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Dr. eNatural Fragrance Free Beard Oil

Cost At the Time of Writing the Review: $12.99
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to grow my beard, unassisted, for a full twelve months to see how long it would grow. 369 more words


My Shallowest Post Ever (aka How I Like My Men)

Women have it easy because we get a pretty good picture of what’s expected of us when it comes to grooming from porn and Cosmopolitan. Then we tell those people to shut the hell up because our bodies are ours! 442 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla

RS Traditional Shave Cream: Review

Having used the RS (The Real Shaving Co.) Traditional Shave Cream (Step 2) for a couple of weeks, I thought it time to give it’s review. 187 more words


Podcast Episode 2: Tech Fails

In last night’s second live episode of “PlopCorn Presents”, Dan D. and Curtis Parvin discuss tech fails, weird products, and make recommendations for films related to tech devices falling short of their potential. 6 more words

To Manscape or Not to Manscape?

To manscape, or not to manscape?  Seriously, what’s the answer to this?

I know a lot of people will say manscape!  But as someone who is, I admit; hairy, that’s not always the easiest thing.  314 more words


Misadventures in Modern Manscaping

The few times I have been to a beautician, before the beautifying begins I have been asked to describe, in detail, my beauty and skin care regime. 1,026 more words