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Wait, Maybe Star Warriors?

I am throwing money at my monitor so hard it’s leaving marks. Koei Tecmo, just take all of it. You can have it if you make this. 160 more words



Mara looked at the double leaf-canopy overhead. “Could we have picked up an Imperial patrol?”

“No.” Skywalker was positive. “I’d know if there were any other humans nearby.” 249 more words


Timothy Zahn and the EU

Now is perhaps the best time ever for new fans to enter the wonderful world of Star Wars. With new movies on the way, a TV show in the midst of airing, and novels and comics coming out at a regular pace, there’s a lot of new stuff to ingest. 2,629 more words

Star Wars

Speculation on the Top Secret Character on Rebels

On the Star Wars Rebels blue ray, Executive Producer Dave Filoni mentions a “Top Secret Character with major implications for the future of our characters” who will appear in Season 2. 759 more words


SNC After Hours—Acceptable Figures

There will be some NSFW images in this post. Very scantily-clad figures, something ESRB would call partial nudity. Like Shinonome Mio here. And that goes about triple for the bottom one. 722 more words


Artist Spotlight: Cat Staggs

Cat Staggs produced one of my favorite Star Wars prints of all time.  She’s known outside of Star Wars for her work in comics: she did work for the Smallville: Season 11 comic, she’s done work for Star Trek and Orphan Black.   360 more words

Star Wars

Artist Spotlight: Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes is a hugely popular artist, but mostly for his work outside Star Wars.  He’s particularly famous for drawing women in comics, doing a lot of work with Catwoman and Wonder Woman in particular.   428 more words

Star Wars