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History lessons: Understanding the decline in manufacturing 

We all seem to bemoan the decline in manufacturing like it is something new occurring the last few years. I don’t hear people advocating that we have lost too many farming jobs and we need to fix that.   114 more words


Trump Is Wrong: America Makes Tons of Stuff

While manufacturing employs fewer Americans than it did in Donald Trump’s youth, total U.S. employment has risen, as more Americans find work in other sectors of the economy. 237 more words


Should we continue to glorify manufacturing jobs?

Our economic world has changed. It is not something that China or Mexico has “stolen” from us. Is assembling a car more honorable or useful than being a teacher, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, or an engineer; working in finance; or making a living in the service industry? 218 more words


Five Ways Ford Has Defined and Pushed the Labor Movement

This Monday is Labor Day, or as most people say, the end of summer.  The day has become synonymous with cookouts, visiting family, and going to the beach one last time before the leaves begin to fall off the trees.  838 more words

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Surprisingly deadly: 5 of the UK’s most dangerous jobs

Ask anyone to name the most dangerous jobs they can think of, and you’ll usually be greeted with the same old answers. Racing car driver? Astronaut? 561 more words

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Manufacturing in the Good Ole US of A

You say what?  Not in our country… it has all moved overseas, right?  Well, we have opined on this subject several times that cheap energy and the advancements in technologies ( 174 more words


Manufacturing 101: Impact Extrusion vs. Stamping

In the manufacturing world, different processes are used to create and shape many different designs and creations. Two of these processes are impact extrusion and stamping.  292 more words