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Sting of the Bumblebee, Manowar (1988)

Sting of the Bumblebee, Manowar (1988)
Kings of Metal
Bassist: Joey DeMaio

This bass solo by Joey DeMaio, from Manowar’s sixth album, is based on Flight of the Bumblebee, an orchestral interlude written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for the opera ‘The Tale of Tsar Saltan’. 17 more words

Classic Tracks

Album Review: Grand Magus - "Sword Songs"

As their career has worn on, Stockholm-based Grand Magus have morphed from a relatively standard old-school doom metal outfit steeped in the aesthetics and lyrical themes of Norse mythology into a leaner, meaner beast that combines aspects of NWOBHM, traditional heavy metal, and some slivers of speed metal. 756 more words


The Triumph of Steel: Manowar

Rating: 90%

In 1992, after a line up change, Manowar released it’s seventh album “The Triumph of Steel.” The album featured vocalist Eric Adams, Joey DeMaio on all sorts of bass guitars. 681 more words


Manowar - L'hymne bulgare en dark metal !

Allez, un peu de dynamisme pour se réveiller de bon matin. Мила Родино (Mon Cher Pays), l’hymne bulgare, dans un contexte peu ordinaire.

Fallait oser. Sur La TitZik, on n’ose pas tout de peur d’être reconnus, mais on ose quand même. :)


Long into the night

Các bạn VnRock vừa post bài này lên, lại khiến mình nhớ lại cái thời Rock Việt ngày xưa. 10 shows thì 8 shows sẽ kết thúc với Courage. 441 more words


Joey DeMaio's Chores Have Been Completed. Manowar Cleared for North American Onslaught.

As many of you may remember, Over The Top Metal News reported in February of 2014, Manowar was cancelling their North American tour due to Joey DeMaio’s chores  not being done.  206 more words