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texting: italic to gothic

A “decastitch” poem of one stanza, ten lines, ten syllables each. Linking to the dark side of the moon 

writer’s birthday gift: calligraphy kit

with how-to manual, paper and ink… 48 more words


Ulysses fragment

A handwritten fragment from the “Circe” episode of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Via/more.


Letter June 16, 1918: "I haven't been to the chateau yet but they say it is wonderful."

[Above is a modern photograph of the Chateau de Saumur on the Loire River, the subject for September in Les Trés Riches Heures, below. 345 more words


All the stories are true...

In December 2017 I began to write a novel. It’s something I have always wanted to do but never had anything to put down on paper. 335 more words

A (blog-post length) study of Latin MS 65

This manuscript is described in M. R. James’ catalogue of Latin MSS as from ‘Cent XV, in good hands … each treatise has a rather handsome initial in gold and colour, and in general condition and aspect the book is far superior to most of the many alchemical manuscripts I have seen’ ( 887 more words


Handwriting envy

The opening facsimile of Charlotte Brontë’s hand for the opening of the novel is quite arresting.  A double underlining emphasises with perfect clarity that adverb of place. 381 more words

Charlotte Bronte

The Mystery of Keats’ Missing ‘Endymion’— Solved.

Historian Albert Winslow sat at his desk in a sparsely furnished London office. Using two large wooden tweezers, he gently unrolled the manuscript. Faded calligraphy on tea coloured paper revealed its age and fragility. 857 more words