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Ethereum: storing structs in a mapping

It turns out that in addition to storing primitive values such as uints and addresses in Ethereum, you can store more complicated and customized values as well. 224 more words


VMware Vsphere raw device mapping

    Raw Device Mappings

    What is raw device mapping?

    Raw device mapping is a feature where the virtual machine can directly access the storage devices such as SAN or DAS.

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Create a child record by copying mapping fields data from Parent – Using CRM SDK

Let’s take the OOB Account and Contact related entities.

Whenever we click ‘Add New Contact’ button from the ‘Associated view’ of ‘Account’ form, all the mapping fields data would be copied to ‘New Contact’ form. 247 more words


Customize Key Mappings on Surface and Other Keyboards

As someone who uses keyboard shortcuts often to stay productive, comfortable access to the Ctrl key is a must.

The Surface Type Cover only offers a left Ctrl key which I find just disruptive enough to be a nuisance during everyday use. 456 more words