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4 Charming Reasons to Visit Lake Chelan This Holiday Season

Tucked on the shores of Lake Chelan, Marina’s Edge in the village of Manson is the perfect place to delight in all of the special moments that December brings. 710 more words

Quote, Unquote : Linda Kasabian

“I felt excited, special, chosen. When we arrived at the Tate residence there were lights on the outside, the driveway was lit up. Tex got a rope and wire cutters and cut the telephone wires. 58 more words

Quote, Unquote : Charles Manson

“Each song that I’ve been doing is just one mistake right after another. I just take the mistake and groove on it and it becomes something else. 35 more words

Lindsay Lohan Dresses Like Famous Charles Manson Murder Victim

As she recently proved, Lindsay Lohan actually looks half-decent without makeup caked all over her face.
As also recently proved, for reasons that remain baffling and rather offensive, Lindsay Lohan looks really weird when dressed up as Sharon Tate. 7 more words

is it wrong?

If anyone wonders what makes my – seemingly boring – life interesting, I can tell you. But only you. Ready?

My interest in bad guys. 381 more words