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Massachusetts Distributes FY17 Early Education and Care Grant Funds

There isn’t a lot of new state funding for early education and care for fiscal year 2017, but Massachusetts is holding steady, keeping existing funds flowing to provide high-quality learning experiences for young children. 338 more words


"You don't want to be a lawyer? So why are you getting your law degree?"

John F. Kennedy in his famous 1961 inauguration speech called upon Americans to “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Kennedy spoke about an inert obligation Americans have as individuals part of a greater community to better the world around us. 669 more words

Local Officials React to the State’s Full-Day Kindergarten Funding Cuts

The Massachusetts FY17 state budget eliminates funding for full-day kindergarten grants, an important program that supports kindergarten quality and districts’ transition from half- to full-day programs. 570 more words


The UL Interview: John A Keith, Suffolk County Deed Register Candidate

John A Keith, a Boston realtor and real estate blogger, is running for Suffolk County Register of Deeds. The registry oversees and records the real estate transactions in the county, which is now only Boston, Winthrop, Revere and Chelsea. 454 more words

The Massachusetts Legislature Approves the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

The Legislature has approved a $39.1 billion budget for FY17, one that will have a mixed impact on high-quality early education. Governor Baker now has 10 days to review the budget and make potential vetoes before signing it into law. 366 more words


Paul Tucker -- Salem’s State Representative, Former Police Chief, and Law Professor -- Talks about Early Education

Each year for five years, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has run an Early Learning Fellows program: a dynamic effort that’s designed for emerging leaders – legislators and legislative staff members. 874 more words


Advocacy 101: 4 Ways Community Based Organizations Can Get Involved in Advocacy and Engage with Policymakers

For many community based organizations, involvement in public policy advocacy can be a daunting endeavor, meant only for policy wonks and experts who know all the physical and political in’s and out’s of state and local legislatures – not true! 868 more words

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