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Top 5 Movie Chases on Foot

by Jody B. Movie

Maybe you can’t beat cinematic car chases for heart-stopping action, but going back to basics can provide just as much adrenalin and raise the heart rate with unbearable tension… 546 more words


Marathon Man (John Schlesinger. 1976)

Any film with Nazi dentists, diamonds, dodgy business dealings and secret government agencies is bound to have been made in the seventies. Standing shoulder to shoulder with films like The Parallax view and The Conversation, Marathon Man is symptomatic of the decade’s paranoid genre. 98 more words

Cinema Beef Podcast : Dentistry Through The Ages

Open wide, say “AHHHHH” and let Gary Hill and X depress your tongue with our big… show about movies! This time on Cinema Beef Podcast, we grin and bear it for Hollywood’s worst dentists. 61 more words


Indianapolis International Airport

Marathon Man is strutting his stuff at the Indianapolis International Airport. Here he is at the install looking good. Get up close and personal, snap a photo if you’re in the neighborhood, #marathonman, #floydwanblee.


The Marathon Man

If you have seen the classic Dustin Hoffman/Lawrence Olivier movie, you’ll know I have the dentist this morning.

The other downside about today is, I got into work and the power was off. 151 more words


"Is it safe?"

I recently went to the dentist.

For most normal people that’s roughly a twice a year event. For me, it’s a bit more involved. 580 more words

Is it Safe?

One of the most memorable scenes in movie history for me is Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman in The Marathon Man.

 Is it safe?

I always felt safe and untouchable until my cancer diagnosis. 267 more words