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vomit #33

i’ve been scared my whole life..it was always there either overwhelming or underlying but always there..and i never realised until one day it finally wasn’t..and thats when i realised how bad things were and i went right back to scared again.. 21 more words

vomit #32

what i’m feeling is real, its real, its real, its real.

i’m trying to stick to my feelings when i actually feel them, after being gaslighted for so long i don’t know what are actually my real feelings or just something i was made to think/feel. 18 more words

How to get what you want cheap

I’m back in Bangkok and I’m staying in the Pinnacle Lumpinee Park Hotel! It’s a quite “cheap” hotel in comparison to the other hotels nearby which are all located in the most center of Bangkok. 288 more words


How Many Of Our Leaders Are Psychopaths?

Research has shown that top jobs in politics, as indeed in many other walks of life, are frequently successfully held on to by people with psychopathic traits. 519 more words


What to title this?

It’s amazing the things I never noticed before it happened to me. I see the cars everywhere which I never saw before especially that color. I used to trust people for the most part right after meeting them and would get in a car with just about anyone and go have fun, I was generally happy. 349 more words


The First Thing I Learned

As mentioned before; I am starting this blog for all women  suffering or have already endured living with a sex addict. All of us have been hurt and likely have resentment, mistrust, anger, doubt, and fear.   53 more words


Adnan Syed, Guilty of murder

Adnan Syed is the murderer of Hae Min Lee, All evidence and clues indicate that Adnan is the perpetrator of this devious crime. Adnan had the impulse, he had the strength, there was nothing holding him back from killing Hae Mie Lee. 636 more words