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Learning how to "no", manipulative friends & being an introvert

Hello everyone! Today’s post is more on the serious note and are on a few issues that have been currently bothering me for the past few days. 1,149 more words


Women’s Aid: Helping Healing

If you are in the UK and are suffering from Intimate Partner Violence/Abuse then this might be of interest to you.

Women’s Aid: Helping Healing.

Emotional Abuse

Manipulative People

We all know some…they can justify any action and don’t care about hurting people as long as they get what they want. Sad though when these people were thought of as friends… girlfriends. 13 more words



Sad but true…those manipulative and jealous personalities who spend their time being just that will show their colors. Just step back, live your life and be happy. 6 more words


Sneaky Fucks

Something funny to me is a sneaky fuck. A sneaky fuck is a person who does dishonest stuff they shouldn’t be doing. The worst kind of sneaky fuck is the kind that isn’t even sneaky. 446 more words

People Pleaser Syndrome - Setting Boundaries with Yourself to Avoid Manipulation

What does it mean to set boundaries? The entire concept of setting boundaries is something that those of us with People Pleaser Syndrome did not grow up with. 1,060 more words

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