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Does manipulative therapy have a place in contemporary musculoskeletal physiotherapy?

This is apparently the first podcast by the Musculoskeletal Science & Practice journal and it sure is a very interesting topic and hotly debated topic in the physio world today. 24 more words

If I Really Want It, Why Can't I Have It?

Who knew radio could be so entertaining?

Driving back and forth in Chicago with my sisters to visit Mom, we listened to Gayle’s favorite station. WSHE 100.3. 531 more words

I Thought I Would Be Angry

Most people who leave the church are quite angry. I am not although I thought I would be.

Oh, some people deliberately tried to harm me and I could get pretty angry at them.   204 more words


Our first term math focus in 5E was patterns. As I told the children, all math is based on patterns! Last week we spent some time in class building patterns with blocks to try to stump our friends. 170 more words


He Lied.

Basically, I met a guy on Tinder who lied about their age. BY TWELVE YEARS. That’s right. I got tricked by a creep, and I didn’t find out until three dates in. 119 more words

I'm Not a Phone Person

Dear Marguerite,

I need advice.  I don’t like to talk on the phone.  I don’t know what to say when someone I’m interested in dating wants to talk on the phone.  119 more words


Subtle Manipulation

I’m like a total ninja at spotting manipulation these days.. I can feel it. So it was really confusing to feel manipulation when someone seemed to be caring for me. 406 more words