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Men's Grooming Habits Women Find Attractive


Do any of you know how much time, money and effort it takes for a women to look good?

Now I am not saying if they didn’t they would be walking around like Sasquatch. 753 more words


My first time... Getting waxed

So I ticked another first off this weekend. I got my first brazilian and ass wax.

I’ve been thinking about getting it done for a while, but was always nervous about the pain and not sure where to go for a good job. 319 more words


A guy who (sometimes) shaves his legs

Now before you judge this guy, we’ll call him “Wen” for the sake of privacy, he doesn’t shave his legs consistently. He may do it once every couple of months. 139 more words


Current Clichés and Ugly Words

Can we please avoid these? Ready made words and phrases are poor substitutes for expressing real ideas. If, in fact, there is a real idea to be expressed. 173 more words


My wife asked me the other day if I’d ever heard the term “manscaping.”

Uh oh, I thought. This is surely a set up question. It’s a “Honey, do you think I look fat in these jeans?” kind of question. 670 more words


John Cena Spends A Whole Lot Of Time Every Day Shaving His Body

John Cena is big on a few very specific things. Hustle, obviously. Loyalty and respect, sure. He also loves just basically being on the go constantly, and his mentality makes him uniquely equipped to do just that. 312 more words


True Life Horror Story

When you’re young nightfall is a scary time. Floorboards creak, every creature is stirring including a mouse, and there’s a decidedly ungentle rap, rap, rapping on your bedroom window. 275 more words