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A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Jacobian

I don’t believe I got any requests for a mathematics term starting ‘J’. I’m as surprised as you. Well, maybe less surprised. I’ve looked at the… 1,273 more words


A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Homomorphism

I’m not sure how, but many of my Mathematics A To Z essays seem to circle around algebra. I mean abstract algebra, not the kind that involves petty concerns like ‘x’ and ‘y’. 1,065 more words


MOVES to the rescue !

You would have thought that the bass guitar was one of the most logical and intuitive instruments around. It even beats the 6-string guitar because its tuning only uses fourths (=5 halfsteps), while the guitar slips in a stray major third (=4 halfsteps) between the G and B strings. 494 more words

Moves Notation

Oracle GoldenGate Studio, It is here and so are my thoughts

Ever since Oracle purchased GoldenGate, the biggest complaint about Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) has been around the fact that it is a command line tool. I like the command line interface of OGG, the simplicity of it and what can be done by just editing the parameter files from the command line. 363 more words

Golden Gate

Get your first scale free?

Remember all those collections they use to sell at the newsagents, offering you a free binder with the first instalment? As if you wouldn’t end up paying for it in the end! 512 more words

Intuitive Instruments

Fibro Magnetic Frequencies (Channeling)

5:15 PM

This is a channeling explaining Fibro Magnetic Frequencies.

We have attained in a surplus of resonances the remnants of this data from actualizations (Inner processes) which have been denoted as the sub conscious levels of our initiations within (Super Consciousness). 401 more words

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