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Day Twelve

Continued to clean up the stand for Groot. Frustrated by the top edge of the box, so had to sand again, negating the first layer of paint. 125 more words


Day Nine

Nick found this old cast of a WWI Turkish hand grenade and asked me to paint it. Thankfully I was able to find a decent quality reference image. 80 more words


Day Seven

Schedule change to accomodate other commitments this week!

Steamed ahead with the 1/2 scale Vastra sculpt. Definitely working faster here than in the 1/4 scale version. 63 more words


Day Six

Continued and finally completed my 1/4 Vastra sculpt! Pretty happy with the results, although confident I could produce a better result at a larger scale. Certainly improved from my first attempts. 170 more words


Day Five

Spent the whole day working on the 1/4 scale Madame Vastra sculpt. Right at the beginning of the day Nick provided some really valuable tips on sculpting better, and as a result I decided to scrap my previous efforts and start again. 96 more words


Akio Makigawa @ NGV

Akio Makigawa’s sculptures are elegant works amid the often ludic, bombastic, and inappropriate public sculptures in Australia. Now there is an exhibition of his sculpture at the NGV. 315 more words

Art Galleries & Exhibitions

Electric Tiki Rocky & Bullwinkle Statue Maquette #96/500 Sideshow

Electric Tiki Rocky & Bullwinkle Statue Maquette #96/500 Sideshow
Opened Only To Inspect. Immaculate Condition. Very Low #96/500 And Sold Out For Many Years. Teeny Weeny Maquette With COA. 123 more words