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Never regret a day


I need a kick in the pants…ever since last week having 2 days off and no cakes I can’t get back to my usual go go go self.    236 more words

Shamanic Shadow Clearing Mala

Healing From Within, Out

Wow is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this mala.  It knew the exact time it wanted to be made, it knew exactly which crystals to be paired with and actually chose to sit with them before I was ‘allowed’ to work with the complete gathering. 999 more words


Verse from the Veda with the Knowledge to Help Anyone

It has been another difficult day for many down here below, you know, down here in the valley. There are wars, famines, earthquakes, and countless innocent people are being killed in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and so on. 366 more words


‘Final ride’

There’s a bittersweet pact which every pet owner has to make with their beloved cat or dog. It’s an unspoken agreement that no one ever wants to fulfill. 239 more words

Different Perspectives

Celebrando Yoga en su mes

El mes de Mayo fue un período de recogimiento. Estuve en el encuentro de Fibromialgia compartiendo saberes y experiencias. También dando forma a nuevas clases en nuevos espacios y espacios conocidos, así como dando clases a domicilio. 475 more words


PSA and a Mantra for Malcontents

Last week the dentist refused to take the teeth out of my head.

“I could paralyze your face. Permanently.”

“Oh. That’s not great.”

The longer you put off wisdom tooth removal, as  it turns out, the more complicated the procedure will be. 335 more words