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Toxic relationships and signs to watch out for.

I am loathed to call my last relationship ‘abusive’. She was not violent towards me, she never said demeaning things deliberately to hurt me, she never threatened me. 2,692 more words


Tinker Street Revelations.

In my old neighborhood downtown, a new little restaurant just opened up last week. Last Friday I went there with a group of friends–some of my old neighbors and coworkers. 809 more words

You Held Me Down

You held me down in every way possible. The gashes you left on my mental frame have only been repaired through years passed, and many people to help me along the way. 1,012 more words


A Deeper Awareness of the Value We Have In His Plan

“It is through deep repentance – abandoning manipulative styles of relating in favor of risky involvement with others – that God is enjoyed and people are loved. 131 more words

Dr. Larry Crabb

Manipulative People

I’ve never understood why some people will go out of their way to try and twist everything you say. Working in customer service I see this all the time. 41 more words


Why I sometimes can't stand it and have to comment (or troll) on Youtube

Hi guys,

Ha, notifications on the right side of my screen, I could smell what I was going to expect.

Recently, I comment more and more on youtube because I see some ignorant people just stay in their own save bubble. 409 more words

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