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Top Twenty Albums of 1988

Hell yeah!  Another big ass list!  Allow me to present my favorite hard rock and heavy metal albums from 1988…

20. Sword – Sweet Dreams… 4,826 more words

Album Review

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I've never reblogged Play It Loud before, but this article caught my eye this morning and I had to share it. This blog specializes in heavy metal album reviews from the greatest decade of metal, the 1980s. And as 1988 was arguably the peak of that decade, this list of the top 20 albums from that year has a lot of classics. Take a very loud trip back in time and rediscover these gems all over again!

Crisis At Futa: Man'O war Vs Students Saga.

It all started when Lil kesh was about to leave the venue.live witness made it known that some guys tried to extort Lil kesh and was able to snatch his chain which got Lil kesh angry which almost led to the ultimate fight after the an 100 level Man’o war caught a guy and beat him blue black .Students were angry at this singular accidents and started throwing stones and anything they could see.You know Akindeko boys no dey carry last.They showed the Man’owar that Street will remain the street. 72 more words


Mardi Gras

Ooops, I did it again. I totally binged yesterday. Who’s fault is it? Ultimately, it is my decision to imbibe vast quantities of alcohol, so I should be in control of this behaviour. 620 more words

The Regular Stuff

WAR DANCE: Hellenic heavy metal

While everyone seems to be waiting in anticipation for the new album by Sacral Rage, the debut album from War Dance, in a completely different style of course, is also slowly drawing some attention. 2,373 more words

Long Distance Runners

To my ND friends. One day your kingdom will come.

Im really into metal, all kinds of metal, but especially really silly, gritty, power metally kind of metal and I just wanted to share this frankly horrible song with all of my neurodivergent friends, but especially my autie brothers, friends and sisters because it so reminds me of us. 165 more words


Line up do Monsters of Rock Brasil

O Monsters of Rock, considerado o mais importante festival exclusivamente de rock do mundo, anunciou o line up completo de sua 6ª edição brasileira, que ocorre nos dias 25 e 26 de abril, na Arena Anhembi, em São Paulo/SP. 202 more words


I once tried to get religious – this is what happened

With religion in the news (just for a change) I thought it’d be an opportune time to do something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, and that is to turn an exchange of emails I had with the UK’s Office Of National Statistics, regarding the classification of religions (or not) in the national census results, into a blog. 1,776 more words