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Has KaranThapar lied re "doctorate...from..Oxford"? A pity if so. Bodleian can't find a record! And what about Bibek Debroy? Why all this bull-shit from Dilliwallahs?

I have not met Karan Thapar as far as I know. Back in 1975, when I was at LSE a cousin of his who was my friend mentioned he had finished a first degree at Cambridge and was passing through London, so I assumed he was ahead of me; looking it up yesterday, I find he graduated in economics at Cambridge in 1977 which meant we may have crossed paths at Cambridge as I went there as a Research Student to do my PhD in 1976 after finishing at the LSE. 519 more words

Manmohan Singh

Yoga and Political Yog Circus

According to Jyotisha (Hindu Astrology), Yoga emphasized on one planet, sign or house which is related to another of the same kind or different kind with the way of its placement, aspect or conjunction. 271 more words


70 years ago Netaji was 'killed': How Congress lied to India

Today is August 18, the day on which Bose “was killed” 70 years ago in a plane crash that never took place. The Taiwan government is so sure that no plane crash occurred on that day in 1945 in their country.

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India's Most Vicious Politician

Some cameramen have the knack of catching the expressions of public figures that expresses their real self. They do it either with stills or get a clip from a video. 1,593 more words


Do you have a Lame Duck Boss?

In game theory a lame duck is a player who remains in the game but has no chance of winning.

This usually happens when CXOs ,Presidents, Managers etc.  157 more words

Government puts brakes on NGOs' disruptive activities - Balbir Punj

“Every industry anywhere will disturb the environment in some way or the other. We need industry to create more jobs with at least 10 crore young people looking out for jobs in the next ten years. 1,156 more words


Rahul Gandhi mistakes LGBT display pic for Holi theme

IR #013

Congress president Rahul Gandhi was in for a surprise when reporters started questioning him on his open support of the LGBT community during his latest press conference. 289 more words