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Between Hope And Growth Is Where It All Is

From Alhambra Investment Partners, by Jeffrey P. Snider

After two months of “unexpected” weakness, the ISM Manufacturing Index rebounded in November. With both September and October below 52, after August’s reading was less than 50, the increase to 53.2 is being welcomed as another sign of distance from the start of the year, if not reflation and growth itself. 811 more words


Donald Trump’s poor grammar just threatened a 35% tax on any US company that fires employees

Outlining complex US tax policy on Twitter has its limitations.

On Dec. 4, less than 12 hours after a Saturday Night Live cold open about his inability to stop tweeting, US president-elect Donald Trump tapped out a tweetstorm promising retribution for any US company moving jobs offshore. 600 more words

The Carrier-Trump Jobs Deal: Cynical Ploy, Effective Hedge or Worrisome Signal?

As the dust settles over the deal that Carrier agreed to with Indiana, and the analysts weight in, one starts to get a preliminary sense of what the deal really means for Carrier workers and for the incoming Trump approach to business. 1,086 more words


Manufacturing Outside of the US Causes More than just Headaches

Are the grim times ahead or behind us?

Recently a friend of mine had been in an accident. They were driving one of the GM manufactured vehicles which does not have a current recall (I’ll talk about this a little later). 1,827 more words


More Job Creation, A Higher Estimate of Q3 GDP Growth: What We Learned During the Week of November 28 - December 3

The labor market created more jobs during November while the economy grew at a faster than previously believed pace during the summer. Here are the 5 things we learned from U.S. 970 more words


Sarah Palin Warns That Donald Trump's Carrier Deal Could Lead to 'Crony Capitalism'

Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Friday criticized Donald Trump’s deal to keep Carrier jobs in Indiana, warning that it could lead to “crony capitalism.” 203 more words