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Renewed Chivalry: 20 Lost Traditions

Dating! Instantly upon mentioning that word you probably envision movie tickets, perhaps sitting in a cozy restaurant, or even attending a concert. A mutual awkwardness is almost guaranteed at first, and something embarrassing will most likely occur before the night is over. 360 more words


Strigillated frames: the ripples of Mannerism

Strigillated ornament on frames is a small but notable fashion in the 16th century, linked to the Mannerist games played with other classical ornaments. It makes an eye- and light- catching setting for a painting, thrusting it forward for the spectator’s attention and isolating it from the decoration on surrounding walls. 3,459 more words

Antique Frames

Proper Behavior

One of the crazy things about having children is not just how much they look like you, but act like you too. I’m convinced that DNA does more than give them the physical traits you have. 610 more words

Good Morning

Your walking down the street and someone says good morning to you. Naturally, you might be surprised it did come out of the blue, but the first thought that comes to mind is do you know this person? 414 more words


John Wilde's Modern Mannerism

The Chazen Museum of Art is home to a huge amount of John Wilde pieces, among them two portraits exhibited side by side, A Near Miss… 220 more words

Andrew's Silly Quirks

While part of me always wants Andrew to stay a baby, there is something I really enjoy seeing as he continues to grow. I love to see his personality blossom. 505 more words



No matter how careful (or clever) we are in putting her off, Maggie knows the time.
When I was working, our previous dog would lie at the front door about five minutes before I was due to get home. 569 more words