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Doing well, thank you

via Daily Prompt: Successful

Modesty becomes the truly successful. Braggarts belie their success with foolish bluster.

Those who truly flourish, need not swagger. They need not gloat. 51 more words


The laws of omiyage strike again! (It's good to be a teacher)

Omiyage is such a confusing thing when you’re the person in the “position of power”, as it were. When you’re friends, or coworkers, it makes sense that there’s a balance between the both of you giving each other souvenirs. 558 more words

Why I Don't Make My Child Say "Sorry"

I don’t make my son say sorry… or please and thank you.

It’s nice to be nice and saying “please,” “thank you” and “sorry” shows people that we are considerate of their feelings, that we are grateful and polite. 1,391 more words

Attachment Parenting

Some of the most Important Things Money Cannot Buy

1) Manners

2) Morals and Ethics

3) Respect

4) Character

5) Common Sense

6) Trust

7) Patience

8) Class

9) Love

10) Integrity


Vermont Manners

This is the Dummerston covered bridge. I drove over it tonight on my way to a closing. It was just about 5 p.m. and this bridge was the perfect example of Vermont manners. 291 more words

The T's House


Having lived over seven decades, I’ve seen it all, I’ve lived pretty much of it and I’ve heard enough.  That doesn’t necessarily make me an expert, but I’ve noticed our society as a whole has lost something over time.  370 more words

Making an Entrance

Way back in the day, I did a ton of posts about famous nineteenth-century courtesans. Well, I’ve discovered another book with even more stories, called  330 more words