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passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

리눅스 서버에 신규계정을 생성후, 패스워드를 설정하려고 하니 계속 에러가 발생한다
root로 해도 안됨 -_-;;

한참 검색해보니…
/etc/shadow  파일이 없으면 그리된다는 말이 있었다

/etc 로 가서 ls 쳐보니 진짜 shadow 파일이 없다…shadow- 파일만 있네?

pwconv 명령어를 넣어준다

shadow  파일이 살아났다

다시 신규 계정에다가 암호를 바꿔본다



[Rogue spies behind]: The rogue spies are the main perpetrators, but there should have been official orders as well

In Japan, the police intelligence has gone rogue to conduct multiple murders. This operation has not been recognized as a crime because they are one of the divisions of Japanese police department and they disguised assassination as a death from an accident or illness. 394 more words


Your Arrogance

You think it is that simple?
That you can simply tell someone to be a certain way,
That just telling them something,
That a single sentence, 90 more words


​I regret
The words I have said in the past,
That might have hurt people,
That might have impacted their lives,
In ways I never intended. 206 more words

[Trace of the radiowave manipulation]: If the criminal is manipulated by the wave, there is a specific characteristic

It is quite rare for the ordinary people to be targeted by the intelligence organization, hence your depression is more likely triggered by a natural cause, rather than by the electromagnetic wave. 462 more words


No Matter Who Wins the Election, Military Spending Is Here to Stay

An F-35 stealth jet built for the Royal Australian Air Force is presented at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, Texas.(AP Photo / Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Paul Moseley) 904 more words



Was it fate that brought them together? Can there be two fates for a person in one lifetime? Auburn Reed and Adam were teenagers in love…and then he died. 334 more words

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