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Sudden clear images

Step One: A Visual Encounter

I keep returning to industry: cranes of all sizes in New Jersey and New York City; poles and wires on the ceilings of buildings and ships; piles of tires in the lot adjacent to the grocery store; telephone wires misconnected across the street; trucks filled with unexpected cargo. 291 more words


Is there a way to list the spaces when using space assignments?

In TRIRIGA 10.4.2, while using the Space Manager to assign a person to a space, the graphic of the floor map is displayed, you select the respective space, and then you click on Assign Person. 54 more words


Comparing security identifiers for business databases

The problem

Researchers frequently need to retrieve data on thousands of companies from several sources and combine the results. Each business database that lists securities (companies, bonds, options, etc.) uses their own identifier code. 639 more words


Participatory methods: PGIS - Participatory GIS

Participatory GIS is the broadest category, which the author analyzes. One can find here methods called participatory GIS, online mapping (Bugs, Granell, Fonts, Huerta, & Painho, 2010; Kyem & Saku, 2009; Peng, 2001), crowdsourcing (Lundin, Kovacic, & Poggiali, 2012), mobile GIS, Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) (Brown, Kelly, & Whitall, 2013; Goodchild, 2007; Tulloch, 2008), neocartography(Cartwright, 2012) and others. 801 more words

Community Mapping


I’m always amazed at how way leads to way when surfing the Internet.

This morning, I thought I’d have a look at some geography blogs, just to see “what’s out there”. 718 more words


a predilection to play

What is your perspective on play and its role in your creative process?

Play is the axis in which my daily dance practice rotates on. Site specific improv in its essence involves playing in your environment. 228 more words


A new mapping tool: useful for research purposes

I have never felt comfortable with mapping. It seems to involve a way of thinking that just doesn’t come naturally and interpreting other people’s maps seems to be beyond me. 643 more words