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A Doll To Play With (02)

Synopsis: A latex doll with a remote control. He was now owned by Master Victor and his daughter Gloria. They even had given him a new name: Tina. 971 more words


Sampling a sample...

I’ve had these plain white casts for a while and since I’ve been looking a text recently I wanted to alter one of them somehow and I wanted to make them visually stronger using text. 127 more words


barbie cast..

We are back with the casts! This was more of a spur of the moment/ playful sample, I done this just to have more of an obvious link between the mannequin and the dolls so I made a doll sized plaster cast to match the life-sized ones before it! 120 more words


Sample Size

Finally working out the kinks in this new dress design. This was the practice dress to see how the design would work out and I can say I love it!!! 15 more words


barbie samples...

After casting the mannequin with plaster strips for a while I felt it was time for a change, I felt like all my samples were looking the same and the magic was lost, I also felt like the “mood” I was trying to create wasn’t being depicted in the plaster casts and they went telling much of a story. 54 more words


Mannequin dream...

Since I moved into my new space and have been using the mannequin more often, I have caught myself dreaming a lot more in my sleep, which is unusual for me as I feel I never really dream… another unusual aspect of the dreams is that they tend to involve mannequins in quite macabre/unlikely situations. 63 more words