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Moonies V: Why We Don't Go Back

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Not only is Earth’s Moon less economical (in terms of propellant) and economic (in terms of accessible resources) than near-Earth objects. 3,441 more words


The Earth’s interior is teeming with dead plates

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Last week, scientists released a monumental interactive catalog that tracks 94 ancient tectonic plates lurking deep within Earth’s mantle, a resource they’re calling an “ 904 more words


Wasted Mantle

Aron Barranco

I may seem useless to be a king 

But still wear a glorious crown unseen 

I may look disgusting to you, 

But deep within is a pleasure value.  83 more words

Visitations from God- Wisdom

We ask for visitations from God to increase with the purpose of Releasing Wisdom through us to our sphere.

Proverbs 4:7 declares “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding”. 98 more words


Easy Fall Decor Ideas

I love seasonal decor. We’re lucky in a lot of ways that we live in a place that so clearly has four seasons. (Talk to me in February and I’ll be singing a different tune…) Nevertheless, that period of time in between two seasons is always so fun and exciting. 664 more words


Two Matching Harrach Glass Bohemian Czech Glass Mantle Vases

Two Matching Harrach Glass Bohemian Czech Glass Mantle Vases
Estate Find HARRACH BOHEMIAN PAIR MANTLE VASES Two 1880s Era Blown Glass Bohemian Vases Attributed To The Harrach Glass Factory. 134 more words