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The Pros and Cons of Front Wheel Drive vs. Rear Wheel Drive

Front wheel drive vs. rear wheel drive is one of the most combative automotive debates among the car lovers. As from the name you can guess that front wheel drive transmission endow the power to the front wheels. 549 more words


The Power of Synthetic Manual Transmission and Differential Oil

As the teeth of gears applied to the metal fronts of other gears they create the shear pressure. In fact, in case of the not automatic transmission, the gear faces are beneath the force of engines power says, … 468 more words


OWPC: Manual

Manual Labor

A number of archaeological excavations were taking place in the area outside of the Valley of Kings near Luxor, Egypt. We passed a site where a chain of workers manually moved buckets of sand and debris from dig area. 28 more words


Steam Cleaner

SJE’s steam cleaner is a leading brand in the world and is loaded with a CPU-integrated and fully automatic control system. A quintuple safety device is provided to enable users to use the steam cleaner safely. 165 more words


GM wants to ditch the manual controls from its test cars in 2019

(Source: arstechnica.com)

General Motors is getting ready to ditch the driver for good—at least in its newest R&D vehicles. In 2019, Cruise—the self-driving startup… 383 more words