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Bastidores: Maratona da Morte

Schlesinger executa a sua mise-en-scène como se um fio de alta tensão estive a impregnar a estrutura narrativa. Há, durante todo o seu desenrolar, uma tensão inusitada, característica, aliás, desse imenso artesão, que se poderia comparar a um William Friedkin ou a John Frankenheimer.

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Kap G - Marathon Man

After Donald’s Trump’s disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants, rapper Kap G took to the mic with the aid of DJ Dynamite to stand up for his people. 61 more words

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Laurence Olivier

I love Laurence Olivier. One of my all time favorite actors. The Entertainer, and his Archie Rice, is one of my top ten movies and top ten film characters ever. 468 more words

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Greetings From the Pain Abyss

*Warning: Written while on pain meds

I rarely get sick. When I do, it’s always to such an extreme.

I don’t get colds. I have nervous breakdowns. 1,117 more words

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True or False Trivia: Marathon Man

One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Marathon Man (1976)

1) Producer Robert Evans was set upon getting Laurence Olivier to play the role of Szell. 287 more words

True Or False Trivia

Is It Safe?

She and her assistant have been trying for the last two hours to extract my wayward wisdom tooth to no avail. They have both their hands in my mouth, manipulating tools; one holding, another sucking the saliva out, one prying, the other twisting and pulling. 250 more words