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This morning I came across a video on youtube which inspired me to write this, as my first, blogpost. I’m for sure not a writer, especially not in english, but I want to create, share and change. 759 more words


10 Things to do to Centre Yourself Now

I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled over the last few days.   A combination of a cold on it’s way, news stories, and a patch of brain fog!   635 more words


morning mantras

My morning affirmations:

  • I am choosing love in all my actions & relationships.
  • I am sharing peace with myself and others.
  • I am extending compassion to myself and others.
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Center Yourself

​5 Motivating Mantras for when You Think You Can't Do It

Imagine this: your mind was wandering when suddenly, you thought of something. You’re so excited. You think it’s a good idea…nay, your optimistic inner voice said, it’s a spectabulous idea! 564 more words


Mindful Every Day: 10 Phrases to Meditate On

Meditation can become a time consuming, and daunting task for some. People often express, “my mind is too busy to mediate,” or “I don’t have time to sit by myself, close my eyes, sit with my legs crossed and do nothing for 30 minutes.” Personally, if I was asked about meditation just this past January, I would have stated something similar. 354 more words

October Theme Reveal - Root Down Ashi Box

This month in the Root Down Ashi Box we’ll explore transitioning with grace, getting grounded as we begin fall, and we’ll also look at the root chakra and the role it plays in grounding and transitions.   47 more words

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