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Painting and the V&A

Sorry MODers, yet another delay to posting my blog. I had meant to produce a number of smaller articles between my last instalment and this one, but as usual the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have kept me from that goal. 628 more words

Mantic Battlezones Building 2

As my Guard army progresses so too does my terrain with the addition of this small building made from Mantic’s Battlezones kits.

Painted using DecoArt craft paint for the main red to save wasting more expensive paint on such a large project they come out nicely. 71 more words


DreadBall Team: Glamrokk Systems Dynamo

Finished up another DreadBall team this weekend, the Brokkr, and the first that I topped off with the upcoming team captain player in mind. Seems that in next year’s DreadBall release a lot of what where MVP characters will have their minis moved to a team captain role which will provide some coaching benefits while on the pitch. 257 more words


Mantic Battlezones Walkway

The Mantic Battlezones terrain continues, even if it’s becoming obvious I’m doing all the small jobs to avoid painting the main buildings. All the same I’d like to share the walkway I built to allow units to cross from one building to another. 149 more words


Laser Cannon

Just another bit of scatter terrain from my Battlezones kit. Not much to say really, fun to paint but I’m not sure it has a very 40k feel so I can’t say if it’ll get used much. I like it though.


Back again, again.

What’s this I hear you say, Mr Seb has finally got off his arse and put finger to keyboard to speak again to the wider world about his hobbying. 396 more words