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Manju Kapur Books Free Download

Manju kapur books free download

Title Edition Author ISBN; 100 Cases Histories in Clinical Medicine for MRCP (Part-1) 1/e Farrukh Iqbal Most of the features delivered well, but the Web radio station list wasnt preloaded. 545 more words

यादें पीपल सी


मन के 

आँगन की 

दीवारों पर… 

न जाने कहाँ कहाँ 

कौन कौन सी दरार ढूंढ कर 

उग आती हैं यादें 

और धीरे धीरे 

पीपल सी जड़ें जमा लेती हैं 

फिर एक दिन 

ढह जाती है आँगन की दीवार 

और यादें दफ़न हो जाती हैं 

अपने ही बोझ तले 



Yummy Treats: Japanese Snacks and Desserts #2

Here’s this week’s Japanese Snacks and Desserts #2!


These are Anko’s squeezed by Castella Pancakes. Anko is made of sugar or honey and a paste of mashed Azuki Beans. 352 more words



Please Click to see Nanhe Babosa message for everyone.

New Years Eve grindz!

We survived the first week of 2017! Yahoo! Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!

The food we consume during the New Year is awesome! 260 more words

Main Dish

My Superhero My dad

Well it’s absolutely true my dad my hero !!!

I want to tribute my this write up for my superhero my dad!!!

Umesh Chandra Srivastava may b just a name or some relation for others who knew him as son, brother, chacha, mama, mausa, jijaji or a friend but for us he is still our lifeline to survive every day with his teaching!! 377 more words