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By: Shannon Boatwright

We all have mannerisms. Mannerisms are unconscious habits; peculiarities. Some of us have odder mannerisms than others. Most of us have very common mannerisms. 469 more words

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Strange Chimaera: The Mannerist Gardens at Tivoli

Tivoli, 27th June, 2015: Villa D’Adriana, Villa D’Este and the Tivoli Gardens.

Villa D’Este and the Tivoli Gardens — the Mannerist Palace and giardini delle meraviglie… 530 more words

Art Appreciation And Criticism

"I am convinced that imprisonment is a way of pretending to solve the problem of crime"*...

In 1798  John Neagle, an honest Philadelphia blacksmith, was falsely convicted and incarcerated for America’s first major bank robbery; exonerated six months later, he then became America’s first recipient of a “wrongful imprisonment” settlement from the city.   235 more words

Art History - Lesson 9: Mannerism

Mannerism (C. 1520 – 1600).

This was the period of art that developed after the High Renaissance around 1520 which lasted until 1580 when Baroque style began to replace Mannerism. 390 more words


Constellation - Mannerism; Here Goes

Right, this year I’m going to keep up with these constellation blog posts, I refuse to fall behind again!

Introduction to level 5 Critique- lecture with Cath Davies… 528 more words

Constellation Year 2


“Bronzino, An Allegory with Venus & Cupid, 1545 Photo Copyright National Gallery London.”


Why (in the National Gallery of London) does The Allegory of Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time… 1,920 more words


Reciprocating Follows

I started blogging in 2004 — or was it 2005 — or was it 2003. Anyway, I’m not a newbie by any means. As a personal blogger, one of my major activities should and is traveling through the blogosphere visiting other blogs and writing comments about what I’ve read. 776 more words

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