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How Hamilton voted - suburb by suburb

As a follow up to my post Did National really ‘paint Hamilton blue’?, I decided to break down the polling booth data and look at each suburb. 414 more words


Did Temple View back Jacinda?

On 26 October 2017, Jacinda Ardern became the first Prime Minister of New Zealand to be raised in a Mormon household. She left the LDS Church in her mid-twenties, stating it conflicted with many of her personal views including her support for gay rights, and she now identifies as agnostic. 398 more words


It's looking like a rewind not a reset

A critical reflection from a Māori Party candidate and member perspective.

It looks messy. It looks disorganised. And it looks like a power grab from behind the gate. 815 more words

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The mātauranga divide decided the fate of the Māori Party

At the beginning of this election campaign, I had the privilege of being with the Māori Party and the Kīngitanga at the launch of Rāhui Papa’s campaign at the poukai at Pōhara Marae. 638 more words


Observations on the 2017 Election campaign… (Waru)

The people have spoke;  votes cast; and now the post-election negotiations begin in earnest…

… once Special Votes are counted and announced on 7 October. 2,490 more words

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M.M.P. not to blame for decimation of minor parties

Once again we are seeing the detractors of Mixed Member Proportional voting trying to suggest that the system is flawed and that New Zealanders want a new one. 458 more words

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Maori Party Has Only Itself to Blame for Loss

The election brought a somewhat bitter night for the Maori Party. Hopes of making gains from the Labour Party were dashed, as despite a close contest in Te Tai Hauauru, Te Ururoa Flavell found himself defeated by former broadcaster Tamati Coffey in Waiariki. 445 more words

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