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Thank you #29

Thank you all so much for this weekend share. I have meet many  new bloggers this weekend, plus some old friends.

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Am I Being Selfish, Proud, or Afraid?

One of the worst double standards is between poor and rich in regards to charity. If you’re rich or just have enough it’s good and praise worthy to give. 865 more words


Nirvana (-ish)

This morning. (And not Fake News, mostly.)

Sleep in till 7:45 am. Wow. Let’s do that again, and again, and again.

Read the morning papers. Read a few chapters of Patricia Hampl’s new book: … 384 more words


Addiction, grief, and boundaries.

Dear Annie: I am writing to you looking for help with substance abuse. I would like to find a natural way of releasing myself totally from this disease, as well as from crushing grief I’m experiencing from loss.

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Quote of the Day

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.

—Lao Tzu


A Healthy Boutique Bakery, Manners Classes for Kids, and Jewels with Chocolate!

Manners Class Learn to mind your manners, kids! You ve got a chance to book your little ones into an etiquette class hosted by local expert Jeannie Vaage of VIP Protocol on Sunday, April 29 at Bistecca (2345 111th Street) from 2:15-6:15pm. 40 more words