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Backstreet Serenade...

There’s something about Bristol. It’s not the closest city to me, Salisbury has that accolade and deserves a blog post of its own (it’s coming) but I digress, Bristol, art in the back streets and great cobbles what more could you ask for? 65 more words

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Whoh! Steady on!

A second post? What the frickin frick…

But I feel I needed to say this. Right from the very start I’ve been a non purest, I’ll break conformity. 94 more words

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Bus Lane...

Just an observation, the bus lane leads into the city. On you’re way home from work you’ve just got to sit in traffic…

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Turners Preference...

There’s a story around these parts that once Sir Henry Hoare (The Magnificent) had completed the gardens at Stourhead he invited the renowned landscape painter Joseph Mallord William Turner down for a ganders and maybe a painting or two… Unfortunately Bill was not impressed with Harrys’ arrogance with regards to the new gardens and chose to paint the second lake down. 105 more words

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Opposable Thumbs and Manipulating Photons...

It makes horse racing so much more enjoyable…

Hands are fascinating, just saying!

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52 Faces #4 Four Score Years And Ten

Meet Ernest. Ernest has always been known by most as Ernie and next week he will be 90 years old. Ernest lives on his own, eats 3 square meals a day and can, at times, be a cantankerous old sod. 69 more words

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52 Faces... Charlotte

Landscapes are easy, they just present themselves and I wait for the light or lack of… So technically the sun, moon, clouds are in charge and I just stand there like a numpty with a camera… 53 more words

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