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Rising skeleton

For some reason, I had half a skeleton lying about, and coupled with a loose base from another mini I recently rebased, I got this: 39 more words


This aint a scene(ario), its a goddam arms race!

So… Yes…I know that the blog name suggests that it’s all about the metal, and yes I know that I’ve blathered on about how I only let the plastic in occasionally and yes…I know that I always want my units to have some character… But. 151 more words

Frostgrave Random Encounters - Zombies

Oh Mantic, we’ve had our problems haven’t we? I can’t stay mad at you forever though. Come here and give me a hug…

I bought a single sprue of Mantic zombies as I needed a couple for Frostgrave. 253 more words


First few hours Dungeon Saga

Finally I have managed to scavenge a few hours to myself and some brushes. 49 more words


Zombie skin paint test

These Mantic zombies have sat in the ‘to do’ pile for too many years. Unfortunately I have had little idea how to approach them since there are, by definition, no real life examples to work from. 119 more words