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True Life Horror Story

When you’re young nightfall is a scary time. Floorboards creak, every creature is stirring including a mouse, and there’s a decidedly ungentle rap, rap, rapping on your bedroom window. 275 more words


Bak Blade 2.0

Most men have issues with their backs. As they reach 30 or so, the back becomes more like a forest overgrown and wild. Some men seek to tame the forest with waxing, or going to a salon, while others simply let the forest grow and host new creatures to never see the light of day… That may change. 543 more words


“Do you shave your arms?” I asked the man on the other side of the table.

“Sometimes,” came his casual reply.

I acted as if that was an acceptable answer, but inside I was screaming, “Sometimes?!? 510 more words

Manscaping 101

I love facials. There I said it.

What I find sad is that in 2017, in a time where kale, quinoa, veganism and cross fit are all so popular, more men haven’t realised that looking after your skin is actually “cool”. 415 more words

Dating wisdom, continued...

from my book-in-progress, Dating Wisdom–Yeah, Riiight

Yes, guys, a little manscaping is worth considering.

Dating Advice

Men and Skincare...It's a Real Thing

Skincare has no gender, as shown by Covergirl last year when James Charles was chosen as the new face of their brand. Since 2013, male-specific toiletries have had higher revenue than shaving products, a mark that the male-grooming trend has continued to rise in popularity. 134 more words


Grooming Artist News Roundup: April 2017

New beginnings are aplenty this spring in the wet shaving community. For starters, there are two high-tech razors in development. Gillette filed a patent on March 9 for a heated razor that warms up during shaving. 237 more words

Wet Shaving