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Why Manufacturing Is Never Going to Be What It Used to Be – A Look at the Future

In our prior post we looked at some of the data revealed in a recent report by The Economist which highlights the changing complexity of manufacturing, including fewer jobs overall, muddled in part by the ways those jobs are accounted for – or often not accounted for – as we move up the manufacturing supply chain.  559 more words

Bidness, And Other Current Economic Realities

Elon Musk says universal basic income will be necessary as robots take your jobs

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has some grim predictions when it comes to the future of automation.

While speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai this week, Musk warned that a universal “basic income” will become necessary as people’s jobs are increasingly replaced by robots. 446 more words


Why Manufacturing Is Never Going to Be What It Used to Be

“Manufacturing exerts a powerful grip on politicians and policymakers in the rich world.”  So note the editors of the The Economist in a January, 2017 article on the changing face of manufacturing.  614 more words

Bidness, And Other Current Economic Realities

A Misconception of Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing jobs look vastly different than they did 50 or 75 years ago, but that message does not seem to be getting passed on to today’s young people.  364 more words


Avocados will pay for the Wall

I feel conflicted about the current administration’s proposal to cut back free trade.  Ever since I learned about NAFTA and the Zapatistas and the sweatshops along the Mexican border, I have opposed free trade agreements between the U.S. 363 more words

Manufacturing Sector Contributes 33% Higher Wages

Courtesy of FloridaMakes

State’s Three Rural Areas of Opportunity

(ORLANDO, FL) Sept. 30, 2016 – A new study conducted in rural areas of Florida reveals that wages earned by those working in the manufacturing sector were among the highest locally compared to other industries and were almost 33 percent higher than average earnings in 2015.  571 more words

Trump's campaign promises won't create jobs, but Oregon manufacturers still can

Donald J. Trump is our president because of jobs. Despite other forces at play in the November election, I believe many Americans were swayed primarily by Trump’s promise to put them to work. 43 more words

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