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Our Society has No Manners. People Aren't Polite. Civility!

I have never seen someone scratch their butt in public. Have you ever seen someone scratch their butt in public? I imagine it’s a horrible thing to witness. 355 more words


Be Nice and Clean! Creating and Maintaining An Atmosphere of Professionalism

The word nice has several meanings but in this case I am referring to only two: politeness and accuracy. Professionalism requires both, and living by example is the best way to impress that on your students. 671 more words


Don't do that. Do this instead: RSVP

This article is part of our Don’t do that. Do this instead series.*


Who doesn’t love a party?
I suppose that’s a loaded question because some people don’t actually ‘love a party’. 746 more words

I Ain't Got No Couth

According to The Emily Post Institute, there are 15 pieces to a formal table setting.  And look – there are count ’em, FOUR forks in it!  658 more words


How important is courtesy to you?

I recently received an unusual surprise: an anonymous note on my unit door posted by a neighbor who obviously wanted to remain unknown. The note contained a noise complaint. 879 more words

Public Relations

First time off lead

When we first brought Nyx home, we thought we would NEVER be able to let her off lead.

1) She didn’t know how to interact with humans. 837 more words


What is with people?

Ok so I got a part time job in retail. Thought much of my job is walking around searching out customers and offering help, some of it is taking special orders for customers. 1,055 more words