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Positive Wrist Action (or wrist assessment....or wrist and reward)

Ahhhhh, the miraculous subtlety of healing via thought. Get this:

I’ve been having a few issues with my family of late. I’ve been feeling a bit rejected, a little bit left out, very mildly unimportant to them as they race around their lives expecting and demanding I be fine doing my thing as they do theirs. 1,051 more words

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Friday Feels: Yup- Still Grateful!

I choose to focus my attention on the many things in my life to be grateful for, and it makes every day that much richer.



Have you ever felt that you are disconnected from the world and you have lost a sense of you are and what your main purpose in life is? 457 more words

Trainer's Tip #8: Take a Daily Dose of Gratitude.

Trainer’s Tip #8:  Count your blessings instead of your hardships.

Not just tomorrow when you carve the turkey, but every day.  Too simplistic, you say?  Studies show that doing so will improve your level of happiness and your health.  99 more words


Monday Mantra: I am Grateful

When I pause to think of every good thing that I have ever experienced, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.” The Blessings Butterfly

Mantra: I Am Grateful.


The Book of Positivity; Making One of Your Own

To help myself through the dry, ‘pause moment’ I found myself in not too long ago, I began a new project. The idea came to me when I found a book with… 617 more words


A new perspective

It’s interesting how we hold onto old beliefs and are able to convince ourselves of something (especially bad things) and yet we cannot see, or perhaps we don’t believe that it’s possible to apply the same principle to positive things. 190 more words