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Blade of the Immortal

(spoiler free)

‘Blade of the Immortal’ is a Japanese language, samurai film based on the manga series of the same name. The film follows an immortal samurai, Manji, who is asked by a young girl, Rin, to help her avenge the deaths of her parents. 447 more words


The Stars of DClub GP

Team Burst is no doubt a household name for anyone interested in drifting and its roots on the winding mountain roads of Japan. From their eye catching cars, through to their aggressive driving style and explosive tandems, they captured the attention of enthusiasts the world over. 659 more words


In Japan, Swastikas Are Symbols of Good Luck and Health, Not Hatred and Nazis

In Japan the swastika is called the manji (卍). It is an ancient symbol of good luck and well-being.

The symbol was on maps in Japan to denote Shinto and Buddhist shrines and temples. 261 more words


It is what it is

I’ve been plinking away at this-or-that manga oriented post since I started this bog 28 months ago. I haven’t liked one of my drafts about it yet. 1,716 more words

The 90s Me


Klabu ya Yanga, imewasili jijini Dar es Salaam na kupokewa kwa shangwe Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere, wakitokea Mwanza walikomalizia mchezo wao wa mwisho wa ligi kwa kuvaana na Mbao FC. 34 more words


The Word 'Charpoy' in English fiction

The smell of old ‘razais’ reaches me from another roof, musty old blankets that have been stored in boxes the whole year round. The moon looks as small as the sun that just set, perhaps around two centimeters wide from where I sit. 789 more words