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Im Drogeriemarkt um die Ecke habe ich neulich einen interessanten Kastanien Manjū entdeckt. Das Produkt Kachiguri stammt aus Asahikawa 旭川, dem kältesten Ort Japans. Bei der Hitze momentan eine gute Wahl. 126 more words


Nothing to do with dogs, women or men!

Enough of this introspection!

Dear friend, Suzann, sent me the link to this video a few days ago, it’s just fabulous.

Here’s the description of what the video is about: 168 more words


Japanese elves bring us a new snack cake with the great taste of old meat!

Japan never ceases to be the country of making something taste exactly like something it shouldn’t. In the land where you can get kimchi-flavored soft drinks… 394 more words


After a trip to Japan

A trip does not quite end when your plane brings you back home; at least not when I get back from Japan. For years now, every time I’ve left Japan, it is with a bagful of things to eat, picked up from airport shops. 309 more words


Ddeok, Korean Rice Cakes

Ddeok (떡) is the Korean variation of rice cakes. Ddeoks are made from sweet glutinous rice flour and also include other ingredients such as: red bean paste, mung beans, korean dates, fruits, and much more. 363 more words


This Mashup of Manjhi and Iron Man is the best thing you will see today!

Ever wonder what would happen if a real life hero meets a fictional hero? This fan made mashup of ‘Manjhi- The Mountain Man’ and ‘ 16 more words

What's Happenin'

Healing pendants against your fear, panic and phobia

Panic attacks are periods of intense fear or apprehensionof sudden onset accompanied by at least four or more bodily or cognitive symptoms (such as heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, or feelings of unreality… 192 more words