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Map: All the air routes the UK just banned electronic devices on

The UK just announced that it will be banning large electronic devices from the passenger cabins of flights originating in Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Tunisia. 122 more words

The most popular books at US public libraries this year, mapped by city

Hollywood has been good to Paula Hawkins. Following the release of a movie adapted from her novel, The Girl on the Train, the book has become one of the most widely read books at US libraries this year. 1,705 more words

What the entire internet looked like in September 1973

Before it became a ginormous ocean of information carrying over a zettabyte of physical transcontinental connections, the internet used to be a lot simpler. Half a century ago, the entirety of ARPANET, predecessor of the internet, was just 45 computers connected to 40 nodes. 304 more words

Everybody panic: Jet-black iPhone 7s are back in stock today around the US

Jet black has been one of the most popular new colors for the iPhone 7 ever since it first went on sale in mid-September. Despite it being  254 more words

Mapped: Everywhere the A380 flies

The worlds’s largest passenger airplane is losing its luster. Airlines like Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and Malaysia Airlines are all making plans to reduce the amount of service they fly on the Airbus A380 jumbo-jet. 166 more words

Here’s how to read the most detailed map of the universe ever made

After 1,000 days in orbit, the European  Space Agency’s Gaia satellite has come up with the most detailed map of space ever, showing 1.14 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy, the agency says. 286 more words