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Teaching Manners in a Rude Rude World

“You know, it’s really rude for you to be checking Instagram while I’m talking to you” chides Scott the Mouth, who, as the name suggests, know everything, as we ride the 23 blocks north to the office in our morning cab share. 696 more words

Working Mom

'Lum-Lum-Poy' Mystery - by Malu E. Gacuma (April 25,2017 @ 10:20 pm)

Speaking English at home was a cardinal rule stemming from my paternal grandfather who wanted to mark it as his legacy to our clan.

Not only the house helpers were caught in this rule. 240 more words

Running With Manners

Manners aren’t something you think of when you think about running. When I hear “manners,” I think of remembering my “pleases” and “thank yous” or all of the table manners like “no elbows on the table” and “remember your napkin on your lap.” But, there is a such thing as running manners! 233 more words


Dating Etiquette: the Lost Art of Social Manners

Dick pics. Sexting. Booty Calls. DTF (down to fuck). Let me see your tits…what the hell happened here? I get it…we are grown ass adults and many people feel they should be upfront with what they want in dating. 356 more words

Quote of the Day

Never confuse an idiot.

—Jack Cady


Putting the Civil Back in Civilization, part N+1: Fabric Softener and Manners

So, an interesting thing happened to me today. And by interesting, I mean a moment or two of High Weirdness.

To set the scene: My wife and I live in an apartment complex. 1,140 more words

Putting The "Civil" Back In Civilization