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Battlezones Terrain: Watchtower 1

I recently picked up the Urban Quadrant from Mantic as I plan to build a gaming table along with my Imperial Guard Army. I like the kits produced by Games Workshop but they are very expensive and frankly both of the gaming venues near me make use of the them. 195 more words


Little Boxes ...from Mantic's Mars Attacks

These boxes are not on the hillside, nor are they made of ticky-tacky, but they are (almost) all the same.

Ok, this is a scenery post, and a simple one at that, as it deals with a few pieces of minor scatter terrain. 399 more words

Wargame Scenery

The Kickstarter Conundrum

Are we human or are we dancers? Why can we only be one or the other? That song always bugged me. However two things that are talked about in absolute terms in the realm of kickstarters is are we investors or are we customers? 457 more words


Heavy foot

I’ve finally managed to rebase the Mantic Revenants onto round bases. Going to use these as heavy foot and have two units in my first 24 point army. 91 more words

Deadzone: Industrial Terrain update.

My Deadzone terrain is shaping up. Another urban district pack or two and I’ll be happy. I’ve divided my terrain into two types of table settings: industrial and urban commercial. 240 more words

Mantic elf (and cat)

The colour scheme will doubtless seem somewhat familiar to anyone that has seen my recent Dragon Maiden, but I painted this many moons ago and it never saw the light of day. 67 more words


Dragon Rampant

I’ve started putting together a warband for Dragon Rampant from some Mantic Undead figures that haven’t seen the light of day for five years.

This motley lot are going to be a unit of Light Foot. 109 more words