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The Immortality of the Written Word

I’ve recently gotten into bookbinding, but I’ve always been into writing.

Not long ago I began reflecting on the reasons why I’ve become so intrigued by books, manuscripts, and old journals. 282 more words

Art Journal

Word Clouds & Illuminated Manuscripts

A few years back, my father and I went to see the exhibition “Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination” at the British Library. The books on display were those collected by English monarchs during the Middle Ages and the idea was that they were of both historical and artistic value. 582 more words


Human law

The desire for true freedom gives us a sense of hope, a moral sense of the moral principles of life, in its dynamism and overflowing wellspring


Human law

The desire for true judgment assures that the credibility of something that expresses true materialism commensurates


Keep it Safe! How not to lose ALL of your work.

I’m sure all of you have had that moment of terror when your computer simply shuts down, or freezes, mid-sentence of a story or some other project you were working on for hours.   435 more words


Human law - descent of the mortal sinner

The courage of a demon is cohesive, but not subsisting proving an eternal damnation and eternal suffering, great advertence of eternal damnated body


Rehousing the Greek Papyri

Guest blog by Niki Pantazidou.

As a book and paper conservator I had the great opportunity to work at the University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library since March 2016. 550 more words