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mapping negotiations

In this sketch, it is investigated the boundaries between the spaces where user density change and reasons of the changing density.

Sensory Walk - Our London Design Festival workshop at London College of Communication

A Sensory Walk workshop in Elephant Park facilitated by:
Valerie Mace and Lucy Thornett
Tuesday 19th September 2017 1pm to 4pm LCC

Workshop information
We make sense of the world through our senses. 575 more words


Why is your map not working? – An introduction to mapping in Tableau

Mapping in Tableau isn’t complicated but I have experienced that people tend to stumble over some of the same issues at the start.

How Tableau maps… 692 more words


fatal: no submodule mapping found in .gitmodules for path ''

if you accidently delete your submodule folder and there are enteries in your .git config files, you have to manually remove from

  • .git/modules/<submodule folder>

remove following entries… 26 more words

IRIS 3D Earthquake viewer

Now this is a web-based app I could spend hours exploring:

IRIS 3D Earthquake viewer

I can’t wait to introduce it to my classes. What a great way to help students visualize subduction, amongst other things. 10 more words