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तीन का अंक और मैं 

Day 14

My parents perfect couple I have ever seen in my life !! They just made our life beautiful filled with all great memories… But some memories are heartbreaking and one such memory is my dad’s death well this is not end but his death anniversary is same as my moms birthday!! 104 more words

Writing Challenge


rare as freckles
on a Japanese face
azuki bean ice cream


My Superhero My dad

Well it’s absolutely true my dad my hero !!!

This coming father’s day I want to tribute my this write up for my superhero my dad!!! 414 more words


Manjū-Japanese Confections

“It is exquisite,” said Tokunari as he  admired the beauty of the sweet in front of him.  It was a  bean jam confection called manju.  Dye from flower petals were used to color it.   401 more words

Japanese Father's Day present features business daifuku sweets on a crowded train

A little something to let dad know you understand what he goes through on his daily commute to work everyday. 305 more words