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1162: Mara Jade Sketch Cover

My convention partner in crime, Viet Huynh, holding up a Star Wars #1 commission for me.

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Mara Jade Redesign

Digital inked and colored.

I’m a pretty big fan of Timothy Zahn’s Mara Jade of Star Wars; enough to make me really pedantic about her appearance. 31 more words

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Nerd Diary - entry 2

Dear Nerd Diary,

I’ve previously blogged about Secret Cinema as I attended the Back To The Future event last year. It’s basically where you can go and watch the film but they create a whole event around it. 536 more words


Book Summary: Timothy Zahn's Sagas

Timothy Zahn is one of the most popular Expanded Universe authors.  His first trilogy – The Thrawn Trilogy – was (one of) the first stories that really pushed beyond the stories depicted in the Original film trilogies.   832 more words


Nerd Diary - entry 1

To make this blog have a more personal touch, I’ve decided to add a post that’s more of a diary/what I’ve been up to entry, and I may keep it as a regular thing, depends on how it goes. 352 more words


Star Wars x wing miniatures wave five part two VT-49 Decimator 

So, I know I’m still way behind with looking at the Xwing expansions. The plan was to break the waves up and piece by piece get to them, but as this is a more recent purchase I’ll take a look now and get to the others in the future (I promise). 374 more words

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Star Wars Killed Off My Childhood

I have read, in my 31 years, more than 100 Star Wars books.  At a conservative estimate I have read 30,000 pages of Star Wars lore, excluding comic books, backs of action figure boxes, and cards.   915 more words

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