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From Psycho 1960 by Alfred Hitchcock. Photo by Archive Photos/Getty.

It’s not just your imagination. Horror films are much more scary than they were in the past. 621 more words


Putting Polls in their Place

By Mike Cronin

Now that election season is in full swing, we are subject to a constant stream of polls and polling results in the news. 726 more words

Politics & Philosophy

Have You Been Damaged by Peers?

Bullies are born and made.

It takes a mindful conscience and a strong self-esteem to prevent harm done by natural human tendencies.


We’re all human.

Problems have solutions.

Social Studies

The Reason why regular people shy away from looking at conspiracies

I’ve understood since I was a child that people conspire. That is the reason why we have the word conspiracy; to describe something that exists. All words describe something that exist, whether it exists as an object (like chair or cat), or as more complicated concept (like love or war), or it exist as a fictional object (like dragon or orc). 1,340 more words