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6th c.: Bookbinding Timeline

Books, Miniatures, Writing and Supports
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586 – Earliest dated illuminated MS – Rabbula Gospels (Beth Zagba, Syria)

This post is part of an ongoing series on books, miniatures, writing and supports since the year 1. 49 more words


Harvard: Scroll through Colonial life

Harvard: Scroll through Colonial life. “n a few weeks, the Harvard Library will release a new website for its ongoing, multiyear digitization ‘Colonial North American Project at Harvard University.’ Approximately 450,000 digitized pages of all the known archival and manuscript materials in the Library relating to 17th- and 18th-century North America will be available to the public.”

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Auchinleck MS Booklet 6: Roland and Vernagu

“Roland and Vernagu” is a text within the Auchinleck Manuscript, a larger collection of texts that give a glimpse into the English Middle Ages. The Manuscript was created in London during the 14th Century, and was produced by scribes rather than the typical monks. 1,158 more words

Scorpio - The Scorpion

The eighth sign of the zodiac

Its symbol resembles that of Virgo, but with an arrow on the tail — doubtless to represent the sting. It is symbolized by the asp or serpent, harking back to the serpent of the Garden of Eden, and indicating that the will governs or is governed by the reproductive urge. 80 more words


Auchinleck Booklet 6: Lay Le Freine


Booklet 6 of the Auchinleck manuscript has the story titled Lay Le Freine which tells a tale of twin sisters and their experiences with romancing knights. 968 more words


The Auchinleck Manuscript: Booklet 5 Part 2: That Poor Fabliau

The fabliau present in the smaller half of booklet 5 — “The Wenche that Loved the King” — is seemingly an anomaly in the Auchinleck Manuscript. 1,211 more words


Auchinleck Manuscript: Gui de Warewic and Reinbroun (booklet 4)

The fourth booklet in the Auchinleck Manuscript concerns itself almost exclusively with Gui de Warewic – modernly translated to Guy of Warwick – and his tale from English gentleman, hopelessly stricken by a love above his station, to knighthood and marriage, and at last to his death as a heroic and holy man. 691 more words