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@ManticGames Crazy Box

Name: Mantic Games Crazy Box
Company: Mantic Games
MSRP: Uber Crazy Box of Doom $84.99
Sci-fi Crazy Box $39.99

Battlezones Terrain

Mars Attacks
Big Stompy Robot… 57 more words


All Out War starts 1st Feb

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is launching on Kickstarter on the February 1 at 05:30 PT, 08:30 ET or 1:30pm GMT. It closes on the February 29 at 15:59 PT, 18:59 ET 11:59pm GMT. 18 more words


Essence of a wargame: A Kings of War review

Kings of War is a fantasy mass battle wargame published by Mantic Games. Mantic are located in Nottingham, close to a certain other wargaming company, and employ many of that company’s former staff. 355 more words


Space Hurps done for now

About a year ago, I bought a set of Mantic old convert-your-own sci fi zombies off ebay, and combined with the plague zombie sprues I got from the deadzone kickstarter I spent a day building a ton of them. 92 more words


Not Again

Now after flitting around a few companies for news over the last few days we have again been drawn back to Mantic and their Walking Dead: All Out War 174 more words

Mantic Games

The dip

Long time no speak! Last time I talked about my desire to try and play KOW this year.

My gaming group all regularly play RPGs, boardgames and the occasional card game but never wargames. 955 more words


#Bones #KingsOfWar #Herd Army

Name: Bones Kings Of War Herd Army
Company: Reaper Bones/Mantic Games
MSRP: Various

Tribal Warriors (Gnolls)

Tribal Hunters (Bugbears)

Guardian Brutes (Minotaurs)

Brutox (Minotaur Demon) 21 more words