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Dad Bod and a Weak Shoe Game

Like the rest of the the trend addicted masses I got swept up in the dad bod sensation of the late spring/early summer 2015.  Having had a tongue in cheek obsession with Leo for year I admit it was pretty interesting to see the… 801 more words


Group Therapy 09-30-15

“I met this great girl and we’ve gone on a couple of dates. On one of the dates she mentioned that chest hair grosses her out. 199 more words


VIDEO: Kristin Chenoweth Manscapes Conan’s Brow

Last night on Conan, special guest Kristin Chenoweth talked about how she enjoys “Manscaping” her male friends.

Above the neck of course, she then proceeded to pluck Conan’s eyebrows until he cried. 13 more words


Conan Fights Back Tears While Being 'Manscaped' In The Middle Of An Interview

Kristen Chenoweth was very grabby during her Tuesday appearance on Conan and apparently this is a normal thing for her and her male friends. The term ‘ 137 more words


Manscaping, grooming, and why you should be doing it.

‘Why on earth have you got that stuff?’

This is what a bloke at work said to me once when we he saw me pull out some Vaseline lip balm. 1,641 more words


~National Men's Grooming Day~

Attention ladies and gentlemen!

Today is National Men’s Grooming Day!  Other synonyms are: brush, comb, tidy, shave, preen, primp, prepare, prime, man-scape the lady zone… and get ready to get down to business! 133 more words



As I writer, it is perfectly acceptable, and practically a professional requirement, for me to eavesdrop.

How else would I know how teenagers whine, or families fight, or men flirt (yeah, I’ve been married THAT long) – in order to get it right in my stories? 596 more words