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Joey Breaks Down

You know, as I spill my guts on this blog… there are times I just sit and laugh. I laugh because everything I’ve written has truly happened. 1,235 more words


Personal Experience = Invalid, Useless

Ok I admit that title is a bit hyperbolic. I get very tired of people invoking their personal experience on most topics, but especially when it is related to science, and of course psychology. 1,237 more words

[140] Infectious

To innocents, his insolence,
Sans interest, his indolence,
In dependence of invitation,
Inattentive to given information,
Insinuating our ill intent
In an effort to get his way? 52 more words


What Are You (Technologically) Addicted To?

Each day, we are overwhelmed with information. Our minds have to filter out an almost incomprehensible amount of distractions. We’ve used technology to help streamline certain aspects of life, but this inherently adds other noise to an already overworked nervous system. 888 more words

Blog Post

How to Work with a Manipulative Person

(Source: hbr.org)

Almost everyone who’s ever gone to work has had to deal with an office manipulator at some point. Unfortunately, many workplaces promote manipulators because they appear to be effective at getting things done. 1,189 more words

Money Matters

Does manipulative therapy have a place in contemporary musculoskeletal physiotherapy?

This is apparently the first podcast by the Musculoskeletal Science & Practice journal, previously know as Manual Therapy (I didn’t know they have changed their name). 282 more words

If I Really Want It, Why Can't I Have It?

Who knew radio could be so entertaining?

Driving back and forth in Chicago with my sisters to visit Mom, we listened to Gayle’s favorite station. WSHE 100.3. 531 more words