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New Zealand Catholic Education Convention - 10-12 June 2015


Holy Cross School Miramar Wellington

Brother Pat Lynch – Knight Companion of the NZ  Order of Merit

Giving Light Candles http://www.givinglight.co.nz


Leading for Mission:  Educational Challenges Fifty Years on from Vatican II… 921 more words

Mark the Week - 3 July

Time now to Mark the Week, the current affairs wrap-up which is enjoyed by 7 out of 10 self-important wankers who wear expensive tasteless Italian shoes. 293 more words


Tītīlicious - Part II

Continuing with the Tītī-licious theme, it was time to start cooking. I chose to cook it the old fashioned way as Māori would – boil-up i.e. 796 more words

Tītī-licious - Part I

The tītī or muttonbird or Sooty Shearwaters is perhaps one of the more eclectic dishes within the Māori repertoire. When you first mention the name, immediate reactions can be grouped into two camps – either they get all teary eyed and nostalgic and consider it to be food heaven within the realms of Māori cuisine, or those whose facial expressions basically say they prefer to be at least a few kilometres away from anywhere this bird is being cooked. 425 more words


My new pet peeve (that has taken over from those annoying people that get into the elevator first and chose to stand in the one place that blocks anyone else getting to those all-important floor buttons) is the question: 377 more words

Indigenous Research

Matariki - Celebrating Maori New Year

Matariki is the Māori name for the star cluster known as the Pleiades, and it is around the rising of Matariki when Maori celebrate the New Year…

334 more words

hey raewyn

hey raewyn

you probably don’t remember me

but I remember you

remember being buds?

we used to hang out, chill

like kids should

I’d come over to your house for the weekend… 218 more words