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I'd Like You to Meet...

As you get older you will make new friends all the time, but you will keep most of your old ones too. There may be times when you want to have an activity that will allow your old friends and new friends meet. 86 more words


Nice to Meet You

Sometimes you may be with your mom and dad when they run into a friend of theirs you have not met before. When you do they will introduce you. 96 more words


Excuse Me, Please.

Here is a song to remind you of some of the magic manner words we should use everyday. You should already know the tune. Try singing it to help you remember our magic words. 139 more words


Battle: Rye vs Fry

Today I went to my chiropractor, the fabric store, the grocery store, and drove through at Arby’s to pick up lunch. This probably doesn’t seem like much, but I’m recovering from some mild food poisoning and feeling a bit wiped out. 341 more words


Elizabeth Fry, £5 note, Chocolate, Barclays, A Preacher, Norwich and homeless Lizzie

Elizabeth Fry’s work in history, inspired me to film this video, along with the connections listed in the title.

A £5 notes, a Bar of Fry’s chocolate, Barclay’s Bank, an American Preacher… 93 more words