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Hola de mi casa en Buenos Aires!

It has been awhile since I’ve checked in, but I’ve been busy navigating the exciting capital of Argentina, trying to disguise myself as a Porteña. 606 more words


Tools: What I Use Weekly

For Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers, there is not limit to the number of tools we come across on a weekly basis. Many tools have wonderful functions and purposes, yet I only have a few I stick with. 890 more words


Phil 12/15/17

9:00 – 1:30 ASRC MKT


What Process Mining Consultants Do To Get Idea About Work Progress In Companies

The very basis of reviewing the business process in a workplace of an organisation is to understand the performance. There can be lots of parameters used to make sure that the work process of a company is going in the right direction and in a robust manner. 246 more words


Ensuring Best Business Practices With Process Discovery Consultants

It is always said that the right questions will elicit the right answers. In a workplace or an organisation, there are many questions to be asked in order to keep track of the different processes. 236 more words


Why Balanced Scorecard Software Can Be Highly Beneficial For Organisations

In the modern era, when computer and software are being applied for carrying out various processes, it is not surprising that analysis of the progress is being done through process discovery and balanced scorecard software. 250 more words


How Can Process Mining Software Be Designed To Bring Workplace Efficiency

Data mining or data analytics are the modern methods of understanding the working system in an organisation. In this kind of system, the various processes are being designed with an aim of improving the work environment. 245 more words