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Manticore's New Home / Mantikór Új Otthona

Our move away is coming soon.

We are going to travel across UK, live approx. 1 month in the Isle of Man, and of course spend the X-mas with family and friends in Hungary. 216 more words
Punctually Punch

On the Manticore

A Manticore literally means “Man-Eater” from early Persian and found a place in Greece/Roman mythos from various authors such as Aristotle, Pausanias, Pliny the Elder. Pausanias logically relates the Manticore to the Tiger, and really, given the reputation as hunting men and other predators and the intelligence of the tiger, it makes complete sense. 151 more words


Censored from FB: Wayne's Manticores

My partner Wayne is doing a series of Manticores, some are freaky and graphic, but still fall within realms of art. He describes them as satire, akin to something seen by Goya. 132 more words


Maybe your sister isn't being mean, but trying her best to look out for you...

Maybe consider that you’re not the easiest person to understand?

Maybe… but what do I know about being human? I’m just an old manticore.


Manticore 0.1.4 released

New today: Manticore 0.1.4 includes significant API improvements, support for symbolic files, and experimental Binary Ninja IL emulation!

— Trail of Bits (@trailofbits) August 18, 2017…

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The Manticore

It’s been a while since I built something that wasn’t space-related. But between my large starships and my Neoclassic Space Vic Vipers and my Blacktron space trucks… 627 more words