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CS:GO Map: Occult

Occult is a map I made for the GameBanana Beneath the Dust CS:GO Mapping Contest.

Steam Workshop Submission

“Occult” is set under Dust I, more specifically, in a sewage system, including its control room, a clandestine market for Terrorists of all kinds, and an ominous, hidden monastery. 96 more words



We were assigned to abstract representation about a map view of a city.

We expand images pixels in 5×5 size and play with opacity of pixels according to a strategy. 70 more words


hic sunt dracones

It was quite common to decorate uncharted areas with dragons or sea monsters on medieval maps. Some came with a latin warning, HIC SUNT DRACONES. But making customised, interactive maps in R is nothing to be feared, here’s a quick guide. 733 more words


Mapping Through Heartache

Cartographer’s Story #2, by John Nelson I hadn’t made much of anything for several months, and wondered if I was done with mapping -or if mapping were done with me, more like it.   6 more words

Mapping issue tabled

June 15, 2006

Numbering homes makes it easier for emergency personnel to locate an address

Izard County has the capability to map itself, according to Izard County Office of Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator Josh Lung. 51 more words


GIS & Local Insights

Utilizing GIS for its mapping capabilities is a no-brainer. Answering questions like “what’s the fastest route to work” or “where is that manhole located” are all great uses of GIS. 130 more words