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Shit, I think my ovaries just exploded...

Well I think the dick-pic-Gods read my last blog post… after thinking Southern men were a classy bunch, I was proven wrong, very wrong.

So in my last blog post, I commented on the fact that since starting my South Island Tindering, I had yet to receive any dick-pics from the Southern male Tinderers. 829 more words

Re-Boot Camp - Day 12 - The Power of Sex, Part 2

Eleven days without alcohol.  I bought a bottle of wine today.  Tomorrow’s my birthday and I will likely indulge.  I’m feeling pretty good that the bottle’s in the house and I’m not even feeling tempted to open it tonight, to celebrate my birthday… 803 more words

Turned on Tuesday: "Manscaping is a Must!" - By Dr. J

Calling all men!! Grooming is a must! What I like to call “Manscaping” (my hubby hates when I say that…ha!) is taking care of those “overgrown” areas. 164 more words


Axiom For Men: Enjoying a clean and groomed face

I do not like washing my face. Never have. And I expect that I’m not alone in this. Of course, I kind of washed my face growing up, in that I expected shampoo to run from my head and cover my face at some point during a shower, thus causing my face to be sparkling clean. 527 more words



Recently I have made few changes in my manscaping products.

Replacing the razor cartridges cost same as buying a new razor. So I ditched  buying them from major retailers, I  started ordering from the Dollar Shave Club. 226 more words

Bath And Body Works


Manscaping…metro-sexual…pretty boy…whatever you want to call it…don’t be scared to do it! Truth is…a large number of women (not all) are attracted to a man who knows how to take care of his looks and his image. 252 more words


Men in tights...tight tights

Forgive me if I sound traditional, but I like men to be men. I’m a heterosexual girl (although Rachel Weisz would definitely get it) and enjoy being around manly men. 758 more words