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Magic with Manticore

Manticore is a next-generation binary analysis tool with a simple yet powerful API for symbolic execution, taint analysis, and instrumentation. Using Manticore one can identify ‘interesting’ code locations and deduce inputs that reach them. 2,169 more words

Capture The Flag

Overheard at the Bestiary

Gossip is a pretty primitive form of personal knowledge. At least, if one were to use the history of literacy as an analogy—and if one were to take a generically progressive view of history (which I currently will, as long as it serves my purposes)—then gossip is perhaps a… 3,280 more words

The sun muscled manticore

Parental love, chaos magic, and a reason to run.

When I was younger, I believed that adulthood meant escaping any emotional reliance I had on my biological parents. 945 more words

Creating Original Creatures: Inspiring Monster Lore from Around the World

One of the hardest parts of writing creature fiction is coming up with original ideas. It doesn’t matter whether your monsters are located in the physical or spirit realm—making frightening entities that people haven’t already seen zillions of times is tough. 1,061 more words

Creating Original Monsters

Manticore Poison 1d8 table

Manticores are a vastly underrated monster in my opinion and I thought in 5th edition D&D, along with a lot of other monsters got nerfed severely. 618 more words


Tock and the Manticore

In honor of what’s going on today, and the days and years to come. Of what some of us fear will come to pass.

May we all embrace Love, and be kind to one another. 1,215 more words