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Men in tights...tight tights

Forgive me if I sound traditional, but I like men to be men. I’m a heterosexual girl (although Rachel Weisz would definitely get it) and enjoy being around manly men. 758 more words


谁是你觉得有吸引力? - Who do you find attractive?

Well, while I would love to hear opinions on this, the attitude stated for men around the world is what got to me.  Nevertheless, I think this is an interesting video and worth the watch.

So…what do you think?


The body hair story that keeps on growing

Has Poldark hunk Aidan Turner been ‘manscaping’ his chest hair?

Aidan Turner’s chest hair continues to fill column inches.


Has Poldark star Aidan Turner been grooming his chest hair?

I’m not sure what that scythe’s role in things is but Sunday nights on BBC One have become a hotspot for male grooming and manscaping.

Top Tips for the Perfect Manscaping Experience

We all know manscaping is a necessary chore that all us men have to go through to keep our junk in an aesthetically pleasing state. How ever necessary this process is it does not make it any less tiresome. 249 more words