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Geochemist Interview

Please tell us about yourself

While much of Assistant Professor of Geochemistry Sujoy Mukhopadhyay’s work might seem rather esoteric—he uses noble gases as geochemical tracers to study the Earth’s processes and history—his research findings may help scientists understand everything from global warming to desertification in Africa. 595 more words


Computational Geophysicist Interview

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Just like most of us, Attreyee Ghosh is intrigued by what goes on deep down inside the earth. Unlike the rest of us however, Ghosh is striving to unravel some of the mysteries deep down. 1,075 more words


What Lies Beneath: Is Oil Extraction Putting Humanity At Risk?

For many years now, ever since oil extraction began, people from around the world have noticed strange unusual rumbling sounds (called booms).  The continuous and exhaustive extraction of oil from beneath our very feet may be putting humanity at risk.  265 more words

Fireplace Re-Do

One of the “really wants” in our farmhouse search was a real, wood burning, fireplace.  I mean, does it get any more charming than a fire on a cold winter night and making s’mores inside??  474 more words


EAGLES marriages New Zealand

Francis & Irene Eagles at Makara Cemetery, Wellington

EAGLES marriages 1880-1933
Alexander Mafeking Eagles  (1900-1941)
married Rawea Phyllis McIver (1908-1952) in 1928… 1,826 more words

Palmerston North

The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse

I’ve mentioned before a couple of books that first turned me back onto reading as an adult. One of them was The Time Traveler’s Wife… 460 more words


Original 1996 Sports Impressionsthe Legendary Mickey Mantle Stein

Original 1996 Sports Impressionsthe Legendary Mickey Mantle Stein
Up For Sale Is This Original 1996 The Legendary Mickey Mantle Stein. Excellent Well Stored Condition. Note That This Has28 Firing Days And The Stein No. 47 more words