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Verse from the Veda Calling for Peace

The Rgvedaschool applauds the action of former United States Army Chaplain Chris Antal who resigned his duties in the United Stated Army. Reverend Antal is a minister for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern, New York, and a founder of the Hudson Valley chapter of Veterans for Peace. 223 more words


The Selfie Mantra

When was the last time you went out with your family or friends and ended the day with only hugs and bittersweet goodbyes and not with a selfie? 533 more words


morning mantras

Here’s what came up in my meditation today. Hope they resonate & uplift you this AM….. 💕

I am creating my perfect life.

I am embracing happiness as my natural state. 55 more words


Make Up A Mantra

A mantra is a statement.  Mantras are usually powerful statements or motivating statements.  They are repeated over and over.

We can use mantras to clear our heads or to inspire ourselves to movement and change.  108 more words


8 things I know about you

I’ve been giving myself constant pep talks lately. I’ve asked, if not me then who? I’ve told myself over and over to own my power. I’ve reminded myself that God is within me, and that I am the entire universe. 227 more words


important mantras

shiva panchakshari : om namaha shivaya

narayana ashtakshari : om namo narayanaya

vishnum vishnum vishnum