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Is manscaping contra to naturism?

Being a naturist means wanting to be as natural as possible, hence the nudity. So does manscaping — or womanscaping — fly in the face of this creed? 182 more words


Men and Skincare...It's a Real Thing

Skincare has no gender, as shown by Covergirl last year when James Charles was chosen as the new face of their brand. Since 2013, male-specific toiletries have had higher revenue than shaving products, a mark that the male-grooming trend has continued to rise in popularity. 134 more words


Grooming Artist News Roundup: April 2017

New beginnings are aplenty this spring in the wet shaving community. For starters, there are two high-tech razors in development. Gillette filed a patent on March 9 for a heated razor that warms up during shaving. 237 more words

Wet Shaving

Zen and the Art of Personal Grooming; The rise and fall of pubic hair.

The issue of maintaining the hair on one’s nether regions has apparently been around for as long as people have been able to write, paint and hold the necessary tools! 1,167 more words

Grooming Artist News Roundup: March 2017

This month marks the official start of spring. If you’re planning on spring cleaning, don’t forget to spring clean your grooming habits as well. In the past, we’ve stressed the importance of taking care of your skin so it stays supple yet resilient against the trauma of shaving. 258 more words

Wet Shaving

Wet Shaving Products

In a technological age that we live in, a person doesn’t have 2 minutes to remove their self from the electronic devices that surround us. To the point that men now shave driving down the road with an electronic shaver which takes 3 minutes to complete. 567 more words


Unveiling the Mystery Behind Manscaping

Guest post for The Guy Corner NYC from iManscape.com

The first thing that pops into your head when you think manscaping is having absolutely no hair below the belt. 567 more words

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