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“Nowadays, it is hard not to put a swear word in every sentence. For people who are trying to quit swearing, it is like going to the gym.

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Harajuku’s very first lolita idol group “MELTIA” has a bunch of rules to follow concerning behavior. Here they tell you about them (make sure to activate subtitles).

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Is finishing another person's sentence rude?

I just started an Internship this week at a PR firm and it’s been a really awesome experience so far… I’ve learnt a lot of skills, none of which are relevant to my major in college or remotely close to the career path I wish to pursue, but nonetheless I’m having a good time. 222 more words


I Love You

About seven years ago my partner commented on the way my family ended our phone conversations . Of course we say ‘bye’ or ‘see you soon’, but we also say ‘I love you’ before hitting the ‘end call’ button. 250 more words

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In honor of Ben Franklin, an "Off Path" Independence Day proposal

Independence Day is the time of year where we seem to get a very good survey of America’s founding, but what’s often lost on us is some of the more amusing anecdotes of American history.  635 more words

Job Description

Me: Dick, we need to talk. I’m now buying gold, selling stock, managing pawns, doing all the IT work, keeping up with the police reports, and monitoring the daily BOLOs. 219 more words