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Learning to walk with him first

13 months and the ring came unexpectedly.

3 months in a new city trying to get accustomed to everything. Just right before the new year, we met at a house party where we got paired to play a game after which you asked me to marry you. 695 more words

Engagement Rings

Charm is Deceptive

I have been mulling over the word “charming” lately.

Often Prince Charming is seen as a good guy — he sweeps a gal off her feet and takes care of her for the rest of her life. 252 more words


How to Deal with a Manipulative Relative

Keep family gatherings happy by using alternate strategies with manipulative relatives.

You try to stay away from Aunt Mary at family gatherings, but she always finds you. 11 more words


callous to the core
a nice smile goes a long way
in veiling the truth

© Anthony Gorman 2017

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Hands In The Garden


I’ve been told
By many who mean very well
On the idea they’re sold
If I grow old alone I’ll dwell

Upon our love
And what could have been forever… 184 more words

Just Say No?

I feel like all I ever say lately is no. The word itself is incredibly helpful when helping to create boundaries. Something that I have always struggled with a bit. 900 more words

Manipulative and Cruel

Funny how you are cute, kind, caring and beautiful,

Yet this is all a facade,

Many others warning me,

Away from the rocks, away from your use of me. 90 more words