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HER: Before our last trip to Jamaica, I went for a session of laser hair removal. It was a thoughtful Christmas gift from you. You knew I hated the red bikini bumps, and the last time I had a bikini wax, it was so painful I swore I’d never do it again. 1,075 more words



If you only have a soul-patch


What's On This Man's Back???

To many, back hair isn’t a sexy trait, and it’s especially not a work of art. But they haven’t met Mike Wolfe!

Wolfe gets his back shaved by a friend of his in cool designs and themes, either to celebrate holidays or to show love for Jimmy Fallon by creating a hairy version of the Tonight Show set. 32 more words



A hairy back is perhaps the most policed and least desirable site of male body hair. Mike Wolfe has put his ‘excessive’ back hair – which he felt the need to ‘confess’ to his wife on their first date 16 years ago – to original use and with a friend has created a… 1,939 more words

The War on Superfluous Hair

Living in a house full of women, it was inevitable that some level of concern about personal grooming would be forced on me. It just took a while. 635 more words


3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Pit Stains

It’s 7 am, you have just left the house and you’re headed for work. Of course you look a million bucks.
Shirt – fitted
Pants – fitted… 214 more words