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Summing up English culture

T. writes,”I was on a bus with about 15 other people and it broke down. Everyone politely got off the bus and onto the replacement and then sat in EXACTLY THE SAME SEATS as they were in before. 82 more words


The less than friendly skies.

Most of us seem to be at a place where we can take flying for granted and thus be annoyed by the whole experience. I have not forgotten that it is basically a miracle that we are all hurtling through space, well above the safety of the earth in a glorified tin can, and I am grateful for the safe return to terra firma every time it happens. 802 more words


Obama is going Alinsky Rule 12 on Republicans

By Thomas Lifson

Although he doesn’t reference Saul Alinsky the Associated Press’s Jim Kuhhenn does notice a nasty turn in President Obama’s rhetoric:

With a tone of outrage and eye-rolling dismissiveness, President Barack Obama and his White House team are working out their aggressions on Republicans.

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In the unlikely event of broken silence (on the bus): just reply

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Yesterday I got the bus into the city, as I usually do for work, gym, job interviews, whatever. The bus was quite full and I had a heavy bag filled with food, gym gear and a change of clothes for work so I was pretty chuffed when I scored a seat.  728 more words


More Than Passing Fancies

Theme: Obsession.


by Sharon

A friend asked me once, “If you had to choose, would you rather be someone who is easily interested, or easily bored?” I almost blurted out, “Easily bored!” but then stopped myself. 818 more words


What's In A Name

I was ordering lunch in the café at work and the chef on duty was one I didn’t recognize. After telling him my order I asked him for his name. 474 more words

Manners Maketh the Lady

ISIS beheads more innocent people in the Middle East … and people have lost interest.
Marco Rubio announces his candidacy for president … and it hardly gets our attention. 707 more words