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Westgate to Eastgate

This route combines river-side paths, moorland tracks and roads to cover a section of upper Weardale between Westgate, Northgate and Eastgate. The route features one significant incline and is mostly flat otherwise. 1,133 more words


Botswana Carnivore Forum

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Carnivore List

I presume the fact that you are reading this means you are a person who is conscious of your future.
I presume you have a purpose you want to fulfill, and I presume you are not there yet, you are still seeing it in your head, and not with your eyes, which is why I want to tell you this truth. 306 more words


Playroom Thoughts

Shortly after we bought our house we did some serious work on the basement.  Part of that involved the super unsexy and expensive process of installing a french drain system and sump-pump.   314 more words

Lay of the Lore: The Areni Isles

To the southernmost point of Yennen, lay a set of islands known for their beautiful landscape and dark past. The Areni Isles have been the jewel of the southern lands for centuries as a landmark hub for any maritime commerce between the western and eastern halves of the continent. 503 more words


Overwatch's Next Map Is Junkrat And Roadhog's Old Home

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One man’s town made of trash is another man’s treasure. Though honestly, the other man could take or leave the trash and treasure, as long as he gets to blow shit up. 120 more words