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Police Cars With Drones Says Microsoft

Reminiscent of KITT through the 1980’s TV series “Knight Rider,” Microsoft’s Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP) car has everything – drone included. The MAPP car is built to provide cops with all of the information that they can need in a elegant interface, constructed into a patrol car and accessible while on an officer’s mobile device. 215 more words


Positive Psychology and Me: Confessions of a Science Fanboy

So on most other days, I´m trying to write super-smart and meaningful stuff here, educating people about the science of Positive Psychology. This is not… 300 more words

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A Celebration in 12 Tweets: 10 Years of Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at Penn

What a wonderful day! I haven´t been to Philadelphia ever since my graduation from Penn in August 2014. But now I´m back. This weekend, Martin Seligman´s… 408 more words

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Master of Applied Positive Psychology at Penn: This is what you´ll get

In my LinkedIn Profile, I call myself a Penn MAPPster ever since getting the OK on my final assignment, the so-called Capstone Project in August 2014 – but my official certificate took about a year to cross the Atlantic Ocean. 154 more words

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A mappalicious THANK YOU to all my Readers worldwide

Today, I´d just like to say THANK YOU! to all those people who have visited Mappalicious in the past (and hopefully, will continue to do so…). 236 more words


DIY Framed Map

So, you just moved. Or you haven’t, doesn’t matter, but you want a low cost and fun way to decorate. You are over the posters from college, but are too broke to even buy that cool (yet generic) framed print at Target. 219 more words