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Purple Hour...

Well, I say hour, it was more like 30 seconds so this was the best I could do… And for the doubters among you… Here’s the file SOC… 68 more words

Manual 365

35x35 Sometimes the Universe says Na!

What a monosyllabic arsehole, I only wanted a glimpse but, no, have a shed load of cloud!

The best thing is that I have a longer memory than the entity I’ve invented in the title so will, at some point, beat it and get the long awaited shot of the Milky Way…

Manual 365

35 by 35 by... um... 35...

Oh look… A panorama, that didn’t take very long did it!

I can’t help it! I love panoramas, they tend to add a depth of detail that would be missing if I’d “zoomed… or unzoomed… or whatever with my feet!” I am quite happy that, even though it was hand held I’ve managed to keep the composition right in my mind. 52 more words

Manual 365

Alternative fruits

Autumn does take it’s time but it’s there, pushing its way through the green!

Twice in one day… Get me! ;o)

Manual 365

I'll take the scenic route....

Not as simple, never as fast but by far the better way. Here’s to turning left when the sat nav tells you right, to stopping for the view or thinking to your self, “I wonder…” 36 more words

Manual 365

It isn't always pretty...

And no one is made of rock, me included.

That said, I do need to clean my sensor

Manual 365