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17 Red Flags That The Person You're Falling For Is An Emotionally Manipulative Narcissist

1. You notice that they’re charming, but that they can be charming to an actual fault.
Narcissists are incredibly charismatic and draw people to them like a magnet. 1,222 more words

I can’t believe you just told me to choose. The last time someone told me I couldn’t be friends with someone was in high school… I don’t choose, I wont be manipulated but I also don’t do unhealthy “friendships”.

post no.1

I’ve been looking for something worthy of my first post. Something that hits an emotional nerve, something that makes me want to write again. See I go through periods where all the thoughts that sound so great in my head, actually make sense when I write them. 732 more words


One-Liner Wednesday: Less Nonsense, More Love

I have less tolerance for manipulative games and layers of unnecessary paperwork, but I still like a little silly, fun nonsense. Loving myself more means saving my time and energy for things that make sense. 64 more words


Sorie's Shame update.

I just updated Sorie’s shame if anybody wants to read it. I changed a few things, including making Vanasher more cunning and more strategic. I also wanted to explain about more about the reasons the Academy is there in the first place. 6 more words

Short Story

smells like home, tastes like hell

Light a match and watch the flames swallow itself up,
turning wood to ashes quicker then you can gasp.
Blow it out before it scorches your skin. 262 more words

Captain Obvious Lives at My House

Social media can be a wonderful thing, but it can bring on a variety of behaviors that I used to think were saved for children. This is a huge election year and I know many of you may be surprised, but I have strong opinions about it! 682 more words