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Graduating from Maplestory


This isn't a rant post.

Despite its problems Maplestory was my first ever online game. I started playing KMS in 2003 when I was 8 years old. 387 more words


Im cursed

I spent 11b on scrolls, completely exhausted my mesos to only get my tyrant cape (anvilled with wings of fate) to 3 passes with 9atk and at this point i’m like fuckit, i have no more mesos and i just failed over 40css in a row, and i had 1 3 star enhancement scroll that was 80% pass and 50% chance to destroy item on failure. 145 more words


My 2018 MMO Outlook - Mining for Old Gold

Here we are again, a common refrain at the top of these annual posts, but what else have I got going for me?  This will at least be the last of the annual posts for quite a while. 1,108 more words


My First Blog Post

Hi Guys!

So Christmas just went by, and i’m sure everyone’s been busy. But because it’s Christmas holiday I’ve decided to start blogging. I’ve also recently starting to game a lot than before thanks to the free time of holidays! 37 more words


Nova False Bans: Almost a month and counting

I hate to make posts like this, but it's also important to keep things in perspective. It's almost been a month since the current (acute) autoban issue started. 301 more words


Uh nexon.

Its funny how you tell people to not play on the glitched burning character because we could get banned. That's like giving a toddler a piece of candy and getting mad because they ate it. 44 more words


Are Arcane Umbra Weapons REALLY worth the grind?

So this may seem like a very unpopular opinion, but after grinding endless hours for Lach droplets, I've come to question whether or not all this time spent mindlessly grinding and praying to RNGsus for droplets to drop is really worth the Arcane Umbra weapon. 153 more words