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{New Music} Garbage-Empty

Nice to see Garbage setting me up for a helluva summer playlist. I just read about their new album dropping this year in Rolling Stone… 36 more words


Surmasiko Manson murhakultti virolaisnaisen?

Los Angelesin poliisi ilmoitti tällä viikolla että on tunnistanut vuonna 1969 surmattuna löytynyt nuoren naisen, joka on virolainen maahanmuuttaja Reet Jyrvetson (Jürvetson).

Uhri löytyi raa’asti surnattuna Hollywood Hills:ssa kuuluisan Mulholland Drive’n varrelta, marraskuussa vuonna 1969 ja naista oli puukotettu n 150 kertaa kaulan alueelle. 539 more words


Does the Reader Know Best?

Who Killed the Author?

Roland Barthes, that wag who proclaimed the death of the Author, once said,

“Culture is tyrannically centred on the Author.”

In case you were wondering, old Rolly didn’t see this as a good thing.

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For All

You know, I’ve never been particularly secretive about my distaste for organized religion. Or maybe I have and I just offended a bunch of people. If I’ve offended you, please feel free to berate be in the comment section. 182 more words


Manson Family Vacation

If you listen to our podcast, which you should as we have been told by iTunes that we’re noteworthy…just saying…then you’ll have heard us talking about “Bad Milo”, a fun horror comedy from The Duplass Brothers. 445 more words


Biography - Charles Manson [VHS]

His crimes shocked the nation and paralyzed Los Angeles with fear. His trial was one of the most stunning spectacles in the history of justice, and the wild- eyed killer became synonymous with evil.In two nights in 1968, Charles Manson and a ragged band
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