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My thoughts of class, humans and photography...Streams of consciousness Saturday.

Once I saw today’s prompt, my thoughts automatically went to societal distinction usually drawn by the word ‘class,’ but I chose to do a reverse of thoughts. 393 more words


“Modern” Times

Under the deluge

of unrelenting chaos

and the realization

that the quintessential

heart of man hasn’t

changed one damned

bit in all of recorded

history, or otherwise… 31 more words


As 2016 begins: some thoughts on light, dark and the curse of being right...

As part of the slow process of emerging snail-like from the tinsel shell of the Festive Season, and preparing to greet the new world of 2016, I checked my Stats yesterday for the first time in a while.  576 more words

Favourite Quotes (archive)

Aldous Huxley's Expression "Man's Inhumanity to Man" and its Relevance to Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan's Messages on the Refugee Crisis

Excerpts from a selection of statements, interviews and speeches that the late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan gave when he was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). 1,168 more words

World Events

Under the Dome, Stephen King

As a big fan of Stephen King I am pleased to say I have plenty of his back catalogue to yet discover. Under the Dome is a bit of a monster (880 pages hardback), but the fact that I read it in four days shows how addictive the story is…and I have a dog to walk, cartoons to draw and beer to drink! 260 more words