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Surprisingly deadly: 5 of the UK’s most dangerous jobs

Ask anyone to name the most dangerous jobs they can think of, and you’ll usually be greeted with the same old answers. Racing car driver? Astronaut? 561 more words

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Manufacturing in the Good Ole US of A

You say what?  Not in our country… it has all moved overseas, right?  Well, we have opined on this subject several times that cheap energy and the advancements in technologies ( 174 more words


Manufacturing 101: Impact Extrusion vs. Stamping

In the manufacturing world, different processes are used to create and shape many different designs and creations. Two of these processes are impact extrusion and stamping.  292 more words



Pressing & Distribution (P&D)

A Pressing & Distribution (P&D)
Agreement is exactly that–the record company agrees to manufacture your records for you (although in some situations this isn’t even so; the product is manufactured elsewhere), and then to distribute them solely as a wholesaler. 350 more words

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Synching AutoCAD and Inventor with Factory Design Suite

When 2D isn’t Enough but 3D is Too Complicated – Use the Right Tool for the Right Job at the Right Time.

Associativity between Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Inventor has always been an enhancement request. 216 more words


Three Examples Of One State Affecting Another (2010)

1. Crop usage.

2. The manufactoring of parts.

3. An earthquake.
All it took-
Was an earthquake, in Oklahoma, and suddenly,
North Texas shook.


I'm Back

Hello Everyone,

As the title says I’m back and looking forward to posting. First off Faction warfare has been great. Expect a post just Faction Warfare, It will include many thing’s How the war has been going from my point of view, All the ISK I’ve been getting from the war, Some funny stories, Some links for some video’s. 63 more words

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