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Reflections of you.

“No”. Gosh I say that word so much.

“No, don’t throw your food.”

“No, no- we don’t touch the stove.”

“No standing in your high chair.” 506 more words


Freud's Take On Civilization

In a number of my blog posts I have made much of the importance of doing whatever we can to preserve Western civilization. And this at a time when the word “civilization” has come under fire. 893 more words

Hugh's Blogs

Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (216)

Everybody knows-

It’s not right to step on others’ toes.



Where is Your Mother? Part II

Something to Talk About

Well so much for my pledge to post something once a month.  Perhaps since I am only ONE day late I can get a small reprieve.   2,260 more words

Family And Child

Travel Time 1 Hour

I explained this to my daughter once. Even though I thought I did my fair share of driving everyone to accommodate their plans, she was mad that I didn’t do it more often for her and her friends.   278 more words


Please Sign This Release Form...Sire...

The question of legalities and model releases and copyrights and unauthorised images and watermarks and commercial usage compensation paradigm flux capacitor doppler shift has always been a fraught and difficult one. 340 more words


Quote of the Day

It is better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers.

—James Thurber