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Reflections: Contemplation

Reflections for the Week: Contemplation

It’s been a challenging week for many as once again we are caught in the grip of violent events, and the deaths of innocent people. 310 more words

Mindfulness Teacher Milton Keynes

I Talk to Myself and So Should You.

We all talk to ourselves. Have you ever caught yourself in the act? What are you saying to yourself? Are you self-affirming or self-afflicting?

Because I have a natural tendency to be negative, I often find myself correcting my initial self-talk so that it reflects and speaks good truths rather than degrading myself or others. 704 more words


'Heroes or villains'

The nature of picking a savior,

is always an arbitrary event.

What may be a hero to some;

others shall come to resent.

We can’t reach an agreement… 60 more words

Different Perspectives

The Power of Positivity

Do you ever have days that you’re just “off”? You know the days; when you don’t feel like yourself, you can’t gather your thoughts, and you have no idea what you should be doing. 954 more words

Shiva ~ The Unborn God and Mantras of Shiva

This article is dedicated to “Shiva, my dear compassionate lord who protects all”

Who is Lord Shiva? 

This has already been talked about by lots of other portals but i will just try to say it my way in my website. 3,928 more words


Learning to Love Yourself on and off the Stage.

You’re feminine and fun. Confident and cute. Young and carefree. Everything a man wants and more. You wear your sexiest outfit and have on 4 shades of eyeshadow, hair curled in that effortlessly tousled look. 1,291 more words


Solar Eclipse occurs when The Sun The Moon And The Earth falls into a straight line alignment . In the Vedic Scripture Eclipse or GRAHAN(Sanskrit) was mentioned in a language of metaphor,the scientific knowledge behind the Solar Eclipse was well defined in Rishi Atri’s PANCHAVIMSHA BRAMHANA and first time, the eclipse event is differentiated into a four stage process: 442 more words