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I’ve made it to the entrance, but I hear the click of heels behind me. Naturally, I hold the door.

Because I’m a gentleman.

Then, I see her. 76 more words


A Not-So-Simple Thank You

On a few recent occasions, I’ve noticed people have gotten a little lazy when it comes to saying “thank you” and it’s made me wonder: has everyone misplaced their manners? 310 more words


"The Library Fart"

“And Mrs. Larkins was the lady at the Library. Always meticulous and courteous, obviously loving her job there. She was straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, and she made the library experience a special one. 198 more words

The-last-sane-person-in-the-Asylum sort of day...

I’m sad, and more than a little personally gutted as something of a Trekker, to concede that the utopia dreamt up by Gene Roddenberry in the Star Trek universe will never come to be. 769 more words


At The Club

why are you so mean?
She pleaded about the boy
At the club who slid into our laughter
He just wanted to talk

She said not every guy who talks… 64 more words


Rude Witnessing


There are some people in the Christian world who think making people angry is doing God’s work. Some Christians are convinced that they are fulfilling the Great Commission by crashing public events and barking out, “ 425 more words