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Jungle Etiquette

Buffalo, feeling Tiger teeth in his back, says to Tiger, “What are you doing?”

Tiger says to Buffalo, “I am about to have lunch.”

“Lunch?” Buffalo says to Tiger. 163 more words


Manners With The People

Hassan al Basri would say the best characteristic for a Muslim is to pardon those that wrong him. Others said gentleness and forbearance for an hour keeps away evil for a long time! 30 more words


Message Received!

People problems seem to be a current theme these days. I believe the presidential election and the incredulous behavior displayed by ALL sides is a large contributing factor. 166 more words

For they used to whisper to their Lord


al-Ḥasan al-Baṣri:

“We used to be amongst a group of people (i.e., the Companions) who would never do any act in public if they could do so in private. 37 more words


Imagine sisters trusting you this much.

Imagine sisters trusting you this much.

كان منا رجل يقال له الأسود بن كلثوم و كان إذا مشى لا يجاوز بصره قدمه و كان يمر وفي الجدر يومئذ قِصرٌ و هناك نسوة ولعل إحداهن تكون واضعة يعني ثوبها أو خمارها فإذا رأينه راعهن ثم يقلن : كلا إنه أسود بن كلثوم 85 more words


The strong man is one who controls himself when he is in a fit of rage

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported: Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said, “The strong man is not one who is good at wrestling, but the strong man is one who controls himself in a fit of rage.” 66 more words


Kindergarten Stuff

Its not sharing if you steal it first

Taking what you please

and setting a timer

Boundaries even

Scheduling visits with limits

Racking up rules for my own property… 79 more words