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Good Morning

Your walking down the street and someone says good morning to you. Naturally, you might be surprised it did come out of the blue, but the first thought that comes to mind is do you know this person? 414 more words


John Wilde's Modern Mannerism

The Chazen Museum of Art is home to a huge amount of John Wilde pieces, among them two portraits exhibited side by side, A Near Miss… 220 more words

Andrew's Silly Quirks

While part of me always wants Andrew to stay a baby, there is something I really enjoy seeing as he continues to grow. I love to see his personality blossom. 505 more words



No matter how careful (or clever) we are in putting her off, Maggie knows the time.
When I was working, our previous dog would lie at the front door about five minutes before I was due to get home. 569 more words


It's What You're NOT Saying...

We put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right words when we talk to others – whether it’s one-on-one or in front of a large public audience. 23 more words


Sacred Forest or Monster Park?

Some people say it doesn’t matter, but I think it does.  I’m talking about the rooms we stay in when we travel.   And for me, the most important thing about that room is that it have a view.   2,006 more words

Central Italy

Are we really educated...

I feel sorry…

I feel sorry for all those people who are educated and yet lack mannerisms. Who fail to say ‘Excuse me, Please, I am sorry, May I, Thank you’. 530 more words