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Narcissists who pose as experts on Narcissism, on YouTube, for revenge

Kim Wilson TV on YouTube is not a professional. She’s not an expert on anything to do with relationships, mental health, or life coaching. She’s just a slick talker who can con anyone into or out of anything, who is seeking revenge on her ex. 255 more words

Kim Wilson Tv

You are fired!

So this morning I had an interesting start to the day. When the alarm goes off I usually use my mobile’s various apps and email accounts to keep my eyes that little bit open which helps me not to fall asleep again. 351 more words

The Devil's Daughter

​You are both pleased and uncomfortable by her presence. You would not dare approach her, yet somehow you can already feel her. Her hips burn your fingertips. 58 more words


Another Shitty Landlord

This happened last year in March.

I’d just gotten kicked out when my landlord was illegally subletting/abusing steroids with antidepressants (he also used his dog’s name to sublet, Nefi) and had to find a new place in under a week with no bond and close to my job in Frankston, Australia. 1,088 more words


Something Stinks in the Nat-ion!

I just stumbled upon a blog that pissed me off.

Then I realized I know the blogger from another blog site.

The blogger is a manipulative, whiny, fake, bimbo, idiot who is clearly desperate for attention from one gender over another. 103 more words

Be Fearless. Be Bold. Be Strong.

Life is a crazy journey, but we are all in it together. That’s why I think it’s important to share my story.

I am, and always have been, an open book. 2,389 more words

Jar of happiness.

I found a post on Facebook before Christmas about the charming idea of a “happiness jar”.  You have a jar and at the end of every week, you write down something good that happened and pop it inside of the jar.   408 more words