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Returning to Rotorua...

Returning to Rotorua…

Time to finally catch up on our day trip to Rotorua, which was so eagerly anticipated by me. The last time I did this trip I was on my own at the start of the biggest overseas tour of my life and, almost on a whim, I booked myself onto a coach trip to catch some of the things I would not see on my forthcoming cruise. 851 more words

Episode 202: Veganism is Revolutionary

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on Stitcher 679 more words

How should we group students in primary maths classrooms?

Professor Glenda Anthony, Professor Roberta Hunter, and Dr Jodie Hunter, Massey University

Grouping students in maths classrooms based on their ability or prior attainment is a notion that is increasingly being challenged by… 1,112 more words

New Zealand Pt. 1

The north island 🇳🇿

Auckland – We weren’t the biggest fans of Auckland. As we arrived in this bustling city which contains one third of New Zealand’s entire population, we wondered what all the fuss about New Zealand was! 862 more words

Why do media keep touting Bridges?

Is he Jacinda’s weapon to demoralise the right?

Just look at this post on Your NZ , a centrist NZ blog, looking at Bridges candidacy and referencing… 174 more words

Fiordland National Park (Part 2)

After being waylaid for a day holding out for better weather, we set off on a gloriously sunny Waitangi Day on the renowned 119km Te Anau – Milford Highway into the heart of Fiordland National Park. 609 more words


Who am I?

So here it is, This Scarlet Woman’s much anticipated first post – you caught me, that was a slight exagerration, you’ll get a bit of that here. 465 more words

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