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To Be Numb

To Be Numb

The man had arrived, I heard a tap on the glass plated door and my mother let him in. A friend of my mother she had said, come from London to visit her. 20,002 more words

Digital Mitford Coding School: May 21 - 25, 2018: Call for Participants

We invite you to join members of the Digital Mitford project team from Monday May 21 through Friday May 25, 2018 for the Sixth Annual Workshop Series and Coding School, hosted by the… 1,136 more words

Physics Today: The history of physics, in 4000 manuscripts

Physics Today: The history of physics, in 4000 manuscripts. “A single-story ranch house on the eastern coast of Florida has a room that would make any physicist or historian momentarily lose her breath. 63 more words

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Pisces - The Fishes

The twelfth sign of the zodiac

Its symbol represents a pair of great sea-horses or sea-lions, yoked together, who dwell in the innermost regions of the sea, symbolical of life after death; of bondage — the inhibiting of self-expression except through others; and of the struggle of the soul within the body. 73 more words


Art of the Critique

Southern Christian Writers February 2018 meeting. Devotion by Linda Rodriguez. Teena Myers reveals the art of critiquing that nourishes great writing.

Teena Myers