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Star Wars x wing miniatures wave five part two VT-49 Decimator 

So, I know I’m still way behind with looking at the Xwing expansions. The plan was to break the waves up and piece by piece get to them, but as this is a more recent purchase I’ll take a look now and get to the others in the future (I promise). 374 more words

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Star Wars Killed Off My Childhood

I have read, in my 31 years, more than 100 Star Wars books.  At a conservative estimate I have read 30,000 pages of Star Wars lore, excluding comic books, backs of action figure boxes, and cards.   915 more words

Nerd Stuff

Feeling Nerdy

I stopped in at Fallout Comics in Tallahassee today where they were celebrating “free comic book day” by giving away, you guessed it, free comic books! 228 more words


Getting Organized

My figure collection will be expanding a bit. I currently just have the three, and they fit in my tiny little display cabinet. But I’d like to store and display them a bit better, and with a collection that will probably top out around a dozen, that means maybe a corner unit would be good. 183 more words


Children of The Force

We all saw the special clip of Darth Vader speaking to The Inquisitor on the ABC Premier of Star Wars Rebels.  You didn’t?  Here it is: 402 more words

Star Wars Rebels

Mara Jade - Black Jumpsuit *UPDATE*

Since the original posting for this costume, I have been given a very generous gift of a hand-crafted Mara Jade lightsaber from a friend who runs… 46 more words