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Manual 365/238 And The World Keeps Turning...

You can feel it in the air, a misty chill in the morning, subtle changes in the colours. Almost a pause before Autumn bursts forth with all its glory.But there’s still a bit of summer left, a wedding today and then a week in West Wales is on the cards. 59 more words


Manual 365/237 Take A Seat...

“Once upon a time…” Is good.

“This’ll make you think!” Is better.

The printed word took evolution by the scruff of the neck and whispered into its ear “Come on fella, we’re going to step it up a gear.” 34 more words


Driving Scotland, Manually

In Europe, people drive manual cars. In most of the world, it seems most of the people drive manual cars. Yet in America, if you know how to drive “stick,” you’re something of a novelty. 2,771 more words


Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training 3rd Edition With Online Video | Easy Fat Loss Program

Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training 3rd Edition With Online Video Sunday, April 17, 2016posted by jpm 12:34 pm View on Amazon Amazon Price: $84.00 $78.25 You save: $5.75 (7%). 119 more words

Manual 365/235 The Hangover...

Not the normal hangover, though I did have a bit of a thick head when I woke up this morning (It’s just too easy to sup when you’re editing / blogging) but the one where you’ve exposed yourself to some many wonderful sights, situations and shots over the weekend and then the cold light of Monday morning slaps you in the face like a wet kipper! 97 more words


Manual 365/234 Confidence...

Confidence is a strange thing, the one thing that I’m not confident about is managing a situation where I’m trying to get a shot of someone under my direction and getting the shot right and I know that’s something, if I want to take this to another level, I need to master. 122 more words