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What is beauty?

Ella Khalek looks at five influential art movements, from 500 BC to 1600 AD, to explore the nature of beauty and how we should define it. 734 more words



Good Monday Morning guys.  Here’s a little something to help you along the way today.  Mondays can be very difficult especially after coming off from the weekend.   70 more words


Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593)

When writing anything about the Seasons, one inevitably encounters the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-2593) and his allegorical cycles.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo fits the definition of Mannerism quite wonderfully when one understands the term generally used to describe the painters who fall between the High Renaissance and the Baroque, that is, the period between the death of Raphael (1520) to the advent of the Baroque with the Caravaggio cycle on St. 860 more words

Cellini: Beauty and the Beast.


Today I’m going to ramble on about the 16th Century Masterpiece: Perseus with the head of Medusa. Completely made from bronze, this sculpture is considered to be one of the pioneering works of Mannerism in the 16th Century. 365 more words