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Victim vs. Survivor

I’ve written about it countless times… The bad “relationship” for lack of better words, I was in. Although the tone of my writings have changed from “What he did to me,” to “How the experience changed and shaped me.” 1,592 more words

Patient encounters: The scared sufferer-manipulator.

It happens routinely in 100% literate God’s own country. Maybe, even more so.


A healthy-looking lady walked in to the clinic.

“Doctor, I’m feeling much better” …
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Medical Policies

An open letter to the unprofessional staff members of Mercy Multiplied

Dear unprofessional staff members of Mercy Multiplied,

Thank you for making me believe that I was damaged beyond repair and that you were my only hope. 984 more words

Hillary Would be the Mother-in-Law of All Presidents

WASHINGTON (The Barbed Wire) – Hillary Clinton is trying to become the first woman president. If she were a likable person, that would be one thing. 251 more words



Rip out my heart and throw it to the wind
Let it carry the deafening sound straight to the end
You walk a thin line; I sit on the fence… 219 more words