationally self-validating ideological beliefs; that everything you value and share online is really just another feature and facet of social media identity farming ( 48 more words


The Only Reason We’re Examining Facebook’s Sleazy Behavior Is Because Trump Won

There’s a lot to process, so let’s recap the key points. Until around 2014, Facebook allowed app developers to harvest data of not only the people who actually downloaded the app and gave permission, but also the data of the app users’ friends without their knowledge.

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The 8 Most Common Lies Narcissists Tell To Make You Stay

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you are not quite aware that he is one. You just think that your partner is behaving like that because of the crises that every couple has. 1,796 more words

Talent, Skill, and Time

The longer I live, the more people I talk to, the more relationships I have, the more I realize that talent or skill is much less about being naturally good at something and much more about time. 239 more words