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Advanced kickstarter Equations - Part 4 Shopping List

So having put a potential price tag to all the battleforces, models and pledges, it’s time to consider what I want. Having gone in big for Deadzone and Deadzone Infestation I have (or will have) a sizeable collection of Enforcers, Asterians, Marauders and Veermyn. 278 more words


Advanced Kickstarter Equations Part 3 - The Pledges

Previously I’ve priced up Battleforces and Add ons Now I’m going to look at the Pledge levels.

Warfare – $50(£32.93) – £59.96 – $91.11

3 Books – £24.99… 84 more words


One Short, Bloody Battle

Today Euan Bennet and I decided to get together and play the updated Alpha rules to Warpath. Due to my really early start at work I decided to do some of the hard thinking yesterday. 2,132 more words


Super Secret Blog Post 1

So Euan and I have decided to play another Warpath game on Thursday. Partly because the new alpha rules have points finally but mostly because of the HYPE from the kickstarter. 310 more words


Kev Adams Dwarfs and Brilliant Customer Service.

This little selection turned up in the post the other day and I wasted no time in getting the undercoat on. These are Ral Partha dwarfs sculpted by Kev Adams. 322 more words

Galactic Gladiators vs.

On Friday the final match of our league’s Day 2 was played. My wife’s robots ( faced off against Jon’s Galactic Gladiators (think Harlem Globetrotters) in what wound up being the most interesting game of Dreadball I’ve seen in a while! 1,374 more words


Mirror Universe Physics

A lot of people have been requesting, pleading or in some cases outright demanding Mantic stop filling out already perceived ‘well completed’ factions and instead work on the much more neglected factions of the Warpath universe (marauders, rebs, Zzor etc). 761 more words