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【クラウドカーナビ最前線】2020年の地図づくり、コスト・クオリティ・スピードで勝負…インクリメントP [ #cbajp ]

インクリメントP(iPC)は、パイオニア子会社の電子地図会社だが、いちはやくネットの世界に地図を持ち込んだ企業だ。パッケージ版の電子地図として「MapFan」をリリースし、その2年後の1997年にはインターネット生活地図サイト「MapFan Web」をスタートさせた。以来、BtoB / BtoCあるいはBtoBtoCの領域で、幅広く地図サービスのビジネスを広げている。



Asha’s track is finished

No new hits from Asha. We’ve heard nothing from her tag since February 11. She has officially gone offline.

The question in these situations is always: Why? 314 more words


New Map

So, after I returned from Spain I had the opportunity to do some traveling on the East Coast of the United States. I had never been there before this trip and got to see a lot. 579 more words


Apple is taking Maps in the wrong direction

Apple hopes ‘real-time’ maps will be a Google beater

It won’t.

Simply, Apple is trying to look good without being good. Watching Big Ben and the London Eye turn is a fun party trick but it won’t help you get around London. 214 more words



My finger traced a map over his skin. The freckles on his skin being my guide as to where to go. It was my escape from reality, it allowed me to dream of the place I so longed to be. 86 more words

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