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Dug these guys out of the cupboard where they have lived since I...

Dug these guys out of the cupboard where they have lived since I painted them. Going to throw them onto eBay tomorrow rather than have them collect dust forever. 19 more words

My first pledge

By now, it might be clear that I have a soft spot for games. Ever since I was a child, I have loved boardgames, videogames and later on wargames (Warhammer Fantasy in particular). 824 more words


Kickstarter Round Up

At the moment, as almost every other moment there are loads of games available on Kickstarter. Why should you get involved with them, some of the games are really good and you only need look at… 590 more words

Coming Soon

Nearly finished Mantic KoW stuff

So today I spent an inordinate amount of time at the painting desk, now my wrist aches and I have space invaders syndrome!

I finished the painting of not only the other 10 mantic basileans, but yes, also all those undead too! 106 more words

Historical Fantasy

Mantic KoW undead.

Just found a REALLY old project, older in fact then one of my children, and I still have not finished it *feels shame* but after finding it and remembering about it I’m pretty excited about finishing it up! 108 more words

Historical Fantasy

Mantic Basilean Empire Swordsmen

So its time for some old guard, swords, shields, square formations! But not romans, not after the evil of dusting the shelf under them (really need to invest in movement trays!). 181 more words

Historical Fantasy

Mars Attacks!

For March I am still doing squads,

this one is from Mars Attacks, a squad of Martian grunts. 9 new ones, 1 finished previously.

I have not bothered with slicing off the mould lines on these. 76 more words

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