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A Killer Book Club

Once we move and get settled, I’m going to launch a serial killer book club. So far, myself, a co-worker, and our boss are totally game–might be able to lure in a couple others, too. 185 more words


A discussion on a recent H&M purchase

Don’t you just love it that regular stores, such as H&M, stocks band tees? I recently made this little find in the men’s section:

A BMTH tee with a big fucking bird on + one Manson tee from the… 468 more words


Watching the Wheels Go Round... Confessions of a Beatlephile

Being the avid Beatles fan that I am- when I visited New York City in 2006 for the first time since I was a little girl, I tried to hit as many ‘Beatles places’ as I could during my short stay. 1,441 more words

Beatles Mysteries

Look At Your Game Girl Charles Manson Traduttore Online

Look at your game girl charles manson traduttore online

VACANZA – cardpostage vacanza Unsubscribe from Charles Manson Samples An independent record store owner is preparing to release a record of largely unheard Charles Manson of Manson’s “Look At Your Game Girl,” which was Song meaning , any idea ? 315 more words

Charles Manson Look At Your Game Girl Traduttore Online

Charles manson look at your game girl traduttore online

Watch video Charles Manson Today: meet the key players in Charles’ orbit. He doesn’t look how he used to She has long been Manson’s favorite. 324 more words

more charles manson…

I know I have already written something about the “thing” called the Charles Manson case which took place in California in the late 60s, perhaps 68, but some “new” data has come to me and I feel that it should be made available to the public at large. 1,130 more words


Murder and Music, Perfect Together!

It is saturday night, and for the tiny handful of you humans sane enough to not choose to spend this time deliberately intoxicating your brains, or trying to trick a fellow human into helping you attain a sexual climax, or trying to extract lies and illusions of love and caring from others, I have decided to offer an alternative form of entertainment: My current list of top five favorite songs directly inspired by and paying tribute to, real-life True-crime incidents. 242 more words

Child Abuse