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Casting the Gresley Maquette - the wax stage

The clay maquette of Sir Nigel Gresley and the Mallard arrived safely in the Docklands at Bronze Age Sculpture Casting Foundry. Their team made the two moulds – one for the figure and one for the Mallard – and cast them in wax. 71 more words


The final Sir Nigel Gresley clay maquette

Finally, here is the clay maquette. Members of the Sculpture Group of the Gresley Society Trust came to my studios in Billingshurst to sign-off on this clay before it went to the foundry. 21 more words


The Sir Nigel Gresley clay maquette - the process

With the decision made on which pose to sculpt, the go-ahead was given. I started to sculpt the ‘final’ maquette of Sir Nigel, 35cm in height, for casting in bronze. 287 more words


The three Sir Nigel Gresley maquettes

Some decisions around the sculpture of Sir Nigel Gresley were easily made. What better spot for a sculpture of Sir Nigel Gresley than the new Western Concourse at King’s Cross station? 279 more words


Making Makutu

I get a lot of questions regarding how I went about making the Makutu maquette that went alongside the digital model I was making. This model wasn’t made with the intent to animate her like in a claymation film. 710 more words



 I’ve been working on Sven for a while now, and he’s finally ready to show off.

 It started with a sketch, some wire, screws, and a platform. 63 more words


Amy's Art: Kimono Cat Collection - The Making of Tama Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of of how I made my first Kimono Cat called Tama! In the first installment, I left you at the cliffhanger of whether Tama made it out alive after the third time in the oven. 512 more words

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