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Pick Wisely

Trust…such a huge thing for some…resorting to manipulation based on insecurities and jealousies. Hmm the things you find out….


Be Aware

Be aware of who in your life brings you down and adds drama…let them go. They may be good people but they are using you to feed their own insecurities and self doubt. 55 more words


The Nightmares that Linger

I fear my breath
You still linger
The aftertaste tingles
My taste buds bleed

Your heartless decay blackens the room
The heaviness of rot
I can’t breathe these toxins… 87 more words



Startup.com is a documentary about an Internet company that generated a decent amount of buzz and investment, and crashed and burned before it ever accomplished much. 1,553 more words


Manipulative People

Always and only about getting what they want or what they need for their own satisfaction.


Take responsibility for your own actions.