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Politeness as a Sign of Weakness?

“Politeness costs you nothing but will get you the world”

That is what my mother always told me!

Are we sure about that? It seems ever increasing, in my experience, that this is exactly NOT the case. 442 more words



Since Recently ,

I have noticed that our society has forgotten simple manners and chivalry or they weren’t taught any . It is bad enough seeing it in children but in grown adults worse . 219 more words


The worst habits of extremely obnoxious dog people: "The Greeter"

Spoiler alert: This will be a series.

I had finally made time in my schedule to drag Ewe off to get a bath.

Rather, he finally stank enough that I was sick being knocked back with stench¬†when he bulldozes his body (with ball in mouth) in my face anytime i’m closer than usual to dog-level. 1,041 more words


Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (70)

Every once in a while-

It appears that manners have gone out of style.



Measuring Manners

Working at a grocery store allows me to serve people in a few different ways. One of these ways involves monitoring the Self Scan registers and assisting people with any problems that come up with the automated system. 445 more words

Customer Service

3 steps to achieve the best results out of anyone

I am not much of into pleasing people but I do like people in general so whenever I like something in them I tend to appreciate it and so I come across as that but I genuinely compliment them whole heartedly (maybe sometimes not) But I do see that they in return do appreciate you too & yes that feels good.  343 more words


Brief Thoughts

1. Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time, this pregnant brain is really a thing! It’s also very weird having someone growing inside me and pushing/puling my organs at the same time. 513 more words