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Trump's Hairdresser is Reputed to be a Fairy


According to a rumor now making the rounds in Washington, President Trump’s hairdresser is a fairy. No — not what you’re thinking — but an actual fairy — a teensy-weensy, winged creature that flits about his head using her magic wand to smooth and straighten each strand of his improbable hair and to arrange its “do” just so. 121 more words


And Throw In Something Witchy

One of my favorite quotes of all time is one by Charles Manson.

“Do what you do, do it well…and throw in something witchy.”

Now, before you get outraged, surprised reader, there’s a reason it’s my favorite and not what you’re probably assuming. 895 more words

A Little Emotional

Review - Annabelle

As a fun little exercise, I’d like you to imagine that every time I use quotation marks in this review I’m also making incredibly sarcastic air-quotes in real life. 710 more words


Connecting to Marilyn Manson

When I went into junior high school, I cut almost all of my hair off. It had been the first time I have ever cut my hair. 1,204 more words

Getting Personal

100 day song challenge #28

#28 A song connected with a memory

When I started going to the gym, back in 2003 maybe..? I only went to body pump classes. I… 110 more words


Revenge is a Dish Best Served With Calculation. (2)

She stood over the pathetic figure she had put up with for too long. The late night drinking sessions, where, with a belly full of Wild Turkey he would come crashing up the stairs and turn her from sleeping beauty into his personal heavy bag. 394 more words

The Girls: A Meditation on Growth and the Madness of Manson

If you have not read Emma Cline’s 2016 debut novel The Girls, undoubtedly the one thing you know about the book is that it is based upon the Manson Family and the murders they committed in the late 1960’s. 849 more words

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