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Phil 12.11.18


  • I realized that we can hand-code these initial dungeons, learn a lot and make this a baseline part of the study. This means that we can compare human and machine data extraction for map making.
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SWC Mapping Reflection

This past semester will be one I remember forever.  Having the opportunity to work with Will Steger and learn from him was an incredible experience.  The goal of our project with Will was to assist him with the master planning of his land in Ely, MN.  339 more words

Steger Wilderness Center

Final Project of SWC 2018

The Steger Wilderness Center Project has been a long journey of a wonderful experience for me.  I learn a lot about what it takes to be a future architect and would like to share a few things about my experiences so you may learn from me, or not :).  347 more words

Steger Wilderness Center

The Finale

December 10th:

The end of this semester marks the halfway point in my education at Dunwoody College of Technology. It has been almost 4 months since the start of our semester, and it has been interesting to say the least. 266 more words

Steger Wilderness Center

Final Reflections

This semester has been an incredible experience and wonderfully challenging. I’ve learned how to explore and expand on ideas through testing iterations and collaborating with my classmates. 175 more words

Steger Wilderness Center

The Final Path

The end of studio is upon us, there have been a lot of things I have learned throughout our process of creating maps for Will to take to his hearing in Virginia on Thursday. 303 more words

Steger Wilderness Center

Final SWC Blog Post

Wow. I cannot believe this semester is almost over!

I think back to our Project 1 individual documents compared to our finished Project 3 book, and it is just amazing to see the culmination of information we have gathered represented in such a beautiful way. 218 more words

Steger Wilderness Center