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A new look at javascript, emboldened with HTML, learn it out with SBerry wahoo!!

So DOM (Document Object Model) on which the HTML is based consists of elements, tags, attributes. 243 more words


Sensory Mapping through Smellscapes

The first part of Aylin Yildirim Tschoepe’s presentation was concluded with a group exercise on sensory mapping through smellscapes.

She offered a variety of scents to the participants, from environment to consumption goods (dirt, fresh grass, dust, pipe tobacco, rye bread). 89 more words


From the Imagination to the Materialization of Urban Data

If we walk through the city and try to capture its hidden symbolic logic and cultural codes we are all influenced by our very own attitudes and perceptions, as well as our professional and social education. 240 more words


Digital Mapping: Ethnography in Urban Contexts


The Ethnography in Urban Settings workshop included two mapping exercises; one on each day.

On day one the workshop participants went out to sense the city and to try to map what they experienced, what they imagined in urban space, focusing on using their bodies and their own subjectivities and positionality as the main lenses through which they can experience urban space. 502 more words


"Everybody is a cognitive mapper"

Cognitive Mapping Exercise | Day 1

Which spaces/places matter for you the most, and how are they spatially connected?

Mapping (Cognitive Mapping) helps to get access to interpretations of symbolic structures of the city (Greverus 1972, 1994). 117 more words


30 Shades of Spadina Ave.

The exercise for the “fieldwork excursion” for day one was folded and conceptualized by Carolin Genz and Aylin Yildirim Tschoepe.

The first part of the walk was an exercise in learning to observe and sense the city. 290 more words


Ethereum: storing structs in a mapping

It turns out that in addition to storing primitive values such as uints and addresses in Ethereum, you can store more complicated and customized values as well. 224 more words