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Radio 59, side B, track 7: "Oldsmobile/Manuel Noriega bit"

Oh, Oldsmobile, so this particular bit was crazy racist, no?  Even more racist than that speech I gave when I was a kid.  It might explain in part why I was so casual with my Central American jokes if stuff like this was being bandied about on the airwaves as comedy.   280 more words


Creating a Crime: How the CIA Commandeered the DEA

By Douglas Valentine | Dissident Voice | September 19, 2015

The outlawing of narcotic drugs at the start of the Twentieth Century, the turning of the matter from public health to social control, coincided with American’s imperial Open Door policy and the belief that the government had an obligation to American industrialists to create markets in every nation in the world, whether those nations liked it or not.

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Radio 57, side A, track 7: "Manuel Noriega bit"

Oh, Manuel Noriega, you were one of my first introductions to international current events.  In fact, it seemed like most of my knowledge of foreign affairs surrounded Central America.   1,017 more words


Arthur Porter's alleged loot: the mystery of the missing $5 million

With the death of alleged hospital fraudster Arthur Porter last month, the mystery of where exactly he might have stashed as much as $5 million in suspected bribe money continues to frustrate police investigators. 1,617 more words

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What if Obama had an Iran-Contra?

What if President Obama had presided over a scandal half as scandalous as Iran-Contra?

Let’s be clear: Mandela was far from perfect in his foreign policy stances. 1,754 more words

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Manuel Noriega Played by Video Game

Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega sued the makers of Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Activision Blizzard) for portraying him in their game “as a kidnapper, murderer, and enemy of the state.” 888 more words

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Pastel es Buena (Or Pablo Escobar, Manuel Noriega, and My Tres Leches Cake)

Friday I promised to hook you up with the recipe for the tres leches cake I made for Nicole’s Taco Bell themed birthday party if it wasn’t a disaster. 447 more words