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Admiral Montenegro

Y’all, it’s nearly August…YIKES! Ok, ok. Let’s all calm down a minute and reflect on what this means. 1. Summer is not over. 2. The light is changing and we’re looking forward to Autumn, which means that 3. 121 more words

Lime Juice

It is Hot Outside...Time for Ice Cream

It has been hot outside.  After working in the heat a cool treat is a nice break.

Here is a quick and simple sundae recipe. 56 more words


The Manhattan Cupcake

Rich chocolate cupcakes with a hint of orange bitters, topped with a smooth, velvety, bourbon-infused buttercream frosting and a maraschino cherry – these cupcakes are a take on the classic Manhattan cocktail and are perfect for a celebration. 490 more words


Seasoned Traveler

After a chilly few days in New York City, and many, many Pride parties celebrating our collective gay victory, I feel it’s time for a stirred drink. 123 more words


Drinking with Mad Men Season 7: Old Fashioned

To celebrate “The End of An Era”, welcome to a series of drinks from the television show Mad Men. Each week I’ll be featuring a different cocktail from the show, so we can all drink along with our favourite Madison Avenue Ad-men and women. 690 more words


Blame it on the Monkeys

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those days where you feel like you’re living in a cartoon? A cartoon with Monkeys, ships made out of Lime halves, and paper sails? 202 more words

Lime Juice

Orange Creamsicle & Cherry Cream Sugar Cookies!

Look what we’ve been baking.  These soft orange sugar cookies are under-baked to perfection.  We added freshly grated orange rind into the cookie mix.   We made 2 kinds of frosting — one with orange extract and vanilla and orange marmalade,  the other with maraschino cherry juice and finely chopped maraschino cherries.   15 more words

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