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The Manticore

It’s been a while since I built something that wasn’t space-related. But between my large starships and my Neoclassic Space Vic Vipers and my Blacktron space trucks… 627 more words


The Manticore

In India there is a beast called the manticore.  It has a triple row of teeth, the face of a man, and grey eyes; it is blood-red in colour and has a lion’s body, a pointed tail with a sting like a scorpion, and a hissing voice.  

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Citadel Miniatures

Manticore 0.1.2 released

Manticore 0.1.2 has been released! Check out the new features and bugfixes in our changelog: https://t.co/kWv6ONqaB9 pic.twitter.com/JSWJlIyaTt

— Trail of Bits (@trailofbits) June 16, 2017…

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You're gonna hear me roar

Catwa head Kathy
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Insol: Face ‘Daria’ -ST03 ‘Peach’
IKON Spectral Eyes – Passion
Dune – Black @We love RP… 19 more words


Your Daily Nerd Thing: My New Prison is Shame

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every weekday we bring you a different nerdy thing we found on the internet.  Today we continue with Adventure Time things.  9 more words


Magic with Manticore

Manticore is a next-generation binary analysis tool with a simple yet powerful API for symbolic execution, taint analysis, and instrumentation. Using Manticore one can identify ‘interesting’ code locations and deduce inputs that reach them. 2,169 more words

Capture The Flag