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Essential Grooming Most Men Overlook

It’s here, gentleman!

Sorry for the delay of the articles, the last two weeks have been crazy…

Yesterday I asked you on Twitter what would the next article be about and, well, grooming won. 583 more words


T9: Late nights and such

I’m glad this week is at its close.  I am a procrastinator, so I put off my taxes and some other stressful money stuff until the very last minute (yesterday) and spent all week avoiding them.   1,026 more words

Should Men Shave Their Legs?

By: Linda Lee

It’s a hairy question, for sure— should men shave their legs?

I am all about a well-groomed man, and I think guys need to do regular ‘man-scaping’ for sure, but this seems over the top to me! 86 more words


More Men Are Manscaping Their Legs!

First it was the face, chest and back, and now, according to a new survey from Men’s Health, guys are extending their ‘manscaping’ (the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect) to another area. 119 more words


Women Want Men To Shave Their Legs [Beau Poll]

By: Beau Daniels

Huffington Post is telling us that women want a man to shave his leg hair. Half of men already shaven or cut back their leg hair. 83 more words


T6: Pumping and Running out of oil

What can i say?  Everything is still growing.  Fast.  The dark if fine moustache hairs already span the entire length of my upper lip.  There are belly hairs, chest hairs, new crotch hairs, arm hairs, and tip of my nose hairs.   1,121 more words