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I'm Back! ...again.

Been away for almost 2 years.

It was actually a relief to be away from Maplestory. I didn’t have to keep worrying about time commitments from leveling to boss schedules, trying to make money through selling items and spending money on @Cash upgrades. 209 more words


MapleSEA 1.51.2 - Resistance Revamp!

The Resistance consisting of Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Mechanic have received their long-awaited revamp with new aesthetics and skills.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for ages to make a Battle Mage (though I’ll have to keep waiting until December after my exams haha) Some other classes have also had some skills changed; read past the cut for the skills and details! 2,281 more words


MapleSEA 1.51.2 - Black Heaven!

Pieces of a grand plan has been set in motion. As an uncertain darkness looms over the sky, the Maple Alliance has rallied a Call to Arms for each and every able-bodied person in Maple World. 893 more words


MSEA V151 Update - Black Heaven

Note: This is a pre-patch extraction. Contents may be changed in the official patch.

FTP Raw File Size: 1.17GB
Compiled File Size: 1.17GB

Summary and Patch Link: 25,725 more words


MapleSEA 1.50.3: Beasts of Fury!

Technically this wasn’t exactly a new patch since the actual patch was a few weeks ago, but they only released this into the game in the past few days! 904 more words


Asiasoft, Nexon and bullshit

Now that I’ve got my first content post out of the way, I can rant about how much I hate AsiaSoft and their customer service and staff. 798 more words


MapleSEA 1.150.2: Star Planet

This patch brings the Star Planet update to MapleSEA servers. I wasn’t very up-to-date with this patch since it came out in kMS during my hiatus last year, but I wasn’t really looking forward to it anyway. 1,263 more words