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#amwriting: Villainous motivation (or why should they bother?)

You have a hero.  He/she is awesome. Your beta readers love him/her.

You have a villain. Unfortunately, your beta readers find him/her murky and hard to believe, so they don’t really understand your story. 818 more words



Mask: A cover or partial cover for the face, used for a disguise, a false face, a cover up. 

There are appropriate times for wearing a mask. 497 more words

Love at First Sight

While working in my office this morning (yes, on a Saturday – the kids come on Monday, so there was last minute work to be done!), I was listening to Kylie Minogue radio on Pandora…and this song came on: 151 more words

Awesome Stuff

How To Handle Manipulative People

I’m guessing we’ve all had our fair share of being manipulated in one way or another unbeknownst to us or not. It’s not a great feeling right? 1,030 more words


Mirror them

Keep your real sweet self reserved for those who love you and value you for it. For rest of the wicked, shrewd and ever so clever, manipulative, dominating liars you can switch into mirror-mirror on the wall mode. 170 more words

What Can You Learn From A Narcissist?

“I am constantly amazed by man’s inhumanity to man.” – Primo Levi

I can’t stand people. Do you know why? Because people see what they want to see, believe what they want to believe and most of the time, say what they want to say without holding back.

1,122 more words
Blogging U

love-hate relationship

validation and significance

some people feel the need to be validated on a basis so often that it tires others out.

some people feel the need to see and know and feel that their work matters, it makes a difference. 169 more words