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Sidequest: The Plague. Terrorton!

I happen to have some more Plague models in the Mountains of Minis that I would like to add to the new plague force I have started with the bobbybox minis. 219 more words


And now for something slightly different

A change of pace today.

Since doing the Bobbybox plague minis, I have been rummaging a bit through the boxes of Deadzone minis, and I have dug up some old fossils… 545 more words


Mantics the walking dead waves 2 and 3

Hi all today is another game post and following on from my last post where I covered the basics of the walking dead all out war and all releases for wave 1, I will be covering waves 2 and 3. 498 more words

Asperges and friends

Another day another post :) is genuinely excited each day to be writing a post it feels really good to just let out things inside my head as sometimes it feels like I’m screaming at myself inside and I just need to talk to someone but finding someone who will listen…. 629 more words

Mantic's The walking dead all out war

Hi everyone today I’ll be talking about the first tabletop game that got me started in the hobby again, mantics the walking dead all out war! 588 more words

Bobbybox pt 4: The Plague Doggies and WIP

Today has been a day full of Star Wars Battlefront 2. I really am not too fond of the infantry part of the game, which seems to consist of alot of waiting for it to start, then running forever to reach the battle arena, just to get murdered as soon as you close in on the enemy. 789 more words


Bobbybox pt 3: The First Four: Refbot and Asterians

The first four minis of the crazy box finished! Hoody Hoo!

I have been a busy bee and undercoated all of the minis. So now the table is set for getting down to some serious painting! 591 more words