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5 Daily Products Every Dapper Man Needs

Most of the time when you think about being presentable and well-kept you may think of matching your belt with your shoes, tucking in your shirt, lining up your facial hair, etc… These are all important things to practice, don’t get me wrong if I end up diverting your attention away from these– for the love of god keep doing them. 781 more words


Welcome To The Debonair Club

Here at the Debonair Club we feel that it is imperative that you, and us alike, look and feel our absolute best day after day. The amount of men who wake up, throw on an old tshirt, brush their hand through their hair, then head out the door is unfathomable. 118 more words


Masculine, Macho Bullshit

I’m not going to pretend that being a man is harder than being a woman, I just think it might be harder than many think.  We have our own set of problems i.e. 1,212 more words


Dropped Ball?! Who cares!

It’s a sad indictment for the NRL when players personal lives are what they focus on when they talk about being positive role models. Things the public shouldn’t even know about bring the game into disrepute and influence the children’s… 202 more words

How do you leave this?! Lucky I've been bribed with adventures.....

It’s sad to pack up the Shelly Beach pad. What a place to live! Who would have thought I’d end up in Manly and now be a heading off to London?! 277 more words



Fashion boots for men. Yes, it is summer time but I wanted to discuss the best fashion boots as preferred by most men. This post is primarily about the “look” of the style of boots so take your pick gents, there is some for everyone. 142 more words

3 Reasons Your Church Needs Real Men

Society puts less importance on men in general and the world is paying a price for it! Men are under attack. Because of this attack, most men don’t even know what it really means to be masculine! 2,051 more words