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Download Google Maps For Iphone 4 Offline

Download google maps for iphone 4 offline

Gone are the days when you would purchase maps after landing at your destination. These days we plan our trips and rides before hand using Google Maps. 552 more words

Best Gps App For Iphone Download Maps

Best gps app for iphone download maps

HERE for iOS launches as native app with free offline GPS You can now download the world to your iPhone. 608 more words

Quake 2 CTF Map Making Guide by Geezer

This is Geezer’s CTF Map Making Guide from back in the day.  I found it to be relevant to the map making going on today, especially in that Geezer basically walks through how to mirror a map and correct the textures.   5,340 more words


The Boomstick Joint Reviewed as2m7.bsp Cacophony for Q2CTF

Cacophony   By Rich “Publius” Tollerton, Charles “Myrkul” Kendrick from the Expert Quake Team
Review by DRiVEN

Here is some fun reading about everyone’s favorite map from the internet archive of Boomstick Joint, Week of 15 November 1998: 2,230 more words


Azazeal's Rocky CTF

Here is Rocky I by Azrael.  This map is significant because the ground is textured organically, similar to Caco, and promotes fun and fast grappling.  In fact, the map makers behind Caco, Myrkul and Publius, recommended this map for their ExpertCTF mod for this very reason. 222 more words


Macanah's CTF Bite

In early May 2016, legendary Quake 2 mapmaker Macanah released a CTF version of his DM map Bite!  That’s right, another new 2016 Q2CTF map!    … 16 more words


Maric's End Run awaken2_ctf7.bsp for Awakening 2 Mod

Previously unplayed Maric’s CTF map!

I was looking at some of the maps that were tweaked for the Awakening mod, and I found a Marics CTF map that I had not seen before.  43 more words