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Exactly what is "health"?

True health, by my definition, is a state that’s surprisingly very difficult to reach. For example, you might look at that skinny, toned girl who jogs by your unit every morning, as you groggily pull on your work pants with bleary-eyed envy disguised as disdain. 236 more words


Heavy Metals weigh down Manly

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that the North Head Sewage Treatment Plant has released 30kg of mercury into the waters off Manly in the last financial year. 764 more words

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Sydney, your chance at a fresh start is coming


The 50 Manliest Men In Hollywood History

Hollywood pretty much sucks in general these days. It is a land of mostly shitty people, sissy bitch men and really atrocious films not catered to a masculine audience. 311 more words


Sydney Beaches Rock!

You’ve gotta love Sydney!  It has beautiful parks, near perfect weather, a stunning harbour and beautiful beaches.  And you don’t have to travel far to get to these beaches.   298 more words


Real Men

Real badasses don’t kill and have killer guns anyhow <3