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Don Duncan’s Driftwood Diary: Chester Gibbon

Originally published in The Seattle Times, January 14, 1968

So here’s to the gallant reporters,
The boys with the pencils and pads,
The calm, undisturbable, cool, imperturbable,
1,167 more words


Kangley murderers are still free

Originally published in The Seattle Daily Times, January 13, 1908

Men who held up saloon and killed Samuel Johnson baffle efforts of dogs and sheriff’s posses… 329 more words


Sculptor to build mansion of stone like lords of old

Originally published in the Maplevalley Messenger, January 11, 1923

Seattle man plans granite castle near Maplevalley of medieval architecture for his summer home

A granite stone mansion, rivaling in beauty, size, and architecture some of the medieval castles of the feudal barons, is to be built near Maplevalley soon. 114 more words


Black Diamond phone repairmen work hard to save users trouble

Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, January 10, 1979

By George and Dianne Wilson

Telephone service may not be as popular a conversational topic as the weather, but when there is a problem with the phone, you can count on hearing about it. 674 more words


2018! What will you start this year?

Here we are with another year.  Many of us are making resolutions to get healthy, save money, and be better people.  We want to “start” something new, something that will make us feel or look or be better. 1,594 more words

Calvary Chapel

New bridge across Cedar River

Originally published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 1, 1896

A petition for a bridge across Cedar River at Maple Valley was filed with the board of county commissioners yesterday, with fifty influential signatures, setting forth that the road of which the bridge would form a part is a convenient outlet from main roadways on all sides, connecting on the east with the Sagerson, Witte, Black Diamond, and Kent roads, for all of which it makes the shortest possible connections with the roads to Sherwood, Snoqualmie Falls, Issaquah, Cedar Mountain, and Renton. 50 more words


The Nap mill is loading their lumber at Sandstrom Spur: Logging operations at Lake Peterson are under way

Originally published in the Maplevalley Messenger, December 27, 1923

The new logging camp at Lake Peterson has been making fast progress in their logging executions… 80 more words