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Medicine Buddha Mantra

Lyrics in Sanskrit long version:
Om Namo bhagawate Bhaishjaya Guru

Vaidurya Prabha Rajaya Tathagataya

Arhate Samyaksam Buddhaya Teyatha

Om Bekhajye Bekhajye Maha Bekhajye

Bekhajye Rajaya Samudgate Svaha… 285 more words


The Practice

Whether you’ve been doing yoga for a while or you’re a new practitioner, having a consistent personal practice can be confusing or daunting even. It can be hard to know where to start, especially for someone just starting out. 1,366 more words


Hello world! Welcome to The Blessings Butterfly.

I’m so thrilled that you are here! There is a world of opportunity at the tips of your wings.

Be Blessed. Be Inspired. Be Transformed. Be-YOU-tiful! 27 more words


Mental Training for Ironman Boulder

I have spent a lot of time mentally preparing for Ironman Boulder these last few weeks…reading about mental training, visualization, mantras, positive self talk, etc. 469 more words

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Verse from the Veda About the Ether and the Sacred Syllable of AH

For most people, the ether (aether, æther, aither) is an imaginary substance and for physicists, a hypothetical invisible substance pervading space, but for Brahma, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, the ether is neither imaginary or hypothetical. 202 more words

The Rigveda