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Megan Kurashige - 'The Manticore, the Mermaid, and Me' (2013)

A manticore’s voice sounds exactly like a dozen trumpets, if a dozen trumpets were playing twelve different jazz scores and all the musicians were deaf and stranded at different points in time.


Baba Yaga, Tengu & Manticore by MUTI

MUTI is a creative studio based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.
“We created a series of characters that were inspired by legend and folklore from Russia, Japan and Ancient Persia. 142 more words

Art And Artist

Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Manticore Gear (Treasure Hunt Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC)

There are 5 Grandmaster scavenger hunts throughout this DLC, but this blog will cover the location of the Manticore gear.

Our first stop is Lebioda’s Temple. 278 more words


Wrath of the Righteous #5: Taking the Citadel

The crusaders make further progress in this week’s chapter of the battle for Drezen. Deathwish narrates. –GM

27th day of Sarenith, 4716 AR

After our annihilation of the bridge guards, we decided to fortify our camp. 493 more words



Although this chapter can be read as a stand-alone chapter; if you haven’t read and would like to start from the beginning, the beginning is  6,064 more words