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Brief Stage 1: Choose any piece of work completed during Unit 1 and start it again. Outcome should be substantially different from the original, not just an improved or tweaked version. 681 more words

Work In Progress

In Development: New Map of Surveillance Cameras

In development: a new map of surveillance cameras. “Modern surveillance tools are designed to identify, track, and record a person’s every move. A new project by activism.tech aims to give power back to the people by enabling collaborative spotting, photographing, and mapping of every surveillance camera on earth.”

New Resources

Maps as Arguments

Many of us think of maps as straightforward, neutral, even scientific documents. However, as Katherine Harmon and the examples below show us, maps are social constructions that influence our perception of the world in particular ways, and their language (or “vocabulary”) can be appropriated to make arguments. 264 more words

OpenStreetMap Volunteers: Professional Mappers?

Volunteered Geographical Information

OpenStreetMap is a crowd sourced map of the world. It can be seen as a project that has excelled on many levels: for example opening up geographical information, providing copyright free maps that can be shared, providing detailed up-to-date mapping and providing a major source of volunteered geographical information. 403 more words


Refugee Stakeholders

Before, during and after our stay in Grande-Synthe we were asked if there were official requests for mapping activities from stakeholders like NGOs or charities, if we were able to make bonds with them while on site, including options for further collaboration. 360 more words


Energy Needs with GIS

Spring has sprung! Though the recent cold front in the Midwest is a point of confusion for Mother Nature, the grass is growing green, the trees are budding, and the joy of spring allergies has embraced many. 153 more words