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Black as Light, Part 2

As I neared the castle, I felt my mount stiffen beneath me and was forced to dismount since he wouldn’t move another inch. When I did dismount, he took off in the opposite direction, sliding and skidding down the hill, leaving me alone to face the castle. 744 more words


Journeyman League: Helynntinels

Next up to get the journeyman treatment: Helynna. There are a few different ways you could take her, but she one of a few casters that run sentinels really well, so that’s the list I’m building towards. 1,334 more words


How to Magnetise a House Shyeel Heavy

I’d like to welcome Jacob to the blog as we get back on track and the posts rolling in. Jacob is going to be focusing (at least for now) on the hobby side of what it is to build your Ret army. 1,861 more words


Hands on the Ethernaut CTF

Last week Zeppelin released their Ethereum CTF, Ethernaut.

This CTF is a good introduction to discover how to interact with a blockchain and learn the basics of the smart contract vulnerabilities. 1,700 more words

Capture The Flag

Three Legendary Monsters That Deserve Their Own Major Horror Movies

So, with Halloween nearly upon us, I find myself thinking about some of the great monsters of Horror cinema; from the all-destroying titans of Japanese Kaiju films to the mind-bending terror of Lovecraftian inspired shoggoths like in John Carpenter’s  850 more words


Manticore's New Home / Mantikór Új Otthona

Our move away is coming soon.

We are going to travel across UK, live approx. 1 month in the Isle of Man, and of course spend the X-mas with family and friends in Hungary. 216 more words
Punctually Punch

On the Manticore

A Manticore literally means “Man-Eater” from early Persian and found a place in Greece/Roman mythos from various authors such as Aristotle, Pausanias, Pliny the Elder. Pausanias logically relates the Manticore to the Tiger, and really, given the reputation as hunting men and other predators and the intelligence of the tiger, it makes complete sense. 151 more words