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For the Type A personality who needs to control everything. (ie me)

If you have a type A personality like me, then you understand that we tend to stress ourselves out through overwork, putting too much on our plate, and stressing about over what we do not control, and so in turn, trying to control everything. 444 more words

Tongue Speaking Lie

Rolex Aoko

God gives each one of us a gift of the Holy Spirit. But who said speaking in tongues was the best?

Maybe I do not understand the Bible clearly like the pastors do when it comes to this gift. 189 more words


The Awakening

(Forewarning: There is language in this.  Also, it will be confusing, boring, and will quite possibly disgust you.  I wanted to post this because I need to put this out into the world.   3,064 more words




Gushing bollocks more like!

Insincere, and often inaccurate, glitter heaped onto the head of the flattered. The tone of voice usually gives the game away, grating, as it does, upon the soul with its overblown emphases and patina of glistering falseness all too evident. 172 more words

Daily Prompt

Sententious Bitch

She’s lost all her family, her buddies, her men
She can’t tell you how because nobody hears
She’s so condescending and so independent
That even her tears seem errily twisted.. 118 more words


Jangle, skitter.

Manipulative lover, you’re no lover at all.

Jangle, jangle of the puppet master’s strings.

Barbaric lover.

Curious observer,

head half cocked at the three-limbed insect… 85 more words

All That Stuff