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Bringing Manufacturing JOBS Back to the US

Have you heard all the whoopla about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US?  The real economist say it can’t happen; and I agree with them. 486 more words

Workforce Development

(What's Left of) Our Economy: Manufacturing Renaissance, RIP

I’m pleased to announce that the Washington Post has just reported on a major recent finding of mine about America’s supposed manufacturing renaissance: In terms of the supremely important measure of inflation-adjusted output, it never happened. 629 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

The situation of workforce in manufacturing industry

Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing has contributed to higher export potential, better standards of living, and more jobs. Investments in manufacturing have a strong multiplier effect for the broader economy. 726 more words

Manufacturing Manpower

Scarlet Burmeister making things work on a number of fronts

Scarlet Burmeister is both talented and a pragmatist. Her chosen profession as a welder and instructor at Chicago Women in Trades is in many senses a counterculture approach to a career. 597 more words

Christopher Cudworth

Nash in top ten for jobs, ranks fifth in manufacturing – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Pisses me the hell off when folk say that the education system is so damn bad here, that folk are lazy and don’t want to work, they can’t pass the drug test and other but I know from working in Nash County that although employees didn’t go off to college that they are doing some high tech jobs. 259 more words

Manufacturing Jobs

The Persisting Slump In Factory Orders——‘Escape Velocity’ It Ain’t

By Jeffrey P. Snider of Alhambra Partners

While the payroll report commands almost all attention, the view from factory orders is simply much more significant. Even if we accept that payroll growth is steady at something greater than 200k per month, that is still at least two steps removed from actual economic activity as is intended from that same orthodox framework. 984 more words

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Barack Obama Tells Another Whopper—He Did Not Create 12.8 Million Jobs

By David Stockman – Re-Blogged From http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com

America is better off when President Obama is out on the stump bloviating and boasting rather than in Washington actively doing harm. 1,141 more words

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