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Oasis Say Rivers Cuomo "Like Yoda," Wish They Could've Played Live 8 To Humiliate Robbie Williams

Surly rockers Oasis have an unlikely new adversary — Auburn, New York heavy metal band Manowar. That’s what happens when you stop singer Liam Gallagher in mid-brag about how Oasis are “like, the loudest band in the fucking world onstage” and tell him that the Guinness Book Of World Records instead favours Manowar. 490 more words


Nine Circles ov...MANOWAR!

Everyone who knows me, or knows of me, is well aware of my insane love for Manowar. For over twenty years the self-described “Kings of Metal” have made me raise my fist in the air and sing every word of their glorious tunes. 975 more words

Daily Heresy

'Ross The Boss' ex Manowar guitarist exclusive interview with ARfm before his UK Tour Dates

Ross ‘The Boss’ founder member of Manowar, The Dictators and Ross The Boss band is currently conquering Europe and the UK with his ‘Discipline of Steel’ tour. 184 more words

Who's the Boss?

Apesar da noite fria, foram muitos os que deslocaram ao RCA para ver e ouvir um dos virtuosos da guitarra, fundador de uma das mais famosas bandas de… 255 more words


Kings of Metal: Manowar

Rating: 90%

In 1988, “Kings of Metal” was released by the one and only Manowar. This was the album that started it all for me with the band. 351 more words