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Spear-mince Rhinos & The Dogs Of War (or) Mutts and more dwarves...

More from the ranks of my Dwarf force! I give you the Spear-mince Rhinos  dwarf spearmen (bar one).. Once again a mix of old school goodness – mostly Grenadiers, the odd Citadel and Asgard and a lovely, very regal, female Ral Partha leading the unit. 81 more words

Ten Shitz Of Grey, 20p dwarves and a dwarf king on a bear

Keeping the steady stream of Dwarf goodness coming (and returning to a better standard of picture quality!), here we have…

A Dwarf riding a bear! What’s not to love? 156 more words

Dwarf Behemoth

So,  what started life as an unwanted 40k Chimera (thanks Phil!) has transformed into a Dwarf tank. Possibly the easiest paint job that I’ve done. Grey undercoat, dark brown wash, stipple on orange, a dash of the Citadel “Called something dramatic but basically vedigre effect” stuff and a dry brush of brass and yer done. 197 more words

Dwarf artillery!

I’d planned to stick up some before and after pics of my Dwarf Behemoth conversion but that’ll have to wait as as I just can’t be arsed  (I’m on my second humungous vodka and tonic, winding down from a massive Dwarf vs undead/elf alliance victory. 110 more words

The Last of the Werewolves

When Mantic ran their very first kickstarter, they pumped out stretch goal after stretch goal with concept drawings, riding on a wave of success they did not anticipate. 145 more words


Mantic Gargoyles (Half) Troop

Finishing up units…here is the Mantic Kings of War Gargolyes. 5 of them, including the one I painted a few weeks or so ago, rebased to the standard 25mm square. 125 more words


A year without blogging (or) what I've been doing for the last 12 months

Christ on a jetbike. Time passes. I’ve kept busy over the year adding to the leadpile, attending a couple of shows (Derby Worlds last October – looking forward to this year) and Hammerhead back in May, painting my backlog and seriously getting into Kings Of War. 491 more words