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An Old Idea for a Star Wars TV Show

The original idea for this was first discussed in my SWTOR launch guild around April 2012.  Around 2006 a new bounty hunter centric game was being discussed, Star Wars: 1313, which was supposed to take place on Coruscant and might have dealt with Boba Fett apparently.  832 more words


Mara Jade

So since today is Valentine’s day I figured we would go ahead and look at a Love story of sorts.

Mara Jades a little different than the previous characters, she didn’t get her own video game like Revan or even her own book like Phasma, but then again did she really deserve it? 372 more words

Mara Jade Skywalker Meets Cade Skywalker

It’s not every day one of your ancestor’s Force Ghost comes to visit you. I always enjoy seeing Mara Jade Skywalker drawn in the comics.

From – Star Wars: Legacy #11

Star Wars

Star Wars Characters That Need a Solo Film

The Last Jedi has stormed theaters and made it the third straight holiday season with a Star Wars film. In 2018 we will have another, Han Solo: A Star Wars Story which will be the story of a young Han Solo and a young Lando Calrissian. 2,612 more words

Top 3

Part 2 - Progress

Part 1: Sources

Part 3: Finished


This will be the easiest part. In the gameplay and mod version they are both knee-high, flat-heeled, black boots with no visible laces or buckles. 457 more words


Star Wars 8: NEW lightsaber color to be revealed

Star Wars expanded universe has never had a shortage of lightsaber colors including but limited too:

  • Mara Jade and Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber
  • The Dark Saber which is Black…
  • 246 more words