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Arduino UNO pin mapping

Popis a rozloženie pinov na Arduino UNO.


Week 7

Do you agree with Levi-Strauss?

After a long discussion with Janet, I realized that “binary lines” can be pictured from each person differently. In my picture, “binary lines” are lines that have a start and an end point, where in between lay nuances. 773 more words


Make a start with Ethnography in Libraries

On Monday 23rd of March I had a great opportunity to participate in a workshop, delivered by Donna Lanclos at the Imperial College Library, on Ethnographic Research Methods. 977 more words


Musical Cartography: Nils Edenloff of The Rural Alberta Advantage

It’s true. Many people love to speak passionately in positive and negative terms about where they’re from as if they had a say in the decision about where they would be born. 682 more words


Mapping the global battle to protect our planet

A new project maps environmental protest across the world, powerfully visualising a growing movement

These struggles have sometimes toppled governments, such as the coup in… 1,128 more words

Sociology Of Development

Visualizing Radio Propagation in GNU Radio with gr-uhdgps, gr-eventstream and Google Earth

Radio propagation is a complex process in the real world, elaborate models are often used to predict expected propagation effects over known terrain, but in many cases there is no substitute for measuring ground truth.   1,369 more words

Software Radio

Final Summary

Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve learnt a lot more about mapping then I thought there was to learn in the first place.

You can tell I was most interested in typographic maps because of the amount of detail I put into the first post on that subject, and making the experiment for that week was actually fun, as any excuse to use Lord Howe Island is great. 426 more words