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Busted Driver On A Carpool Lane Was Riding With His Mannequin.

A smart driver who tried cheating police officers monitoring a carpool lane in Brea has been busted and issued a ticket. The traffic offender chose to break the rules by riding alongside a passenger who happened to be a pretty mannequin. 370 more words

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Driver caught using mannequin to drive in carpool lane

BREA, Calif. — A California driver has been cited for using a mannequin — not the required human being — to drive in the carpool lane. 113 more words


Remains: Mannequin Transformation Part 2

So yesterday on our way to work we passed up Nearly New Resale and noticed a dress hanging in the window among their other featured Halloween costume items. 320 more words

On This A Monday Afternoon

Hey, Steve!  What’s shaking?

Oh, hey!  I’m glad you asked.  How’s that?  What?  You-


Somebody asked.



I remember, years ago, I heard a David Letterman joke about a tabloid headline which read, “Lose weight without diet or exercise!” 788 more words


The Plastic Humans

It’s another day, but we don’t get to see the sun until they open up the iron gates. In no time, we’ll all be decked up, and we’ll have to stand by the glass doors to lure customers in. 258 more words