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VVIP chopper deal: SC to hear plea against Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh next week

VVIP chopper deal: SC to hear plea against Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh next week

The Supreme Court on Thursday said it will hear next week a public interest litigation seeking registration of an FIR against political leaders, including Congress Chief  114 more words

Minister of Treason

How far are you willing to go to fix a political opponent? Murder is pretty commonplace in Indian politics. There is a fair share of false cases as well .But covering up terrorism would seem abhorrent to most people. 1,193 more words


Nobody should be allowed to tinker with democracy. We will not discontinue the good works of the past government. – Manmohan Singh http://ift.tt/1RLQj42

Manmohan Singh

Why Narendra Modi's budget looks strangely familiar

The Narendra Modi led government in India presented its third budget today. The budget was presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley, in a nearly 100 minute long speech. 1,050 more words

Narendra Modi

మోదీ కూడా మన్మోహన్‌లా అయిపోతున్నారు- తృణమూల్

మోదీ కూడా మన్మోహన్‌లా అయిపోతున్నారు- తృణమూల్

తన వాక్పటిమకు పేరొందిన ప్రధానమంత్రి నరేంద్రమోదీ ప్రతిపక్షాల నుంచి ఓ చిత్రమైన విమర్శను ఎదుర్కొన్నారు. తృణమూల్ కాంగ్రెస్‌కు చెందిన సుల్తాన్‌ అహ్మద్ అనే ఎంపీ నిన్న పార్లమెంటులో మాట్లాడుతూ, హర్యానా గురించి మోదీ నిశ్శబ్దంలో ఉండటంలో ఆంతర్యం ఏమిటంటూ ప్రశ్నించారు. మోదీ కూడా నిదానంగా పూర్వ……..Read More………

India's dismal lack of reforms

In September 2012, Adam wrote his first “special report” on India, a lengthy, multi-chapter article in The Economist, which argued that India’s government was failing to grab an opportunity to set India on to a path of sustained, high economic growth, which would lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. 50 more words

Sound of Silence

Manmohan Singh’s self-inflicted silence was the talk of the town in his last years as Prime Minister. It was the bane of his existence. It was half the reason Narendra Modi was chosen as his successor – after a PM who, no matter how strong the provocation, wouldn’t open his mouth, what a relief it would be to have one who couldn’t close his. 266 more words