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The art of queuing in Europe

I was watching an old episode recently of BBC’s “Have I got news for you” starring the pillars of the program, Ian Hislop and Paul Merton. 1,122 more words


9 everyday missteps that make you look like you never learned your manners

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

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Don’t be rude.

Well, sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Everyday behaviors that seem normal to us might come across poorly to others. 659 more words


Are you heartless woman?

Feelings are not automatic buttons that we can press right ones to act as we wish in this moment. It would be good to press delete or shut down in some opportunities, because it would spare us from pain. 600 more words


Basic Things You Should Know Before You Hit Adulthood

I recently ran across an article on Facebook, one of those “So Many Things You Should Know How to Do Before You’re an Adult” articles. That struck a chord with me as – hey, I work with adult learners, I’ve managed in retail, I… 5,552 more words


Etiquette For A Portable Home Office!

When I began to find it uncomfortable that friends visiting me were consulting their gadgets, even if it was to show a picture, or to look up trivia connected with a board game….   1,729 more words

Public Issues

Manners: A specific bumper sticker

After posting about bumper stickers here, I had a few conversations about bumper stickers – and realized something I hadn’t thought about before.

I hate the “Baby on Board” stickers/posters/things on cars. 243 more words


What to do with rubbish

I learned two new things today. Firstly, starting a blog is a good way of not expressing my frustration whilst travelling.  Secondly, the centimetre between the seats and side of the train are apparently where your empty croissant bag must be squeezed into.  118 more words