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All Greek To Me

I remember my eyebrows being raised, in disbelief. I was frustrated to the point of wanting to scream at my phone. Oh technology of modern days, how you aid and abet the narcissists in their misdemeanors as well as their felonies. 862 more words


Working with Emotional Energy Hooks in Dreams

Have you ever felt that someone was trying to “hook” you in making a particular response by making appreciative comments or gestures that subtly projected a threat if you did not comply with what this person wanted? 460 more words

I almost made it out

I did

I saw the light and was headed straight for it

But you reached out and grabbed me,

And pulled me back in.

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Michael Rivero: Paris, Fukushima and crimes against humanity

By Rory | Daily Coin

The situation in Paris is not all that different from other events that we have been dealing with for much longer. 354 more words




noun: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

“escape can be a strong motivation for travel” 1,174 more words


commercialism gone wild

It wasn’t all that long ago that Black Friday was an isolated sales event. People, after a day of family and feasting—falling asleep from tryptophan in the afternoon—would prepare for an early morning of shopping. 1,443 more words