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In-call manscaping??? yes it exists, here in my little town

MANSCAPING is a word I don’t really like.  I mean I like to manscape, I think it’s important,  but who the fuck invented the word “manscaping?”  It sounds like something between a skyscraper and a landscaper.   955 more words

Hiring Sex Workers

New South African online company delivers world-class razor blades to your door

Blades are precision made in German factory – delivered on members’ schedule

What do you do if you like the shave you’re getting, but you intensely dislike the exorbitant cost of the blades? 325 more words

What's the Deal With Eyebrows?

One of the things men have to look forward to is hair growing like kudzu in unusual spots.
The more inappropriate the place, the faster and thicker it will grow. 95 more words

Post Weakly

Welcome to the Club, Son!

(as appearing on The Huffington Post site: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/57dca07ae4b0d5920b5b2bb4?timestamp=1474078095514)

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you!”

“Thanks Mom.”

“I can’t believe my boy is 55 years old.” 859 more words


How to take Care of Your Nails

For most men getting a manicure is not a priority.

And that’s understandable. In our society, it’s not acceptable to go to a saloon with your wife and both together enjoy a mani-pedi. 593 more words


5 Free and Easy Ways to Improve Your Style 


When it comes to style there are some people that have style and then there are some people that have such a unique style that just stick out from the rest. 545 more words