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Charles Manson, Part 1

Every time I think of a cult I think of the Manson Family. There are other, more scary and very real cults out there but the Manson Family always comes to mind. 1,078 more words


The Girls by Emma Cline

My first inclination is to say this book was waaaayyyy overhyped. It is a very interesting read but I was expecting for some brain melting awesomeness, and it fell a little of flat of that. 237 more words

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Charles Manson es trasladado a un hospital

El patéticamente célebre Charles Manson, fue trasladado a un hospital desde la cárcel.
No es de llamar la atención, si consideramos que ya tiene 82 años. 91 more words


22 December 2016

Today I took a picture of a Shirley.


Seer Charles Manson: Seriously Ill & Hospitalized Today

Readers of My texts know that I am a great admirer of Charles Manson, as a Superior individual, and as the preeminent philosopher of the 20th century. 459 more words

Social Commentary

Eκτός φυλακής ο κατά συρροή δολοφόνος Τσαρλς Μάνσον

Μεταξύ των θυμάτων του συγκαταλέγεται και η σύζυγος του γνωστού πολωνού σκηνοθέτη Ρομάν Πολάνσκι.

Επικίνδυνος, ψυχοπαθής, κατά συρροή δολοφόνος, φρενοβλαβής, μανιακός: Όσους χαρακτηρισμούς του έχουν αποδώσει, φαίνεται να τους αποδέχεται ακόμη κι ο ίδιος.


Maze of Books and Lies

Auntie Grendel’s library doesn’t have any bookshelves. The books are piled up in certain stacks that make no sense to anyone but her. The Bible is stuffed between a fiction book about witchcraft and a fashion magazine. 296 more words