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Why all the water worlds?

No rant, just an observation. There's a lot of worlds with 80%+ water surface. I understand if you want smaller continents, but leaving so much space, then not doing anything with it is, imo, a waste of map. 11 more words


Mapmaking, worldmaking

There are a number of fantasy mapmaking programs available free on the internet – who knew?

I’m especially fond of boing boing – where you can generate your own random fantasy world, and there are a number of others. 160 more words



Are we really aiming to make maps?

Today, we had discussions over maps, but it was unclear to me the true criticality, limits, and significance behind making these maps, which are produced in studio, far removed from what we’re mapping. 166 more words


Literary Illustration

There is a long history of utilizing maps as a mode of literary illustration. The current exhibition Landmarks: Maps As Literary Illustration at Harvard’s Houghton Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts brings together a wonderful collection of more than sixty literary maps of places real and imagined. 63 more words


Archaeological Mapmaking

This week’s exercise made me particularly nostalgic, reflecting on my primary school days on the school library computers, looking for my house on Google Maps. Things obviously haven’t changed much since then, as when exploring DigiMap the first place that popped into my head was where I grew up. 584 more words


Cartography for Campaigns

The world of role playing games are ripe with seemingly endless possibilities to make your game tactile, more visually engaging, or more easily accessible. One of the most basic tools is the map. 215 more words


Mapmaking Skills: The Confusing Language of Maps

This week we talked about maps. This was difficult for me as I struggle with visualising spatial information; a symptom of dyspraxia. For most people maps are really illustrative, this is why you’ll see them everywhere. 665 more words