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Too much information seems to be unavoidable now with people posting, tweeting, or blogging 24/7. Over-sharing has become the norm. Stub your toe, tweet about it. 543 more words

Lessons Learned

What Would Carl G. Jung Say about Donald Trump?

by Paul Levy, Guest, Waking Times 

The great doctor of the soul and modern day alchemist C. G. Jung was so far ahead of his time that, more than half a century after his death,[1] he is still barely appreciated. 895 more words


A Little Fear

You have to handle me delicately 

gentle nudge in the right direction

It is when you dictate

Offer your truths with a capital T… 91 more words


What is inside of us–in our hearts–is what drives us.  It’s the fuel that powers our thoughts, words, and deeds.  Sometimes we can hide our motives, agendas, and inner thoughts.  302 more words


Please be nice to me

What if we could see each other’s lies
for the manipulation requested
and choose to deny or grant access?

Lately, I find myself
being ingenuine… 40 more words


You Can't Manipulate Someone Into Loving You

You can manipulate someone into buying something they don’t need.

You can manipulate someone into believing a lie.

You can manipulate someone with a magic trick or a good presentation but you can’t manipulate someone into… 461 more words