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Why so furious?

Love is infuriating,  yes.  While I could spend all day trying to explain to you what that phrase, Feel Love Fury,  means to me,  it matters more to me, what it means to you. 105 more words

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'Gravity wins'

What goes up, must come down.
All dynasties begin with a crown.
Whether a king smiles or frowns;
Gravity always wins, hands down.

The tallest tower one day will fall. 47 more words

Different Perspectives

Friday Philosophy ~ Mantras

I’ve been thinking about mantras lately. A mantra is a personal slogan. You can choose any mantra you like: invent your own, quote a famous one, however you want to do it. 226 more words

New Normal

'Inspiration is kinetic'

Put your ego aside,
it’s only a matter of pride.
What’s more important?
I’ll let you decide.

Got an active mind?
don’t let it fall behind. 68 more words

Different Perspectives

Embalming the Dead Body....Right or Wrong?


After somebody dies we request for embalming the body, so that we can prevent its decay for a couple of days, until all the relatives reach the funeral. 406 more words


6 Mantras I Use While Running

Mind monsters can really get in the way of a good training day.  That’s why we all need to have some good techniques ready to chase them away and keep us running, 418 more words

Princess Half Marathon Training

Affirmations and Mantras - How I Cope

One of the toughest results of the November election was that my anxiety reached new and astounding peaks. I’ve always been anxious and a little depressed, but suddenly, I couldn’t sleep. 263 more words