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Mantic Wraiths

Even more off the shelf of shame…

This unit of 5 Wraiths came as a part of the undead army I bought through the first Mantic Kings of War kickstarter. 171 more words


The one where I complain about Mantic Basileans

I bought some Mantic Basileans last year hoping to use them as a cheap proxy for Citadel’s old RR17 Avenging Knights of the Cleansing Flame set. 775 more words


What are My Thoughts on Age of Sigmar?

I have none, because we haven’t seen enough full information – in context – to make any informed opinions.

And neither have you. I get it, change is scary. 204 more words


Things to look forward to: Deadzone

Deadzone is a strange beast. This is a game that is neither a wargame, nor is it a boardgame. Deadzone is a weird chimerian hybrid: half wargame, half boardgame. 2,249 more words


Fixing the little Mars Attacks! mixup, and more Zombies.

A few weeks ago I painted a squad of 10 Mars Attacks! Martian Grunts. Or so I thought. Turned out 7 of them were Martian Marines, and not Grunts at all. 235 more words


Classic C23 Citadel Ogres for Kings of War - Unit 3: Warriors with 2-Handed Weapons

After last weekend, the latest unit of my old-school Ogres finally got finished, with the completion of “Bounty Hunter”, who like so many other models I’ve been completing recently was started 10+ years ago. 438 more words

Fantasy Gaming

World of Warpath

Today we had a go at playing the alpha rules of Warpath available to backstagers on Beasts of War. Once you have read the rules it’s surprisingly quick to pick up and the clunkier bits start to become intuitive. 1,130 more words