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A Review of 'Beyond Caravaggio' at the National Gallery, London.

Known for his dramatic lighting and the intense illusionistic quality of his painting, Caravaggio’s great artistic achievements were celebrated among his contemporaries. Renewed modern-day interest means countless shows have been staged and much ink spilt over the notorious bad-boy of Italian seventeenth-century painting. 854 more words

Beyond Caravaggio

Mannerism and Baroque

After and during a period of the High Renaissance new kinds of art appeared in the Western world.

Mannerism was one of the themes of art that were created during the years 1520-1600.  170 more words

Western Civilization 2

The World at Villa Lante

We visited the gardens of Villa Lante, at Bagnaia on the 21st of September, on our way to Rome. It is laid out around two  910 more words


How did Rosso and Parmigianino differ as mannerists?

Mannerism is a movement emerged in the Renaissance; therefore, it initially coexisted with the Renaissance classical spirit and later with Baroque tendencies, arising from the movement of the Counter-Reformation. 2,392 more words



If you were gifted with an expensive jewel from your mother, how would you be with it?

You would be cautious with it, you would make sure to keep it safe and protected always. 487 more words

St. Paul McCartney in the storm 1992/2016

This was originally made around 1992 and exhibited in the Oxford FREVDS solo show. Uncovering recently, I thought it needed a revamp.

Paul is in a dressing room and his body language looks defensive, his eyes blank. 173 more words



Aren’t some people so predictable that you can almost tell what they will say, you can very well envisage their actions, mannerism and you have only just made their acquaintance a minute or two ago. 894 more words