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Why do bad things happen to bad people?

Dear Annie: My only sibling has stopped speaking to me. My brother had a son 26 years ago. He claims he knew nothing about the child until I told him six months ago that he should take responsibility for his oldest son.

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Non è tutto oro quello che luce.....

Everyone likes to, at least at first, present something of a shiny image. The amount of mouths in which butter does not melt, is very large.. 199 more words

Self Discovery

He had only wanted the grapes, but elected

To chase hens instead

Chased them around, around the house

With scandalous smile and itchy paws

Bright pink tongue lathering his lips… 121 more words


The Blame Game

When you realize YOU just became the back up plan. Discarding ME meant discarding his children. The ones that “he misses so much”. And he got a job, but I refuse to believe from sun up to sun down he’s there every single day. 364 more words

Narcissistic Abuse

When Tempers Flare

It seems like your parenting plan went from auto-pilot to crash and burn. You read all the parenting blogs and took your pre-natal classes but What to Expect When You’re Expecting never mentioned what happens when your co-parent becomes your worst enemy. 400 more words

Save Money On Divorce

Spirit of Jezebel

Over the weekend, we had a resurgence of an episode relating to an older woman, let’s call her Jezebel, who has plagued our family over the last three years as an interfering busybody, gossip and manipulator. 519 more words


delusional manipulators

Don’t you just hate those people who think they’re manipulative and go around telling other people “See, I am a little manipulative and all but… bla bla” ? 190 more words