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It’s not just women who are faced with the hairlessness norm. Men are finding themselves under increasing pressure to remove their body hair too. This has been reflected in body hair news coverage. 120 more words

Beards, barbers & manscaping: 6 times it pays to listen to your lady

Fellas, it’s time to take a page out of your partner’s book and inject a little TLC into your life. Here, Alan White shares 6 simple ways to look sharp, feel good and ultimately impress…

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Not to be outdone by the pit and pube dying antics of us gals, a growing number of men have also taken to dying their body hair – specifically their beards – transforming their faces into those of those mythical, sea dwelling sirens: the merman! 7 more words


An insight into women’s thoughts on men’s body hair from Men’s Fitness.

Shit, I think my ovaries just exploded...

Well I think the dick-pic-Gods read my last blog post… after thinking Southern men were a classy bunch, I was proven wrong, very wrong.

So in my last blog post, I commented on the fact that since starting my South Island Tindering, I had yet to receive any dick-pics from the Southern male Tinderers. 829 more words

Re-Boot Camp - Day 12 - The Power of Sex, Part 2

Eleven days without alcohol.  I bought a bottle of wine today.  Tomorrow’s my birthday and I will likely indulge.  I’m feeling pretty good that the bottle’s in the house and I’m not even feeling tempted to open it tonight, to celebrate my birthday… 803 more words

Axiom For Men: Enjoying a clean and groomed face

I do not like washing my face. Never have. And I expect that I’m not alone in this. Of course, I kind of washed my face growing up, in that I expected shampoo to run from my head and cover my face at some point during a shower, thus causing my face to be sparkling clean. 527 more words