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The Trini "Man Hoe"

According to the Urban Dictionary a “manwhore” can be described as “the male equivalent of a slut”. For the purpose of this being a Trini blog, I shall refer to the colloquial term “ 739 more words


Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game

When a Man-Whore Gets Upset:

So recently I decided to have a little one night stand with my co-worker/ex-crush’s little brother. I did it to piss him off. 825 more words



Last night I was feeling spontaneous because it was Christmas and I was a bit lonely so this guy and I decided to finally meet after talking to each other on and off for a couple years. 369 more words


Dear Good boys,

Hindi kayo nafrifriend zone, ayaw lang namin ng lalaking sweet sa lahat.


Some.... weird shit.

If you name a dick Uncle Sam does that mean the Government is a dick?


She is amazing.


This is to the tune of : …

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The Value of Men.

Let’s start with the most recent thing. Today’s Valentine’s day. I’ve never been the lovey dovey I want a Valentine type. I’m more of a let’s get drunk, let’s have sex, what are feelings girl. 195 more words


Do you remember the Alanis Morissette song “Unsent”? I love the song – but I love the video even more…if you don’t remember it, please take a look at it and really watch it: 792 more words

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