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What makes me the most angriest.

I have some reall bad temper issues. The moment I lose it, it’s like opening a cola bottle that you stupidly agitated.

Notice that it only exploded after you disturbed the peace loving bottle (aka me). 135 more words

Theirs Forever

To the narcissist there are no boundaries.  Because they believe themselves to be special, superior, and better than those around them, they feel entitled to take whatever they want without regard to any one else.  312 more words

Love Bombing

When you first meet them it’s amazing.  The two of you have so much in common!  They seem so into you, showering you with praise and attention.  413 more words

The Sliding Scale

If you’re attempting to figure out what happened and the research on narcissism hits a chord, then there will also be a moment where you question if you, yourself, are someone with narcissistic personality disorder.  314 more words

Questionable lover

When there’s that special someone in your life.

Who knows your every move, hangs on to your every word, and is aware of your strengths and weaknesses. 152 more words

It started out with toothpaste

When you date someone you go through many emotions, ups and some downs but sometimes we turn a blind eye to things we don’t want to see even though it’s obvious. 1,599 more words

Dominating Character



Beyond stubborn


Strong emotions



Endless pain

Destructive to no end


No control

To oneself