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Arms of Valencia, Spain (province)

Granted ?

Blazon: Or four palets gules

Crest: Issuant from a crown proper, a demi-dragon or, langued gules

Mantling: Azure lined gules, charged with a cross paté fitchy of the second


Arms of Ralph Cromwell

4th Baron Cromwell (1394-1456)

Blazon: Per quarterly I and IV, argent a chief gules (Cromwell), II and III chequy gules and or, a chief ermine (Tattershall), overall a bend azure; all impaled with azure bilette and a fess dancetty or (Deincourt) 13 more words


17th-Century Heraldry

Over on Tumblr, tentpoleofthesky asked:

I wondered if you had any examples of heraldry specifically from the 17th century, I’m really interested to see how things develop from the sort of height of heraldry, i.e it actually being used for its intended purpose, to later years.

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Arms of Avon County Council, England

(abolished 1996)

Blazon: Per chevron gules and or, a dragon rampant counterchanged, a chief wavy barry wavy argent and azure

Crest: On a wreath argent and azure, a unicorn sejant erect or, armed, crined, tufted, and ungled sable, supporting a sword erect argent, hilted, pommeled, and enfiled by a crown or… 25 more words


Arms of John de Vere

13th Earl of Oxford (1443-1513)

Blazon: Per quarterly I and IV per quarterly gules and or, in the first quarter a molet of five points argent (de Vere); II and III gules a bend between six cross crosslets fitchy argent (Howard) 17 more words


Arms of Trowbridge Town Council, England

Blazon: Or a fleece sable banded gules fimbriated argent, on a chief of the second a mural crown between two garbs of the field

Crest: On a wreath of the colors from a circlet composed of six arches of a bridge or, a demi-lion rampant gules, armed and langued azure, tufted and queued or… 15 more words


Nest Update 6-11-14 - Nest Laps And A Jump Up the Trunk!

Good Evening, Fellow NestLapTimers!!

It started as a typical mid-week day on a beautiful eagles nest in beautiful central Minnesota. Arky and Dakota greeted the day with crop drops, wingwhaps and some squees to Mom and Dad for a tasty fishy for breakfish. 505 more words

Eagles Nest