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Basic and Secondary Keyboard Shortcuts Settings

When first starting the game, there are two keyboard shortcut options you can choose from, Basic and Secondary Key settings. However, these settings are just a starting point from which players can customize their skill hotkeys from. 80 more words


Burning Field System

You might have come across a notice like this in game:

This happens when a map has not been entered for 2 hours or more and becomes a… 146 more words


The Rune System

Seen one of those rocks with glowing symbols on them? You have just encountered a rune! Make use of these runes and their special effects to improve your character training. 317 more words


MapleSEA Shortcut to ANYWHERE (or at least, most places)

This short guide will tell you how to get from one place to another quickly in MapleSEA. It’s geared towards newbies because most veteran players already know this trick. 112 more words


Changing Skill Transparency and MORE!

Today we’ll be looking at the Graphics tab in the Options Menu. You can achieve a variety of tasks here including:


How to Create a MapleSEA Character

Login to your MapleSEA account and choose a World in the side bar on the right.

Select a world on the right side bar and choose a channel you wish to play in. 88 more words


How to Start Playing MapleSEA

  • Sign up for an Asiasoft Passport here.
  • Login to e-mail account you used for registration and verify your Asiasoft Passport.
  • Login to Asiasoft Passport and Create MapleSEA Account…
  • 50 more words