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Life Hack #63

Wash your hands after going to the bathroom. You’ll have more friends, and fewer strangers will judge you.

Are Manners More Important Than Laws?

The world is a mess.

Our country is a mess.

And it’s hard to know where to begin to fix it.

Those of us who believe in Christ know two things. 334 more words

Tuesday Is For Thinking

Tuesday Tea-Time Thoughts: Dinner Vs. Supper

Cherished readers, The Lady’s circle of friends is known for chatting about a variety of subjects. Today as they gathered for tea indoors in the conservatory (a pox on all the rain!) a lively discussion ensued on using the words Dinner and Supper. 181 more words


Finding a Friend to Last a Lifetime

Sometimes we go through life searching and never quite knowing what we are searching for – sometimes it’s a career change, our purpose in life, and sometimes we find ourselves searching for a friend. 539 more words


Manners Monday: Etiquette on Wheels

Cherished readers, there are days that The Lady longs for the easier days of horse and buggy travel. At least everyone seemed to be going at the same pace. 231 more words


When Did "Customer Service" Become an Oxymoron?

By: Jeanne Reynolds

I’m trapped in my own home.

I’m a prisoner of our internet provider. “Provider” is a bit of a misnomer, however, because no service is being provided, and hasn’t for a month or so. 499 more words

Every Woman Blog

Wise men talk because they have something to say,

fools, because they have to say something.
– Plato

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