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Decoding the manipulative
By Waithaka M Dennis

A manipulator is someone who intentionally influences your emotions and perceptions so as to achieve their selfish gains. 601 more words

Dr. George Simon explains how manipulation tactics work.

Notice that Dr. Simon has given descriptive names to common types of manipulation: offensive power tactics, responsibility avoidance behaviors, and tactics of impression management.

Nasty Maneuvers

Suicidal friend update part 2

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my friend, and a lot has happened.
Shortly after I posted an update about her right after the 4th of July she went to a hospital to be evaluated on whether she should be inpatient or outpatient. 1,531 more words


Narcissists are manipulative attention-seekers who never take responsibility for being wrong…or take responsibility for their actions. Hence, they never change.

Marlene Gershman Paley, PhD, excerpted from the column, “Can This Marriage Be Saved?”, “Ladies Home Journal” magazine, July 2008, pg. 48


Never Underestimate the Power of Manipulation

“I don’t understand why she would give it all up for a piece of sh*t killer. He must have played some serious mind games on her.” …

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Coming off of my meds is starting to feel refreshing.  I am feeling again and my thoughts are clearing up.  I was able to get over 7 hrs of sleep last night with minimal wake-ups and crazy dreams (lots of snakes).   460 more words