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Get your first scale free?

Remember all those collections they use to sell at the newsagents, offering you a free binder with the first instalment? As if you wouldn’t end up paying for it in the end! 512 more words

Intuitive Instruments

Fibro Magnetic Frequencies (Channeling)

5:15 PM

This is a channeling explaining Fibro Magnetic Frequencies.

We have attained in a surplus of resonances the remnants of this data from actualizations (Inner processes) which have been denoted as the sub conscious levels of our initiations within (Super Consciousness). 401 more words


Affirmative Action for the Piano

One takeaway from my recent experience in a Montessori school was the evident glee with which the children attacked a pentatonic balafon brought in by one of the teachers, contrasting with their apparent lack of interest in the expensive chromatic set of bells sitting on a nearby shelf. 384 more words

Music Education


Today, the class of 2015 at Johns Hopkins graduated. For some reason, I was overcome with huge sadness. Was it just nostalgia? Missing my alma mater, my friends, my family? 752 more words

Cochlear Implant

Fabricating Telemetry

Fabricating Telemetry

Responses to the new Earth, from individualized templates, higher teachings are in accordance to assembled fractals within core bodily constructs. (The human Genome) and its multiple energetic bodies. 3,959 more words

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Mappings and Functions

A mapping is any rule connecting input values. It can be many-to-one, One to many, one-to-one or many-to-one

A many to one mapping or a one to one mapping is a function, where the input gives one output… 162 more words


You get back what you put in

One of the dangers of transcribing music, often encountered by ethnomusicologists, is that of forgetting that what you write down and the music itself are two different things. 372 more words