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Sententious Bitch

She’s lost all her family, her buddies, her men
She can’t tell you how because nobody hears
She’s so condescending and so independent
That even her tears seem errily twisted.. 118 more words


Jangle, skitter.

Manipulative lover, you’re no lover at all.

Jangle, jangle of the puppet master’s strings.

Barbaric lover.

Curious observer,

head half cocked at the three-limbed insect… 85 more words

All That Stuff

I don't much care where.

One evening, after several days of dealing with emotional turmoil between my parents as well as the shit my father purposely started between C and I, we took a road trip to batshit crazy town. 336 more words


Don't Forget

Don’t forget me. Don’t forget us. Don’t forget fun times. Don’t forget our Friday nights when we would pig out and listen to good music. Don’t forget our snowball fights. 250 more words


Haiku # 96

Things turned upside down

seen through manipulative

droplet of water.

Creative Writing

what does SHE wants?

why is she in a pity party

so long-ing the other guy?

the helpless idiot

the master



who is he?

when you are… 44 more words