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How Not to Communicate with Publishers

How Not to Communicate with Publishers

In my time I’ve done a lot of writing courses and gone to a lot of writing seminars/festivals/workshops. I’m not just saying that to brag, I’m going somewhere with this. 783 more words


Filling in the Plot Holes (Manually)

Everything shifted, and a plot hole filled in.

For once I can say that I had a good editing day. If I were you I’d take this down as a historical event, because I do not think that it will happen again. 691 more words


Lining Your Project

We start with a blank writing surface (support) and we need to write a straight line with the letters being the same size.  This is a difficult task to do without having guidelines for our writing for all but the most experienced scribes.   572 more words

Ian The Green

Day 114- more studying

So here’s a cool picture of a historiated initial from a 13th century Paris-style bible. It’s the beginning of the Book of Judith.

365 Day Photo Challenge

Wanted: 2016 Chapbooks

While we have filled all our book-length publication slots for 2016, we are still searching for chapbook manuscripts. Next year we will be publishing one chapbook per month and will offer subscriptions, so it would be a great year to join the Folded family. 162 more words


Jeanne: How a Manuscript Becomes a Book

Now that I have a finished manuscript, I get asked this question a lot: when is your book going to be published? 136 more words