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It’s my long day at UNT, and as usual during my breaks I try to get as much work done to ease my stress levels (yes there are levels, but that’s for a different day). 771 more words

Mission Trip

Teaching Manners to Kids Aged One to 12 Years

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Every parent hopes to have the dream child who impresses everyone with his or her good manners. 89 more words


Navigating Customs: Give Thanks

I received a thank you note this week. It was from a sweet girl who was about to become a bride and new wife. I loved its contents. 285 more words

Act Of Kindness

Electronics and Relationships

Phones are a wonderful invention, they allow us to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues very easily. Texts and emails are fast simple ways to keep in touch with everyone in our lives. 262 more words


What Japanese people shouldn't do in America.

This video is a bit old, from 2013, but it’s funny for a foreigner so I share it anyway. The vlogger Rachel explain for Japanese viewers what they shouldn’t do if they ever visit USA (I would say most things works the same in Sweden where I live, except the tipping). 18 more words


Where Are Our Manners?

This journey is quite an education. This is taking several forms. There is the medical education. There is the treatment education. There is the waiting education. 645 more words

My Life Then & Now

Our Multicultural World

by Judy Mullican

The days are rapidly disappearing when all the children in a child care setting share the same culture and language. Families often move from one part of the country to another or from one country to another to find work. 896 more words