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Shuei-Do Manju Store in Japantown

I recently tried out some items from the Shuei-Do Manju shop in San Jose Japantown. This Shuei-Do Manju store has a long, long history in Japantown, and apparently it’s served to the Emperor of Japan on his visit to the US. 278 more words

Currently Eating

…this chocolate and pineapple manju from Big Island Candies. Holy moly it’s so good. These boxes won’t last long. Thanks, S!


Where to eat in Japan: Yokohama Chinatown

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I have been to plenty of China towns all over the world (well there’s at least one in every country!) so of course when in Japan, I just had to drop by it’s largest china town which is located in central Yokohama. 413 more words


Hiroshima and the Momiji Manju

If you have lived or traveled around Japan, then you will have undoubtably sampled Japanese wagashi at some point. Usually enjoyed with green tea, wagashi are traditional confectionary that have been an iconic piece of Japanese food culture since the Edo Period (1603-1868). 407 more words


Preparing for the City, tomorrow

Alright.  So from research tonight and last night, I have a good idea of what I’m going for in Japantown, tomorrow.

IF I get Yasutomo Sketch paper (big “if;” Yasutomo is the only readily available Japanese brand of…many things, including… 1,047 more words


यादें पीपल सी


मन के 

आँगन की 

दीवारों पर… 

न जाने कहाँ कहाँ 

कौन कौन सी दरार ढूंढ कर 

उग आती हैं यादें 

और धीरे धीरे 

पीपल सी जड़ें जमा लेती हैं 

फिर एक दिन 

ढह जाती है आँगन की दीवार 

और यादें दफ़न हो जाती हैं 

अपने ही बोझ तले 



Crunchyroll #43: Manju from "Sakura Quest"

Learn how to make it here! 


Manju! Who would have expected that these little sweets would show up in Sakura Quest? Koharu, the main character, has been summoned out to a village that has been left behind by the times. 1,060 more words