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My Awakening


Thank you, Leonard Cohen, for beautifully capturing the darkness. Your words have moved through me and will forever help me empathize with the darkness in others. 1,126 more words


Mantras Matter.

Picture this:

You’ve started your day much like any other. Are you in beginning in a hurry? Running behind? Frazzled? Frustrated? Maybe you aren’t! Maybe your day is starting out smoothly, maybe you feel at peace. 291 more words


Mamma says Mantra

This Mamma says mantras ALL DAY LONG. Actually, its probably the most important thing I do. Lots of people ask me how I appear to be so honestly happy during the most stressful situations. 669 more words

Hope 05 - Mantra

Reading Psalm 42 this morning spoke to me in that some days I just need a mantra. Several times in this Psalm is this line… 152 more words


Morning Affirmation


A perfect way to start your day!  Just listen, repeat, or make your own!  It is a way to get your mind set to create a positive day!

Be positive,


Sorry I'm NOT SORRY!


Why do we walk around apologizing for everything?! Stop walking on eggshells and be proud of who you are and what you believe in! Don’t be sorry for breathing and living be confident and stand tall! 43 more words

No More Hospitals

That has been my mantra since December 17, 2015. In 2015, I went through two psych ward hospitalizations.

The first one was in September.  From what I recall, it happened because my anxiety (which had never been much of a problem) became uncontrollable; my medication seemed to stop working; and my job because overwhelmingly stressful due to my anxiety and medication not working. 995 more words